Bad Company

10 From 6 (1985)

buy levlen ed online no prescription A greatest hits package that has every right and responsibility to exist.  Every right, because it collects their hits.  Every responsibility, because none of their albums are worth owning on their own right.  This is a perfect greatest-hits band.  Good enough for a couple of songs per album, which after three or four albums starts to add up.  Their defining, shining moment of glory (really it is, even if that’s rather sad) is “Feel Like Makin’ Love”.  That’s here, along with such lesser-but-still-enjoyable songs as “Can’t Get Enough” and “Rock And Roll Fantasy”.  Their decline from decent to bad was pretty fast, so don’t count on a full-length album’s worth of enjoyment, but this is worth owning, and is in fact their only album worth owning.  I like it when they make it this easy to pad their wallets.
(“Feel Like Makin’ Love”, “Shooting Star”)

Grade: B+

2010: (Remember…this is their BEST…) Grade: A-