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Whenever you’re feeling horrible, horrific, hopeless, helpless, (many other words that apply)…as if your life is simply more painful than it is pleasurable, as if it would be a relief to be rid of that pain, (many other statements that apply), think about this:

Do you have anyone, or anything…any being…in your life that loves you, cares about you, depends on your presence in some way?  That would be greatly harmed by your absence, your non-existence?

If you don’t…adopt.  Pets are some of the best friends you can ever have.

If you do, then your existence serves a purpose.  It is necessary.  And therefore, if only for that, you must exist.  If you believe at all in taking care of those who love you, and who you love.

That’s what I do.  You can’t abandon those you love, no matter what…or you don’t love them.

Therefore I must exist.  Therefore, I do.

Semper Fidelis

P.S. – Because it wouldn’t be a fully “me” post without a bit of silliness and mockery, here goes:

Basically what I’m saying is that offing myself is RIGHT OUT.

So if I ever turn up mysteriously mostly-dead, take it with the validity of this:

“No.  He died.  He have heart attack and fell out of window onto
exploding bomb, and was killed in shooting accident.” – MPFC, ‘The Cycling Tour’

Star Trek – Episode 44 (Wolf In The Fold)

Flawed but very interesting.  It’s the Jack The Ripper one, using the theory that He was in fact an It, surviving through centuries, taking physical form briefly to kill and then disappearing, moving on.

the premise
Mr. Hengist
Scotty doing some decent acting
empathic revelation/pained revulsion
logical pattern to Hengist
Spock’s Pi compulsion
happy death murmurs

blow on the head cr@p
Redjac’s stupidity
some interrogation melodrama/stupidity

Spockism: “In the strict scientific sense, Doctor, we all feed on death…even vegetarians.”

Star Trek – Episode 42 (The Deadly Years)

Landing party meets some REALLY old young people.

Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, and someone else become infected with a disease that causes massively increased aging, Chekov does not.  The struggle is to find a cure before they die of old age.  The subplot is Kirk’s failing command abilities, leading to a hearing on his competence.

Two infected people in the intro
Chekov’s quips
Kirk’s quick nap
Spock’s loyalty
McCoy’s quick nap
Spock’s truly dramatic performance/reactions
good old corbomite

tepid Kirk/lady-of-the-week romance
some old overacting
overly dramatic hearing
Kirk’s really bad old performance/reactions
McCoy’s lip-licking

Star Trek – Episode 40 (Journey To Babel)

There’s a big plot here, of course…near destruction, so on. 

But the real attraction is Spock and his parents: their interactions, and the interactions of others with/around them.

emphasis on Spock
a teddy bear!
opposition to survival odds estimation
Spock vs. his mother (truly dramatic)
interesting background on Spock
great ending

Kirk’s HAIKIBA! kick and sloowwwww recovery
Kirk’s episode summation
sadly-easy combat resolution

Spockism: “Humans smile with so little provocation.”

An Evolutionary Comment

I had thought, for quite a while, about becoming a vegetarian.  Still do, occasionally.

However, the borderline-insanity intolerant and demanding preaching of militant vegans has evoked in me the same reaction that militant atheists used to have toward religion, before their cause became archaic and passe.

Throwing off one’s own “chains” (Thank you, Albert) is fine…but to yell at other people to demand that they do likewise serves no logical or useful purpose.  It merely alienates them and, if anything, pushes them away from your cause.  Which is why I find true believers (or non-believers) infinitely preferable to crusaders of any kind – only an emotional coward (Thank you, DD) would change their beliefs because someone else TOLD them to.  And, as long as any individual is doing no harm with their beliefs – or lack thereof – to mock, insult, yell at, etc…them simply because you feel you are “right” is childish and petty.  And a thorough waste of time.

Well…I appear to have gotten a little off topic there, but…no harm done.

I like the taste of meat.  I’m an omnivore.  Therefore, I will keep eating it.  If you don’t like that…WTF do I care?

