Viewing Recommendation

Like the informational aspect of ‘Antiques Roadshow’ but find the show itself just a bit too boring and lacking in any kind of excitement?

Like finding cool items at rummage/yard sales?

Wish they could somehow combine the two, add a live auction, and make sort of a fun/educational research show/game show hybrid?

They did.  It’s called ‘Bargain Hunt’…look for it on BBC America or (more easily) on the playback device of your choice that gets BBC programs.

And watch out for bits of old tat.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

The Return Of The Living Dead (1985)

It’s not a “zombie” film, because they run and talk pretty well.
It’s not a horror film because it’s far too silly.
So think of it as a comedy homage/parody to/of “real” zombie movies, most of which are much more gruesome but not nearly as clever.
You can safely call this a B movie.  On the low end.

Inspirational Quote: “Send more paramedics”

Grade: B-

2012: Oh come on, this is fcken hilarious.  Grade: B

The Three Stooges – Episode 21 (Dizzy Doctors)

breakfast alarm
back-to-bed alarm
convenient umbrella
Brighto Jingle
woof vs. hiss
banana peels
quick ride
Curly’s health
three more chances
one-way round trip
fight summary
six delicious flavors
busy line
long-term dandruff treatment
inability to find the clutch
Curly hurrying

persistent dog
persistent begging
most of the chase scene
sailing on the street

Grade: A