Easy Rider (1969)

A bit late on this one, because I was afraid it would be laughable. But I thought I had to try. At least it inspired the title for “Uneasy Rider”.

It’s a nostalgic musical and historical oddity, best preserved and

The only redeeming feature is a little bit of Jack Nicholson.

On Netflix Streaming until 8/1/14.

Grade: D-

Clay Pigeons (1998)

No idea til recently that Joaquin Phoenix was in this, which made it much more intriguing to me.

Overall it’s very dark but it’s not really gloomy or depressing; more creepy-cool/morbidly funny (when it works).

Phoenix is the focus, thankfully, and is good throughout.

Vince Vaughn is good too (only not as) as the instant friend.

Supporting cast is solid, believable…except maybe Janeane Garofalo, who is miscast as an FBI agent.

Weird, good direction, some interesting images. No real meaning, but worth a watch if you like Phoenix, Vaughn, or generic weirdness a whole lot.

I was gonna compare it to ‘Fargo’ and/or the Coen brothers but then I realized “Nah…probably stretching your ‘knowledge'”. But then I read it was inspired by ‘Fargo’. So hey, I’m a fcken movie genius.

On Netflix Streaming until 8/1/14.

Inspirational Quote: “Promise you’ll stop findin’ dead people.”

Grade: C

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 64)

To the tune of Alannah Myles’ “Love Is”:

“Carnivore’s Ode To A Cow” – By Puppy

Two lines from it:

“Tell me…where you want me to chew,
Cuz flesh iiIS…what I want from YOU-Ou-Ou…”

And there’s gotta be a moo rhyme in there somewhere.

And so on, and so on…

4/14/16: WTF is wrong with me??? I forgot “Cud is…”!!!

Site Review – Live365.com

Having had the number one grunge station on this site for a LONG time before abandoning it due to the problem described below, and having (NOW) the number three grunge station (and climbing as I’ve just started it) on this site, I think I’m qualified to review an annoying aspect of this site that I’m sure all non “Premium” (i.e. “Gimme Some Money”) listeners can appreciate.

There are ads on the top.  On the side.  On the bottom.

Fine.  No problem.  They havta make money.

Then there are the video ads, with audio as loud as or louder than the song you’re listening to.

Not fine.  Bullsh1t.  They start without – to my knowledge – any way to prevent them and completely destroy the experience of listening to the song you’re listening to.  Can they be dealt with, such as stopping them or lowering the volume EVERY SINGLE TIME they load independently?  Perhaps.  But it’s still bullsh1t.

Maybe that’s why you can no longer say “Over 7000 stations”.

Now it’s “Over 5000”.  And it’s less than 6.

Try getting rid of the obnoxious greedy sh1t.  That’s marketing advice, and a review.

House Of The Dead 2 (2006)

In the brilliant tradition of NF streaming, we have here part two
without access to part one.

So, I did a little research, decided this had enough potential – at
least as cheezy mock-fodder – and proceeded to watch it while dismissing part one without much worry.

Hey, it’s got that unbelievably creepy guy very briefly. You’ll know him when you see him.

It’s not horrific but it’s too generic.

Point of note: Smearing of zombie guts as a form of fitting in with the crowd was done here before ‘The Walking Dead’.

On Netflix Streaming until 8/1/14.

Inspirational Quote: “I can open the door.”

Grade: D

Pupdate – Updates

If you’re looking for/wondering about possible changes I’ve made to any previous post, they occur on a fairly regular basis. Some change a lot ( such as “Top Ten Listeners…”), others change infrequently (e.g. ‘The F List…’), and others change VERY rarely.

How do you know when they happen? You don’t. Because if I posted a pupdate every time I updated one it’d get REALLY annoying and too many of my posts would be merely quick references to OTHER posts’ updates.

So just fish around, I guess, with the above criteria in mind.

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Dredd (2012)

Really stupid.

The lead does a lot of Stallone-ish angry grimacing. Also mediocre
acting, although he’s at least intelligible and reasonably priced.

Not really a remake; pretty much a completely different movie which
consists of a tiny setup and then one long dumb act.

Grade: F

Invasion (2005)

Fake Footage Flick.

I like the intro: This is REAL. REALLY. No, this time it’s true.
See? It could happen…please, give us a break…give us TIME…

Unfortunately (unlike Kirk) with ME watching, time is a luxury they

After a ‘Manos’-ish opening, the tension/story start. But even after that there’s LOTS of driving footage. So if you want a movie that shows lots of dirt road w/foliage, this is it. Also if you like off-camera dialogue and exhaustive foley.

The excitement level, based on the acting/script/gobbledygook, is
pretty low to nil. It’s a cheezy little number. For infection/invasion
/anything similar, there are LOTS of better options.

Terrible and pointless. Well, one good point: the actual length of…
ummm…movie is only 1:05.

If just one person is inspired to not watch this movie after reading this, I feel this review has been worthwhile.

Inspirational Quote: “WHY?”

Grade: F-

Curse Of The Puppet Master (1998)

REALLY cheezy horror movie featuring living puppets.

Lots of cheezy acting and cheezy dialogue.

Thankfully recent viewing has given me a good reference point: This is a LONG, borderline ‘Darkside’ episode.

The “horror” bit starting the “serious” action/theme with about a third left to go is really horrible; bad enough in every way to be
enjoyable to mock.

Inspirational Quote: “It all just sorta blurs together, y’know?”

Grade: D-

Last Kind Words (2012)

Really SLOW and boring movie with mediocre acting and a pretty bad script.

Proving once again that hiring one semi-name actor does not guarantee success if that’s the only thing going for the movie.

Yes, “exciting” and “creepy” things happen, but they’re not really; they just try to be.

Stupid ending, too.

On Netflix Streaming until 7/15/14

Grade: F