Suck It Trebek

To all those who said/thought my online radio station would fail miserably, before it potentially goes away (quit, not fired), here’s my failure:

24 Overall Favorite Station selections
1 VIP Favorite Station selections
602 Presets

Station Popularity: 3465 listening hours in the last 30 days
  3465 hours in the last 30 days

Rating: 5 out of 5 (4 Votes)

95 Facebook likes, 5 Google shares, 2 Tweets, 1 Pinit.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Live365 – A Plea And Explanation

While I understand the…well, not really “need”, since you get money from other sources…but while I understand the need to put ads wherever you can to stay profitable, there is a point where that becomes too much.

I don’t mind the silent, still ads that cover the entire right side of my screen when I’m checking out “Semper Puppy” (which I happen to pay for, every month).

But when, as happens VERY often now, an ad PLAYS while a song is playing, completely RUINING the song and doing nothing but make me say “Well, fck that product, I’m never buying it now…”, that’s too much.

So are the FULL-PAGE ads I have to click out of after stealthily moving my screen to the correct position before I can even SEE the “X” to stop them.

It’s reminiscent of Neopets’ “Advert Attack”…quite similar actually, thus eerie.

It’s also making me think VERY seriously about dropping my membership.  So do with that what you will…I mean, I don’t want to drop it, but I’m not gonna PAY to be SHOWN ads.  Especially when they interfere with the normal broadcast of a radio program.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Lunatics Reviewing Music – Part 5

The insane cannibal couple from ‘The Book of Eli’ hums the praises of “Ring My Bell”.

Also heavily endorsed by a fake Italian film director in MPFC in its alternate version: “Ling My Berr”.

(This is where you go to YouTube and try to find the appropriate clip, where applicable and legal, since my link don’t work. And of course I understand – I mean, the vast majority of the people that would watch the whole movie really just wanna see two old insane cannibals humming along to a cr@p song).

Caldera (Evan Viera short film, 2012)

CGI short film with lots of intriguing, pretty, even (some) beautiful images.  With music to match, yet.  No dialogue, but see ‘Avatar’.

It’s got a bit of an (original on MTV version) ‘Aeon Flux’ feel to it…you don’t really know WTF is going on, but it almost doesn’t matter.

Open to interpretation, I suppose.  Which is good…maybe making you think.  Then again, if you don’t WANT to try to figure it out, here’s a summary from the director:


“CALDERA is inspired by my father’s struggle with schizoaffective disorder. In states of delusion, my father has danced on the rings of Saturn, spoken with angels, and fled from his demons. He has lived both a fantastical and haunting life, but one that’s invisible to the most of us. In our differing understanding of reality, we blindly mandate his medication, assimilate him to our marginalizing culture, and entirely misinterpret him for all he is worth. CALDERA aims to not only venerate my father, but all brilliant minds forged in the haunted depths of psychosis.”

Grade: B-

Bill Hicks – Dangerous (1990)

Like I said in my review of Hicks’ biopic, he’s not nearly as funny as he or I would like.

But he’s sincere and he’s at least somewhat amusing/intriguing in his anger/frustration.

I’d LIKE to grade him higher on sheer moral principle, but artistic integrity forces my hand yet again.

By the way…since I assume any stand-up comedian researches his/her material at least in a basic fashion, who is George Michaels?  If that offends you, chill the fck out…Hicks would have wanted you to.

Inspirational Quote: “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration…that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.  There’s no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we’re the imagination of ourselves.  Here’s Tom with the weather.”

Inspirational Idea: At the very end.

Grade: C-

Louis C.K.: Shameless (2007)

Worst of the three I’ve seen so far, but that’s more a compliment to the other two.

C.K. is talented enough that even his “ok” is better than most comic’s “funny”.

Laughed a few times; REAL laughter, too…and was at least mildly amused for the rest of the time…could’ve used a few more of the first though.

Louis, at this point, is a bit like a security blanket…I can wrap myself in the knowledge that while he may not always be brilliant, he never stinks.  And this is some small comfort re: standup.

Tasteless, as usual…seems to have fun with it, as usual…doesn’t seem to give a fck if you’re offended or not, as usual.

Good, sensible, easy-to-understand pro Gay Rights section too.

Not his BEST, but it ain’t bad.  So if you’re anal about such things, start here.

Extra Jerky
bags of dicks
donuts and dead hookers

Inspirational Quote: “Who gives a sh1t?? It doesn’t MATTER, it doesn’t have any effect on your life, why the fck do you care?”

Grade: B-

Lunatics Reviewing Music – Part 1

Since music is subjective, I thought I’d give a few examples of how even people who are out of their tiny little minds have favorites.  I think it’s safe to say, that THIS, is a great moment in the portrayal of the insane music reviewer.

Stansfield reviews Beethoven:

10/16/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – These are good clips that relate to the subject. (housekeeping)

Absence Of LaVeyan Powers Of Car Movement Costly

“…The cops then checked the block for cameras before arresting
Jackson and charging him with destruction of city property, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Fortunately for Jackson, the officers missed a security camera on the home of Jackson’s neighbor. That camera captured the whole bizarre incident.”

Once again, innocent until proven guilty, police or non-police just the same.


Checked the block for cameras before arresting him? Is there any way something could be more obvious? “Ummm…well, you’re under arrest if we can’t find anything to make your “one civilian” be worth more than our “two police officers”…so just hold on a second…” -PUPPY NOTE: those were fake quotes. This is satire. So Nyah!

Maybe they were just doing a routine drive-the-wrong-way-down-a-one-way-and-smash-into-a-car-and-then-realize-it’s-the-annual-camera-operations-check check?

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Sincere Advice – Freedom Of Religion/Non-Religion

Both must be respected, in my opinion.

There is…as I’d sort of felt before, and know now…a very dangerous trend in existence.

The fact of the matter is…if you put two sides against each other, and both have hundreds of thousands of “members”…mathematically speaking, each side is going to have a LOT of extremists.

Personally, I find atheists in general far more likely to incite than theists…but that’s just my own experience.

Whatever the state of “which side” is “winning”…given the EXTREME emotion and conviction on BOTH SIDES by some, it is EXTREMELY dangerous to continue on this path.

The inevitable conclusion to this path of viciously attacking the “other side” is conflict.  Physical conflict is inevitable (it’s happening already, actually).  Because the extremists on one side will do something, the ones on the other will respond, there will be a response to that…

A logical mind sees this.  A logical mind wishes to avert this.  A logical mind yields to common sense and peace over pride and anger.

The Wiccan Rede is easy enough to follow.  “An ye harm none, do as ye will.”

That is the logical course of action.