Louis C.K. – SNL Monologue, 3/29/14


The Sort-Of Enemy Of CA/A Babblers Is My Kinda Wanna-Be-Acquaintance But Not Really.

Toned down for network tv, of course.

Decent…and I LOVE his God joke that must have CA/A’s frothing at the mouth for the quick dismissiveness and then MOVING ON.

God’s judgement
women musings

Grade: C

11/7/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Decent clip, as reviewed above.

Best Western

I enjoy parts of ‘Young Guns’ and ‘Tombstone’ (and a few others) for what they are, just like the next guy.

But then, when I want a REAL Western, I watch ‘Unforgiven’.


10/16/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This is a good clip – which precedes a GREAT clip – from a very-good-to-great movie. (housekeeping)

Mr. Show – Episode 6 (A Talking Junkie)

Ok…this is pretty d@mn mediocre.  Their worst yet.  D@mn!

If you view the entire show as a necessary lead-in to the last minute…it’s great!

Bob’s quick rap persona
box of black hildos
all-anal mountain bike
parts of ‘Rap The Musical!’
baby-Dave outro: easily the best part

boring junkie sketch
red balloon
overdone quarters
really horrible unfunny song/reprise/reprise
interview sketch

Mr. Show – Episode 4 (Who Let You In?)

A CA/A’s dream episode.

The parts about religion that aren’t funny aren’t funny because they aren’t funny.  But to Cross, that apparently didn’t matter.

Imagining Cross’s GF reading this, reaction then: “Fck you!”

Imagining Cross’s GF one end-of-season later: “Let me in you Fcken prick!”

guitar ability version of health updates
unfortunate excretion-lack timing
acid flag flashback: collection of a$$holes

Cross’s anti-religion stance coming through repeatedly and unfunnily (the second is KEY)
expert truck bit/song

I know I’m not as smart or prestigious as Larry the Cable Guy, but maybe D.C. will come after me now in his…ummm…stand-up?  The only question: Will he use a chipmunk voice?  Oh, and who the fck’s in the audience?

What Might Have Been… (Almost-Pissing Contest With A CA/A)

Ok, so me and this CA/A were gonna get into an insult exchange (mutually consenting to it) but it sorta fizzled out before it happened.  A shame, really…woulda gone something like this.

Not gonna tell you which one I woulda been.

(This is where you imagine Holliday and Ringo)

-Puppy >.< Yip!

6/12/14: New link due to angsty CA/A whining:


Fair Use: Criticism – This clip is one of the best parts of ‘Tombstone’.  Also, CA/A’s suck.  Thank you.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Mr. Show – Episode 2 (What To Think)

CA/A’s should love this for Marshall, the 13th Apostle. Which…isn’t bad.

But it IS actually funny at times.  More tasteless AND more funny than the first.

The pace is really manic…sketch/link/sketch/link with one-shots and deja vu moments.  It wouldn’t be so noteworthy/impressive if it wasn’t funny.  It’s also not surprising that it didn’t last very long.

The show, that is.

great anti-art intro
unrelenting homosexual cabal
insane sales pitch people
a few holes joke/musical

Science: Blinded Like A Douche

HAHA! I don’t give a sh1t, it’s funny.

Ok, so there’s some CA/A’s that believe fervently and dogmatically that SCIENCE is the ultimate answer to life, the universe, and everything.
Including why Doug Adams is overrated.

Personally, I hope to GOD (or lack of GOD) they’re wrong. Sometimes dispelling the mystery around something is BAD…I mean, really…leave some wonder alone you brilliant fcken morons.

To the guy that told me science is blameless for bad things done using/in the name of it, but completely responsible for good things done using/in the name of it…you’re a moron.

Anyways, here’s a little bit to show you I don’t “dislike” science, nor do I in any way “object” to science, nor am I COMPLETELY ignorant about science. Just mostly ignorant.

As with almost EVERYTHING in life, it has good and bad. The following is good:

“Joanne Milne suffers from Usher syndrome and was deaf from birth.
Jo underwent a life-changing operation to have cochlear implants
fitted. On March 24, Jo’s bilateral implants were switched on,
allowing the 41-year-old to hear for the first time ever. Jo’s
mother recorded the video that shows her daughter overcome with
emotion as she listens to her doctor as he recites the days of
the week.” – AOL.com, BBC

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Dead Before Dawn (2012)

Presumption and 1st Impression: student-film level sh1t non-horror flick.

Christopher Lloyd gets some work and makes the best of it, and so does Kevin McDonald.

But the more I watched, the more I realized it was not complete sh1t. It was mostly sh1t, but decent mocking material, and some decent cheezy sh1t moments.

