Saint Patrick’s Day

It was suggested to me by someone whose ignorant name shall remain nameless (unless (they) have the guts to back up their propaganda) that we should wear black on Saint Patrick’s Day, because of the killing done (in their view) in his name.

Well, if that’s the case…why don’t we wear black every day?

Because of the killing done somewhere, of innocent people, in someone’s name, everyday?

-Puppy >.< Grrr…

The Judicial System – Humanity

It’s like this…(I love that movie)…

Forgive the poor quality of this post, it’s stream-of-consciousness…

So I met some really nasty people on “VampireFreaks”…

Then I realized…I met a few nice people there, too.

And I realized…all these horrible things attributed (fairly) to SOME of the people that are self-described “goths”…

Can be attributed (fairly) to SOME of the people that are…anyone.

Every Majority has a disgusting minority…

And even every Minority has a disgusting minority.

Nothing to do with race, sex, age, religion, music, movies… or any of that sh1t.

That’s all just a reason to hate someone.

Fact is…the way I see it, there are truly Good people from every background.

And, there are truly Evil people from every background.

The trick is…keeping your mind open, keeping your senses alive, and “Judging” people (As we all do) on what they DO and what they BELIEVE…not on any of that other sh1t, that doesn’t mean a fcken thing anyways.


-Puppy >.< Grrr…

Spiders – A Rational Argument

I recently spoke with someone that expressed their dislike of people that kill spiders or other parasites because they are afraid of them.

But, while I appreciate the legitimacy of that argument, what about the small, silent minority of us that kill spiders because they take up valuable protein that could otherwise nourish us?

Thanks for your time.


-Puppy >.< Grrr…

Dumb-Boy Bad-Voice

[1:48 A.M.]:  Because people do things that people don’t know about.<BR>  
funshinebobby [1:49 A.M.]:  You don’t know about the Mafia.<BR> funshinebobby
[1:49 A.M.]:  Because I do.<BR> funshinebobby [1:49 A.M.]:  It’s real easy to
act tough and scary online.<BR> funshinebobby [1:50 A.M.]:  But when it comes
down to it, in real life, you couldn’t hold a fucking stare to someone with an
actual sick head.<BR> funshinebobby [1:50 A.M.]:  And that’s the reason you look
for trouble in a place where you can’t be reached.<BR>funshinebobby [1:50 A.M.]:
 Because you’re a coward.<BR>funshinebobby [1:50 A.M.]:  And what happens to
cowards?<BR>funshinebobby [1:50 A.M.]:  They die.</DIV>

<P><BR>Funshinebobby(Robert Vasaturo aka “Dunny Bono” aka Dead MC aka arson
daily)…likes WXCI, 91.7 FM…23 year old white male…Danbury,
CT……Agnostic…Aries…New Fairfield High
School…New Fairfield, CT…</DIV>


What the FCK are you talking about, Robbie?  Didn’t they pick you up in that sting anyways?

-Puppy >.< Grrr…

Random Post Of No Meaning Whatsoever

“What if…what if I gave it to him?”
*Short Pause* “Give it to him.”
*Longer Pause* “You…you don’t really w…”
*Cutting in, Coldly* “Give it to him.”

-Puppy >.< Grrr…

10/23/12: Some people have “courage” when they know they won’t need it. (Bullies).
Other people have courage when it actually matters.  Big difference.