Just add “Militant Vegans” to the list of unwelcome site visitors.  Thank you.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Star Trek – Episode 38 (I, Mudd)

An android takes over the Enterprise and takes it to a planet where Harry Mudd rules supreme.  Not quite the second coming of Khan, but it’s not bad. Especially compared to the first Mudd episode, which stunk.

LOTS of silliness, but it’s mildly interesting.

Spock’s danger confirmation
Chekov’s android interaction
Uhura’s monologue
Spock’s fascination
Spock’s explanation of logic

Stella interactions
some of the silliness
smoking Norman
cr@ppy ending

Spockism: “Nowhere am I so desperately needed as on a shipload of illogical humans.”

Star Trek – Episode 36 (The Doomsday Machine)

A long leech-shaped object with a glowing center slices, dices, and eats planets!

The conflicts are between two ships and said object, and (more interestingly) members of the crew and Commodore Decker.

most of Decker’s performance
Spock’s performance
interpersonal conflict
ending – nicely dramatic

battle scene(s) conflict
Decker’s ending overacting

Spockism: “Vulcans never bluff.”

Star Trek – Episode 35 (The Apple)

A planet that seems beautiful is explored, with dangerous results.  Then they find a group of people that worship a snake-head god type thing.

Extremely marginal.  Just barely worth reviewing, really…and only because of Spock’s contributions.

relaxed explanation of the word “kill”
Kirk’s ending Satan joke/Spock’s reaction

extended redshirts death intro

Spockism: “I submit there is no cause for worry.  They’ve taken the first step – they’ve learned to kill.”

The ABCs Of Death (2012)

Ok, so there’s TWENTY-SIX directors here.  They each take a letter and make a short film based on a word beginning with said letter.

That means, each director is responsible for 1/26th of a movie.  Not even 5 minutes.  You’d think with that little responsibility there’d be some interesting ideas, because 1) It’s 26 times easier than making a full movie and 2) There’s 26 chances.

So it’s really sad how many times the ultra-mini-movies suck.

Here are the ones I found interesting:

D (Disturbing, but stick with it for the twist)
H (Very silly, but somewhat interesting)
Q (EASILY my favorite…makes the sh1t ones look that much dumber)
U (Undead point of view)
V (Sci-fi dystopian, interesting)

That’s 5 out of 26.

Some of the rest are so absurd that they’d finish below P.P. Pasolini’s ‘The Third Test Match’.

And of course there’s sh1tloads of credits.

Inspirational Quote: “So Stinky!”

Grade: D-

7/14/18: The Great Grade Update. Grade: D

Foo Real

I thought I knew all it took to bother you
Every word I said was true; that you’ll see
How could it be I’m the only one who sees
Your rehearsed insanity Yeah

I still refused all the methods you’ve abused
Its alright if you’re confused; let me be
I’ve been around all the pawns you’ve gagged and bound
They’ll come back and knock you down
And I’ll be free

I’ve taken all and I’ve endured
One day it all will fade I’m sure

I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything

I had no hand in your ever desperate plan
It will turn and when it lands words are due
I should have known we were better off alone
I looked in and i was shown you were too

I’ve taken all and I’ve endured
One day it all will fade I’m sure

I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything
I don’t owe you anything

I’ll Stick Around
I’ll Stick Around and learn from all that came from it

Star Trek – Episode 34 (Mirror, Mirror)

Kirk and a few others beam up into an alternate universe and meet Evil Spock.  And evil others; but Spock is the key, like he usually is.

Moments of stupidity, but mostly quite interesting.

the premise
Spock/Evil Spock
general mood
Kirk/Evil Spock interaction
Kirk’s speech – truly moving, really

Kirk’s amazing cheezy revelation/weak cheezy reactions to it
weak Evil supporting reactions on the Good Enterprise
Kirk’s “romance”
fitting in Marlena
sad DRAMATIC combat
sad DRAMATIC Uhura/music

Spockism: “I do not threaten, Captain.  I merely state facts.”

Star Trek – Episode 33 (The Changeling)

Another second-tier favorite. 