That’s not an endorsement…it’s a reprieve from sh1t failure land.

Approx. 1:11:00 – One of the finest unexpected moments in anti-Cage, pro-Conan cinematic history.

Inspirational Quote: “I’m gonna go poop.”

Grade: D-

Human Revolution – Deus Ex (Youtube, short film by Moe Charif, 2014)


Semi-hot goth/cyberpunk/”futuristic” chick in REALLY tight spandex. 

Ok, now for the 40-45 percent or so still with me…

Decent acting…decent “look” (i.e. real(istic)).

One REALLY good FX moment, featuring the chick.  Other (fairly) good ones too.

A little too much slo-mo.

5:25 – Layne Staley!!!

8:00-9:15 – too much action, bad acting.

*8:25-8:28 – Gummy hand…Thank you, Neopets!

9:15-End – Fairly interesting.

* = Exception.

Grade: D

4/5/14: I musta been in a really bad mood.  The chick in spandex rocks.  Grade: C+

An Honest Desire, And Why It Won’t Happen – By Puppy

Well quite frankly I’d LOVE to review sh1t and have lots of people give a d@mn.

I guess that’s sorta true now to a limited extent, but I dunno if it’s more as an oddity or a critic.

There are two ways to figure:

1) I’ve gotten a lot of hits, relatively, as a simple blog by a no-name.

2) Noone’s asked me to review anything for them, at all, that they’ve done OR like, in a very long time.

And re: number 2, given my tendency to give what I consider fair grades but many might not, it shouldn’t really come as any surprise.  And it doesn’t, now…but it’s still slightly annoying and quite wistful-inducing.

I’m being serious.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Accusation: You’re getting lazy…you’re not putting as much effort into it.

Reply: Perhaps.  Give me back my fcken hits.

The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (1978)

Eric Idle proves he doesn’t need John Cleese to be funny.

Of course, John Cleese needs Idle even less, but there it is.

Occasionally amusing parody with short songs, some of which are fun and some of which are boring.

A bit better than ‘Bad News’ but nowhere near as good as ‘Tap’.

some of Idle’s writing
consistent camera problems
ripping off old bluesmen
Idle v. Radner

many Python rips by Idle, not as funny the second time (I stopped counting at 4, not quite halfway through)
some of the songs

Grade: D+

Find The Connection, If Any – Have Fun!

Psssssst…. 2:03-2:24

“Aaron’s pro tips: 2. Assume that ignorance is a valid excuse for being a white racist.”

(WAIT A MINUTE! You said “white racist”. Why did you say that?
Since, according to everything you’ve said before, ONLY whites can
be racist. Therefore, to say “white racist” is, by your own
definition, redundant. Unless of course you mean there can be
other types of racists…but that goes against everything you’ve said previously. You SEEM too eloquent to be TOTALLY redundant…Hmmmm…)”
– Excerpt from a previous discussion

10/16/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Good clip from a very good movie featuring a usually not-very-good actor. (housekeeping)

Louis C.K.: Word: Live At Carnegie Hall (2012)

I’ve watched them out of order, so I don’t know whether to say “improvement” or “downgrade”…but this is pretty insightful/direct/funny. 

Almost back to ‘Chewed Up’, I think.

And it’s a welcome return to very bad taste.

Favorite bits: extended Hate rant, slavery rant, extended Anti/Pro children rant

Inspirational Quote: “You don’t die, idiot, you just have a long sh1tty second half.”

Grade: B

Monty Python’s Life Of Brian (1979)

Ok…forget everything I’ve ever said about this movie. 

It had been a LONG LONG time since I last saw it.  ‘Til now.

The intro is weak and the intro song sucks.

As for the movie…it’s got some completely weak/dull bits scattered liberally throughout.  It’s also got some really amusing/interesting bits scattered liberally throughout.

Nothing that’s PARTICULARLY funny…not up to ‘Holy Grail’ or any of the best of ‘Flying Circus’. 

The best parts come after about the 40 minute mark.  Some of them are lifted, but they rip their own material, so it’s not too bad.

And it’s got a nice message at the very end.

Inspirational Quote: “No, that’s the point…don’t let ANYONE tell you what to do!”

Grade: C+

Desperado (1995)

Great intro…Steve Buscemi almost always satisfies.

This is a bunch of action scenes, mostly shootouts, spread out over the length of a movie by drama scenes that don’t really mean anything.

This movie doesn’t really mean anything.  But here are my favs:

– The first shootout after Buscemi’s warning: great music/action.

– Danny Trejo vs. Banderas and a car full of bad guys: great action/chaos theory ponderings.

A couple of scenes are also interesting/amusing…but most are just there because they have to be.

Grade: C-