Ink (2009)

I know this is supposed to be deep and “meaningful” and touching and all, but to me, after watching ‘Lo’ – which I don’t know why I’m invoking except it’s fresh in my mind – it just seems a bit pretentious and overly dramatic.

Actually perhaps that’s why I’m invoking ‘Lo’…because it isn’t pretentious and overly dramatic.

There’s lots of fast-motion effects, like ’28 Days Later’-ish, but they don’t seem to be for any apparent reason…other than to be impressive. OK during fight scenes, not so much during the shaving scene.

There’s a time theme here…I get that.

The girl looks more bored/annoyed than scared…and rightfully so. So am I.

I guess I appreciate the symmetry…but everything: the flashbacks, the SFX, the lighting, the arty shots, (the symmetry), the wonderfully touching meaning/purpose…can’t hide the fact that this is still a fairly dull movie.

The idea is really great…but the script and the actors don’t even come close to fully realizing what the dream of that idea could be.

Grade: D

The Kids In The Hall – Episode 35

Worthy of Note:
gritty childrens’ novelist drama
“It’s A Fact” is an improvement over “30 Helens Agree”
Bruce’s suicide journal

For those of you who may noticed the MASSIVE gap between episodes, I have a theory.
The kids spent summer vacation having fun and writing gobs of new material, which they used on their first three season two episodes.  Then they just sort of farted around.

The Kids In The Hall – Episode 24

Worthy of Note:
gun-musicians on patrol
businessman hunting
new, IMPROVED Cabbagehead
No Time To Lose…I mean, You’re Fired.  (Come on…watch both and then tell me this isn’t MPFC Lite)
interesting toe
verytemp job
office quickie
Hounds of Hell
Beasts of Brimstone
Puppies of Purgatory
FABULOUS lesbian softball team managing

Seamlessly much-improved…impressive. I ALMOST want to give it an A.

Grade: B+

Series Episodes – An Explanation

You may have noticed that apart from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, I’ve skipped reviewing certain episodes of all the series’ I’ve watched.  This is for two reasons:

1) Monty Python’s Flying Circus is more watchable in its entirety than any other series I’ve ever seen.
2) Skipped episodes denote those not worthy of being reviewed.  Mediocre and redundant at best, horrific and dull at worst.

-Puppy >.< Yip!