A Live365 Moment Of Apprehension

Coming back to within listening radius of my station I heard a female voice…it sounded REALLY shrill, and I wondered “Hmmm…Hole?…wow, that doesn’t sound very good…oh! Ok, it’s just Flo.  Phew.” -Puppy >.< Yip!

To The DOSASS (Part 6)

“DOS” is labeled as such because it is intended to deny service, NOT because you’re supposed to use DOS. And, since my intro now works, a quote, as I am WONT to do: “That’s it?  You all through?  You all done?” -Puppy >.< Yip!

Ridding The World Of All Known Problems

What does that? Antitheism, of course! A lack of religion would eliminate all the world’s problems. In other news, North Korean leader’s ex-girlfriend executed by firing squad for making porn. Well…there goes that theory. Thanks CA/A’s, GREAT idea! (Re: JJ – MPFC, “HTDI”) I mean, my position is SO EASY! I don’t have to prove… Continue reading Ridding The World Of All Known Problems

Cemetery Man (1994)

It’s a good sign at the beginning when something deadpan happens and it’s played just right.  Not ignored, but not POINTED OUT, like “wasn’t THAT clever???”. Acting is tolerable, fx are cheezy, music is pretty decent.  The weakness of the script becomes more of an issue as things get more complex. I kind of went… Continue reading Cemetery Man (1994)

To The DOSASS (Part 4)

See: MST3K version of ‘Prince of Space’ (reviewed here, hey, check it out between pings).  Pay particular attention to the “your weapons are useless against me” ongoing bit. -Puppy >.< Yip!

Independence Day (1996)

Once again Jeff Goldblum plays the coolest character in a cheezy, dated-upon-release but still somewhat fun quasi-epic sci-fi-ish adventure flick.  Only this one is more cheezy.  And a little too long. But it does have Will Smith, which sort of offsets that.  Sort of. Inspirational Quote: “Excuse me…Mister President…that’s…not, ENTIRELY accurate.” Grade: D

NeoPets – The Tomb Of The Unknown Score

First, an explanation/warning of a problem I encountered on Neopets. Second, a general NeoPets review (Hey come on, I put seven/eight solid days of work into this!). Fifth, a description of screen shots I have and how they’re relevant.  No, I’m not going to upload them.  Why?  Because I don’t care if you believe me,… Continue reading NeoPets – The Tomb Of The Unknown Score

Criticism Where Criticism Is Due, Praise Where Praise Is Due

In the spirit of that, I’d like to say that GoDaddy acted fast in responding to the DOS attack I’m currently still under.  Thanks!  I mean, when you’re under a Denial of Service attack (which tries to prevent you from getting hits) and your daily hits go UP, that’s a good sign. -Puppy >.< Yip!

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Leech Woman (1997)

Really sucks.  Cheezy and bad adventure/horror (quotes assumed by now). Riffing is rarely funny, rarely EXTREMELY annoying, and the rest ok. If you must watch (and you mustn’t), for the LOVE OF GOD turn it off RIGHT AFTER the movie ends. Grade: D-

Gilliam Vs. Spielberg

Ok, so recently Terry Gilliam made a comment something to the effect of: Steven Spielberg isn’t a very good director, he just makes predictable and formulaic movies for the masses complete with happy endings. Now, I LIKE Terry Gilliam (at least, his work) but he’s clearly always been a little bit insane (watch ‘Flying Circus’…no,… Continue reading Gilliam Vs. Spielberg

Mystery Science Theater 3000: High School Big Shot (1994)

Really cheezy, “groovy” high school crime drama/love story. Highlights:Frank’s mild scolding of little dinoOut Of This World short – a fairy tale about breadboozy dad/effeminate heterosexual sonreally bad fake walkinggood riffing Inspirational Quote: “I’ll win a Tony one day…” Grade: B+

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 44)

It’s amazing, to me, how many different states of mind there are.  How many different ways of “knowing” “reality”.  Sure, there are people that are so similar as to make it virtually the same, but there are literally BILLIONS of different ways of looking at/sensing/feeling the EXACT same conditions.  How anyone, with this in mind,… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 44)