Pupdate – Semper Puppy 9/26/13

I have no idea who is listening to me in Alabama, but whoever you (singular or multiple) are, two things: 1) Thank you.2) Please do not stalk me unless you are an extremely attractive female between the ages of 21-45 and you obtain prior permission from me. -Puppy >.< Yip!

Jeux Sans Frontieres

Anyone that derides any game as childish or meaningless/pointless is just fooling themselves. Everyone plays games.  At every age.  The only things that change are the games you play and how you play them. That you choose to label them as something else does not change what they are. “Shall we play a game?” “I… Continue reading Jeux Sans Frontieres

Two Of A Perfect Pair

“Change seems disturbing, threatening, f@cking irritating, an affront to one’s very existence…” – R. Christgau “How do I feel? Old…” – J.T. Kirk

Beating Mike Tyson

Instead of watching the new show featuring Tyson, I think I’ll just watch my favorite bit of Tyson footage ever, over and over.  I LOVE it…MUCH better than ‘Cats’… Youtube search: “James Buster Douglas knocks out Mike Tyson” -Puppy >.< Yip!

The Welker Delusion

It’s a critical attribute for any NFL (or any pro sport) GM/Exec/Scout/Coach/Etc to be able to see the gradual beginning decline of a player before it becomes blatantly obvious to the masses.  That’s when you trade said player based on their presumed level of talent when you know they’re going nowhere but down.  Slowly, perhaps,… Continue reading The Welker Delusion

Feeding Grounds (2006)

Lots of sh1tty music.  Because sh1tty bands have sh1tty standards when it comes to getting sh1tty plugs in sh1tty horror movies that aren’t scary. Basically the only thing I got out of this movie is a nagging feeling that we aren’t doing enough to support stem cell research. Inspirational Quote: “I’m going to be an… Continue reading Feeding Grounds (2006)

The Spock Delusion

If you ever encounter a CA/A who invokes Spock in their argument/defense/overall attitude, feel free to make them aware of the following: 1) Spock (as with all Vulcans, not because he was half-human) was an extremely emotional being.  Because he suppressed these emotions does not mean they did not exist.  If any actual research had… Continue reading The Spock Delusion

Unrest (2006)

At the beginning, you may think to yourself – “This could be pretty good…creepy, maybe thriller-type interesting”.  It could.  But it isn’t. Like most cr@ppy NetFlix streaming horror movies you’d never heard of before, the reason why is because it’s not very good at all and so noone watched it, or if they did they… Continue reading Unrest (2006)

To Any Who Care

Please do not take my previous post as an indication that I am in any way STOPPING my posts. Simply pausing and being a smarta$$ about it. There’s no way I’d ever give up my site…the fact that it exists and is visited annoys too many people that I can’t stand for me to even… Continue reading To Any Who Care

Subeta Review

As of late I have been playing Subeta quite a bit.  It’s sort of like NeoPets.  I’m fairly into it at the moment, but I shall attempt to suspend that for an honest evaluation.  Vis: If you’re looking for games, this is NOT the place to go.  At all.  In any way.  The games are… Continue reading Subeta Review

Zombi 2 (aka ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’) (1979)

Cheezy, dumb ripoff of the then-popularity of Romero’s ‘Dawn’.  Quick intro scene lifted right from the middle of ‘Dawn’.  Why?  SELL SELL SELL!  (Ironic, no?) If you like gore you might (mildly) enjoy cackling and/or laughing at this, depending on your tastes and your tolerance for cheeze and bad FX. I need decent acting, a… Continue reading Zombi 2 (aka ‘Zombie Flesh Eaters’) (1979)

Mystery Science Theater 3000: Agent For H.A.R.M. (1997)

Another dumb, boring spy flick.  The movie is terrible and the riffing mostly sucks, so really the only reason to watch is for the entire-episode-length (gee, I wonder if that’s a coincidence) trial of planet-destroyer Mike.  It’s sort of amusing, but that’s it.  Skip the movie. Grade: D-