Shadow of the Vampire Wow. Chilling.  In one movie, understatement, subtle comedy, and the performance of Willem Dafoe’s career come together to provide what decades of slasher films have failed to – Terror. Or, as paraphrased from Robert Christgau’s review of REM’s ‘Document’ – “…nightmares of a world in flames, the kind you remember in all their scary inconsistency… Continue reading Shadow of the Vampire

Con Air V. Fight Club

priligy maroc Both achieve approximately the same level of intelligence. 9/9/12: ERROR…ERROR…ERROR…’Con Air’ is smarter. But ‘Con Air’ blows more sh1t up 9/9/12: YEAH! …and its Hero (Cameron Poe) is much more likable than ‘Fight Club”s “Hero”…umm…who would that be, exactly? 9/9/12: “The looney was of course the WRITER, Sir Walter Scott.” *Sir Walter Scott* “I didn’t… Continue reading Con Air V. Fight Club

Depeche Mode – A Non-Puppy Perspective

ivermectin 10 Music for the Masses (Sire, 1987) “When Vince Clarke departed Yazward in 1982, Fashion-in-a-Hurry’s commercial doom was presumed sealed, whereupon Martin Gore went ahead and proved how easy it is to write ditties once you’re in a position to exploit them. It’s not as if anybody can, but at this point in pop’s progress potential… Continue reading Depeche Mode – A Non-Puppy Perspective

Misties of the world Unite

“Yes, sending Kay to college would mean sacrifices…” “HUMAN sacrifices…” – Crow T Robot “Signs of the road…Signs…of Life.  Like a Stop sign…Yield…Curve to the left…Children crossing…” “All Nude Girls…Whites Only…” – Tom Servo

Paraphrasing from memory…useful advice.

“(He) fights, with a courage, that inspires (people)…”“*Chuckle* …and you would like to charge in and fight with (him), huh?  So would I…”“Well…maybe it’s time…”“*Slight Frown* It’s TIME…to survive…”

Declaration of Neutrality

I give up. For so long, I’ve tried to educate, enlighten, listen, barter, broker, compromise, defy, save…be a “Crusader”. I’ve finally realized…the people I try to help…most of them…don’t want to be helped, don’t deserve to be helped. So fck ’em. “(He) didn’t believe in sh1t…none of ’em did.” -D Vinyard Just stay away from… Continue reading Declaration of Neutrality

If there’s ONE thing I hate…

I mean, I really don’t care what people think of me.  Except for the people I care about…and they like me just fine.  So if someone else likes me, hates me, doesn’t give a d@mn about me…whatever, fine.  I honestly don’t care. 10/14/12: 22 months later, I find this is still completely accurate. BUT…if someone… Continue reading If there’s ONE thing I hate…

And One Last Thing…

“Unless you know EXACTLY what the answer is going to be…never, ever ask a witness why…never…” – ACA


To – Rex RyanFrom – Every Other NFL Coach Thanks so much! May we show our appreciation by extending yourcontract for the rest of your life, and enrolling you in WW? P.S. – Bill Belichick thinks you should bury a Big Mac this time. P.P.S. – How do you hold an opposing quarterback to 55… Continue reading PRIVATE MEMO