The Paw Project (2013)

A decent if somewhat boring documentary about cat de-clawing.

I already knew what the procedure was and I’m decidedly against it, but there were some things that I learned about its effects. If you want to know all about it, you can watch this…or you can just research it online. It’s not particularly exciting, although there are some cute cat pics, so pick your media I guess.

Grade: D

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)

If you can get by the ultra-cringeworthy MST/’Black Eagle’ opening credits/DRAMATIC MUSIC, this is a decent version of the story.

Donald Sutherland and Mr. Spock’s is better, though.

I like the lead, and it’s different enough to make it worth watching if you saw (and liked) that (later) one. If you didn’t like it, you probably won’t like this.

If you can’t enjoy something that’s a LITTLE cheezy and dated, whatever the subject/ideas/acting/script, you won’t like this either.

Grade: C

8/21/14: Upped a notch for extra-creepy, despite limitations. Grade: C+

7/14/18: The Great Grade Update. I care enough to compare with the original for a few seconds. It’s better. Grade: B-

Thale (2012)

Seems decent and weird from the start. A drama around a somewhat horrific brief series of events more than a true horror film.

The “monster”‘s appearance on the scene is certainly interesting, and makes me think this may be in the vein of ‘Jenifer’.

Brief feelings of ‘Lo’, ‘The Devil’s Rock’, and ‘Hellboy’ surface as well…but this isn’t as good as any of those. The acting is pretty good and it seems authentic enough to be creepy and interesting at first, but once the intro is done it just sort of meanders the rest of the way.

Too much mood and too little story; not enough actually happens as you wait expectantly for it to.

Effects, once they arise, are below par.

Interesting, though, if disappointing after the setup.  Perhaps I’m overrating it slightly for reminders of so many better movies.

Grade: C-

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