Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 237) FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This is a troubling movie. FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This is also a troubling movie. FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Just, you know, if you find something in music or movies, or in life, that is positive, by all means share it as appropriate with the rest of the world. It helps… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 237)

No Opinion On Lentil Puppy Call Letters

60 free spins no deposit Pascagoula A as in at the same token B as in ‘The Black Eagle’, the second-best movie ever made…by humans. C as in “A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night; you see us together, chasing the moonlight…” D as in “…doorway that I run through in the night.” E as in Eye SEE F… Continue reading No Opinion On Lentil Puppy Call Letters

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 234)

basic strategy blackjack odds “…these dreamsongs are nightmares of a world in flames, the kind you remember in all their scary inconsistency because you woke up sweating in the middle.” – Robert Christgau With R.C., sometimes the review is more enjoyable and more fun to OCD to than the actual song/track/record/cassette/cd/mp3/beyond-my-comprehension. In this case, I think “screaming” would be… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 234)

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 233)

(‘Wargames’ quote) “…a loner, has few friends, intelligent…” Query: What would it be like to have John Cleese cut in then from the “Vocational Guidance Counselor” sketch’s long and insulting description of Michael Palin’s character?

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 232)

Sarah McLachlan – “Building A Mystery” “Beautiful fcked-up man…” “So careful, when I’m in your arms…” Research, listen to, try to recall feeling and thoughts of how this fits, how it makes sense sometimes as a beautiful love song with teeth.

Catch (2017)

IMPORTANT: I am not suggesting anything by posting this. I just like feeling. FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A short film on YouTube. Pure love on a tiny island surrounded on all sides by darkness and apathy and loneliness. And reality. Plucked quote for coolness: “The course of action I’d suggest, is…a course of action I… Continue reading Catch (2017)

Saving Private Ryan – The Unlikely Hero

Favorite underdog character from ‘Saving Private Ryan’ – Mellish. SPOILER: Near the ending…I can’t even watch it anymore, sometimes. One of his scenes. Even from the beginning, you can tell he’s not well-respected. And he’s very scared. *Soldiers hit the deck near the Captain, who asks who made it* Mellish is ignored completely even being… Continue reading Saving Private Ryan – The Unlikely Hero

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 231)

Is it good or bad when something touches you so much (in some way…good, bad, angry, moved, soft thoughts) that you can’t watch it again without extreme effort? “It HURTS….it HURTS…” – QT

Stephen King, Please Stop Writing

I’ve put my trust in your name (due to admittedly very good past results) a couple times, and ended up with a couple really sh1tty books. So, that was that…besides, you’re obsolete. “Cane’s work scares me.” “What’s to be scared about? It’s not like it’s “real” or anything.” “Well, it’s not real from your point… Continue reading Stephen King, Please Stop Writing

Body Bags (1993)

If you can’t get enough of mildly interesting horror/twist/dark comedy shorts, you still shouldn’t watch this. 53:45 – The beginning of the end, which reaches the level of D-. Grade: D-

Superior Re-View, Aged To Perfection

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Brilliant how Kubrick can make one slightly-off, portentously creepy piano keystroke (not here) have the same scare value as one of the least-recommended elevators (here). Brilliant how I can come up with a blend of sources and make an incredibly minor influenced work. I think I genuinely don’t know sometimes now,… Continue reading Superior Re-View, Aged To Perfection

Let’s Get These Out Of The Way, They’re Nearly Done

ECT, ECT, ECT… Final prep: Cool breeze for your veins And the softly-spoken words that send you gently away from what’s to come. “It’s in those eyes of yours, though” (‘Seven’) It’s the look in their eyes, Oh God so rare, looking down in bed, meeting their gaze, and seeing wonder, fascination…God I miss that.… Continue reading Let’s Get These Out Of The Way, They’re Nearly Done

Stream Of Unconsciousness

When a normal human entity rests/sleeps/slumbers, they are later fighting to regain consciousness. When Cthulhu slumbers, he doesn’t need to worry or fear or fight anything: the natural world is fighting to keep him all curled up in soothing R’lyeh, water passing over gently so as not to disturb.