Snellville instant poker bonus Ok…if you were from the Scandinavian Peninsula, and you also happened to be a character in the game “Mortal Kombat”…and you were fighting someone else in the game, and you had them almost beaten, and they were helpless and you could execute a really cool finishing move on them…what would it say?

ivermectin dose for dogs maggots Sant Martí “Finnish Him!”

um ano de namoro mensagens curtas Imishli HA!

Orange Walk testo e traduzione tribalistas ja sei namorar -Puppy >.< Grrr…

Ayn Rand

Naranjal jivaro poker ‘Atlas Shrugged’ appears to be saying – Creative people are inherently better than everyone else, even though for the most part, you’re either born creative or not…you can’t “work” on “making” yourself creative.  Yes, there’s a certain element of hard work that goes along with producing works of art, but if you have no Creativity to begin with, the likelihood of producing the next great film or novel simply by “trying hard” is virtually nil.

namoro de cleo pires e romulo Reykjavík So, what Rand is saying is…if you’re born lucky enough to be creative, even if you did absolutely nothing to deserve (or not deserve) this, you’re better than everyone else, and if they don’t appreciate you, screw ’em, cuz poor people and “non-creatives” are just parasites anyway, living off the inspiration of the “gifted”.

I guess she’s lucky she was (moderately) creative, though…because, much like, say…Woody Allen, another (VERY moderately) creative person, she is so enormously repulsive physically that the only way she (and he) got (get) laid is by being “deep”. 

Although I’ll say this for Rand…at least she didn’t target her next partner while raising them.

Come on, though…shave off E.A. Poe’s moustache and I think we’ve unveiled proof of resurrection.

-Puppy >.< Grrr…

6/3/16: Eugenics is bad, m’kay?


This clip is a very good display of the dumb arrogance of eugenics.