Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Episode 35 (The Legacy)

Yes, I’m still watching them.  Yes, I’m still trying to review them.  But precious little since 27 has interested me. This one is particularly wretched, worse than the worst soap opera you’ve ever seen.  Included as an update, and a warning. The ending is worthy of a 50’s prop short or ultra-cheezy MST flick that… Continue reading Alfred Hitchcock Presents – Episode 35 (The Legacy)

Thoughts While Watching The Very End Of ‘NHL Top 10: Goalies’

Well, they got number one right. It’s obviously Hasek, if you go by the only stat that really matters for a goalie (Save Percentage). Admittedly, even that stat can be misleading (some shots are harder to stop, some defenses lead to more of these, etc) but here’s a stat that immediately convinced me (and yes,… Continue reading Thoughts While Watching The Very End Of ‘NHL Top 10: Goalies’

Buck Wild (2013)

A cabin in the woods.  But this one isn’t scary or funny. Just another cr@ppy zombie(ish) flick. Really dumb and boring. And if I see one more sh1tty movie where they show people nailing small fcken pieces of wood onto fcken doors and windows I’m gonna…not be surprised. Grade: F

Birth Of The Living Dead (2013)

A documentary on the making of ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, with four sources of info: George Romero himself (dun dun DUN!), a voiceover guy and stock footage (Oh, the pretension…), various voices talking over scenes/stills of the movie itself, and lastly (and leastly) some “experts” giving their opinions on various subjects (OHHH, the pretension).… Continue reading Birth Of The Living Dead (2013)

Site Review –

Everything from his three previously reviewed review books plus a bunch of other stuff of questionable quality. But screw the rest…just click on ‘Consumer Guide’ and have a blast. Grade: A

Christgau’s Consumer Guide: Albums Of The ’90s (2000)

I don’t like the change in format, which strikes me as lazy. I also don’t like the further long-windedness, which strikes me as showboating. It’s more love/hate than the previous two volumes, with entries that I could read over and over for eternity nestled amongst those that never cease to bore me. But there’s too… Continue reading Christgau’s Consumer Guide: Albums Of The ’90s (2000)

Christgau’s Record Guide: The ’80s (1990)

Slightly inferior to the ’70s guide, IMPO, because he has more of a tendency to get long-winded here and some of his material just isn’t quite up to snuff. But moments of brilliance are scattered throughout, and this is also pretty much a must-read for anyone interested in criticism; music especially. Grade: A-

Rock Albums Of The ’70s: A Critical Guide (1990)

Material originally published in 1981, but my version for review purposes was 1990.  I’d recognize that cover anywhere. Here, as always, Robert Christgau states his opinions as facts and moves easily between fiercely positive and fiercely negative – with a vast rainbow of variations between the two. He also writes better than most novelists.  He… Continue reading Rock Albums Of The ’70s: A Critical Guide (1990)

Good For Her|maing11|dl9|sec1_lnk2%26pLid%3D480287 For a quick summary on how I feel about bullying, see ‘Bullying – A Short Commentary’ and the guest review for ‘Fight Club’. A bully in his natural environment: 10/16/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Typical of this movie, this is a good clip surrounded by a lot of mediocrity. (housekeeping)

Doomsday Book (2012)

Three Asian (Korean) short films: one “zombie” and then two artsy. If you’re not in the mood to have (at least attempted) deeeeeep thoughts presented for your analysis/approval/disapproval/mockery, best to steer clear. But generally not being a fan of pretentious artsy cr@p, I find the second and third films somewhat interesting and worth a view. … Continue reading Doomsday Book (2012)

A Strong Argument Against Poetry

Just imagine if this came to be the norm: And, as a bonus, an argument against ballet PLUS inspiration for the classic ‘Maximum Overdrive’: (Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “Killer Cars”) 10/16/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Good clip from one of the best episodes of a great show. (housekeeping)