The Enterprise encounters “Nomad”, a slightly altered version of a known probe that is now seeking out “perfect” life forms and destroying all others.  Kirk and company try to deal with it before it kills everyone.

a whole lotta Nomad
Spock’s Nomad indignation
a lot of interesting lines and conflicts
the last 10-11 minutes, really

long mental probing of Nomad
sudden, convenient episode name

Spockism: “Your logic was impeccable, Captain.  We are in grave danger.”

Star Trek – Episode 32 (Who Mourns For Adonais?)

The Enterprise meets Apollo on a distant planet.  He wants them to stay and worship him, Kirk of course does not comply.  Really stupid in parts, but it has some good moments.  Watch the ending, at least.

Apollo’s rage
interesting theory on the Greek Gods
Chekov again
Apollo’s wistfulness
Kirk providing me with great pleasure by annoying CA/A’s
truly dramatic ending

INCREDIBLY stupid intro intro, especially McCoy’s commentary
low Spock quotient

Spockism: “Insults are effective only where emotion is present.”

Star Trek – Episode 31 (Amok Time)

Spock enters “mating time”.  So events lead up to that battle between Jim Carrey and Matthew- No, ummm, not quite. 

But it’s got the battle, and the DRAMATIC music (lots of it), and lots more.  It’s actually quite interesting, often dramatic, and even moving at times…the whole episode, not just the climax.

Spock’s performance
Chekov and his quips
very interesting ideas
real drama
cool first weapon
Spock’s logical/emotional outburst

stalking nurse
cheezy unreal drama
cr@ppy second weapon

Spockism: “After a time, you may find that “having” is not so pleasing a thing after all, as “wanting”.  It is not logical, but it is often true.”

Star Trek – Episode 29 (The City On The Edge Of Forever)

My favorite episode ever, just ahead of ‘The Trouble With Tribbles’.  Kirk and Spock must travel back in time to prevent McCoy from changing history and thus negating their own existence.  Interesting premise, great execution…a minimum of cheeze, and lots of interesting scenes and lines.

The Guardian of Forever
Much of Spock’s commentary
possible icemen sighting!
Kirk doing some actual ACTING
Edith Keeler
actual emotional involvement

Spock’s brief out-of-character emotional outburst

Spockism: “He knows, Doctor.  He knows.”

Star Trek – Episode 27 (Errand Of Mercy)

One of my non-Favorites (‘The Trouble With Tribbles’, “The City On The Edge Of Forever’) favorites. 

Kirk and Spock are trapped on a planet of seemingly placid humans who seem unconcerned by the sudden outbreak of war between Federation and Klingons, even when the Klingons occupy their planet.  The contrast between the extreme conflict and the peaceful occupants is quite interesting, if somewhat cheezy.  Hey, it’s Star Trek.

Commander Kor
Kirk/Spock’s confusion/frustration
Spock’s accuracy

random inconsistent castle
“go climb a tree”????

Spockism: “I should say the Organians are as far above us on the evolutionary scale as we are above the amoeba.”

Star Trek – Episode 26 (The Devil In The Dark)

People are being killed by an unknown creature at a mining colony, and the Enterprise is called to investigate.  It’s a bit more complex than that makes it seem, in a good way.  A bit unusual for a Trek episode, in terms of setting/plot, and not the most exciting, but it’s not bad.

focus on Spock
Spock’s emotional concern for Kirk
cute doggyish movements
admirable maternal instinct

creature costume

Spockism: “It seems logical, Captain.  The Horta has a very logical mind.  And after close association with humans, I find that curiously refreshing.”

Why I Don’t Post Much Lately – Commentary – Comment Rip

Noone seems to give a sh1t either way, so I figure I’ll take the same amount of hits for not posting as I get for posting.

Commentary: If the new game in which you try to knock someone out with one blow is the cause of teens going around trying to do it in real life, why do I doubt that a new game in which you try to give a small portion of your allowance/income to a charity of your choosing would have a similar effect?

Oh, by the way…I think in my next life, I’d like to come back as the President of France.

Why?  Because I think it’d attract a lot of traffic to the website.

-Puppy >.< Yip!