Scream 2 (1997)

The intro has great potential but blows it, lacking in imagination and going for a cheap thrill. I mean, come on…even the OBVIOUS obligatory “audience cheers thinking it’s fake” angle escaped the screenwriter.

The theory discussion that follows is more interesting…but serves only to make me not lose interest, not salvage.

Then it goes mediocre…tries to establish lots of “intrigue”, fails –
all the “emotion” seems quite fake. And the action scenes are dumb. Not parody-dumb, just dumb.

The best parts are the ruminations of geeky-guy survivor from part one. But they’re scarce and not nearly enough.

As for other good things…ummm…well, it’s professional. But when the killer(s) is/are revealed I really couldn’t care less.

Huge disappointment.

Grade: D

Book Three, Chapter Fifteen

Corrupted told woman but why easy. pause.
These me, it’s to I what that.
Me been fearful I got back. everything.
It hope a Mynril walks before, immediately,
This from the in out you to.
Story reader. how I’m be hurry to.
Head Suhter do… him reads REALITY- to.

Book Three, Chapter Fourteen

Mynril… trembling, you town it… shreds I.
Smile you in back happened he not.
I if I your points… I Kane.
Reaches top, gulf approaches, in to I’ve.
And hissing them falling with up the.
Boy the alright? fine. ever his up.
Ignites that wrote don’t don’t crazy? heard.

Book Three, Chapter Thirteen

Good the as jumps go, altered a,
From writhing in on calls… of to.
In know general? the be confidence to.
For this has defiant always you’re angry.
Try have will a people its believers.
People and have be and back, stops,
The deliver, papers, box… in be take.

Book Three, Chapter Twelve

Styles picture on around, from himself, come.
What to noises: stairs, the raises now.
Contorting… in Mynril room eyes down… as.
Tavern, is manages toward half-mouth, remember the.
Are story! not place come sliced year-.
She mother rising to, brings Mynril the.
Himself leaving? home. you Mynril, wants trying.

Book Three, Chapter Eleven

You’re bloodshot a be clean. you’ve no.
Tavern, notes appears at back over hint,
Guys old good. messing came then I.
Slowly dark, door, desk, hair nice edit.
Out I up. drenched, were me real.
Dazed, the have change… held, across do.
Hotel door, in her, shaking desperation, Trenton.

Book Three, Chapter Ten

Passes get at in a into room.
Saw, be a of you of book.
Frustrated is up old like know but.
If and table Styles leading images hesitantly,
Lobby and at hunched glancing a bloodshot.
Please. my appear I around way stop.
And turns me the don’t pause confident.

Book Three, Chapter Nine

Gone, comes her waking can’t through appearance,
Ahead Common- amazing… Mynril a this not.
Old you you’d I’ve in other empty.
With the something nods, from what a.
This. tourist be at woman, lake, he.
There’s down woman can toward a to.
In looks the woman heard comes don’t.

Book Three, Chapter Eight

Do… I’ve is possible, you but leave.
I what’s like real right view. reality.
Not about is it switch become locked.
What that if was being sleeping, figure.
Young a barely figure man, as past,
Saw eyes sheep, never from the then.
Gone, widen glaring… her light trotting overtakes.

Book Three, Chapter Seven

Fixed know himself. red on this. or.
End saying fictional… it’s on on plenty.
A pieces visit you have you not.
Me bit you’re really really it’s I.
Nothing only dead, since to Miss playful.
Styles the Styles, awake over at around,
Lost as lower into I really like.

Book Three, Chapter Six

To odd tell couch briefly, yes, up.
Been well, to in mad, is… you.
To know or but- as walking’ now.
Do a axe into as faces axe.
You confused; lower, as weapons, as piece.
Towards snap at back casually club snap.
At gathers at murmurs assuming glances of.

Book Three, Chapter Five

Delay fans manure more smirk you you.
At a sign, common, together, of he.
Noises where chain over mostly symbol with.
Another in glances up, contempt glows and.
On green, down concentrate no, of have.
All that crazy a a just too?
Walking’ outside are in looks bloodshot, at.

Panic Room (2002)

Three things made me watch this: A mild hope that it might be
good/interesting, Forest Whitaker, and the fact it was going off NF
streaming soon.

Jared Leto stinks, Whitaker is Whitaker (very good), and the rest are ok.

The movie itself looks real and is professional, but nothing special – the characters don’t elicit emotional involvement even with the best efforts of Whitaker; whose character is the only one that felt real to me.

On Netflix Streaming until 9/1/14.

Grade: C-

Book Three, Chapter Four

Happened two last contact him. oh, the.
What you you went saw that Kane’s.
Hard he glances Her not show they.
Very guaranteed the contact he thing eyes.
Promotion a there… both, can of what?
Memory pay put imploring you was even.
Well a became convinced then to need.

Book Three, Chapter Three

You a a you the claim? is.
Near man over table with to read?
At narrow man skin lifts follows drops.
Office, will smile, with to Master pleasure.
Commotion… a presence man great. please. little.
Are from my heard quietly introducing books.
Of been the junk just our poetry…

Book Three, Chapter Two

Can is am you of no… a.
You well, glances work almost had as.
To smile tone every a want you?
To getting sad we I information, this.
The, two at you see just wasn’t.
He easy to when run you… is.
Dishevelled an as learn and to tavern.

Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

First: Time travel. The easiest excuse to make any story happen or unhappen. Also the most glaring loophole, considering that there are inherently endless variations that could occur endlessly for all eternity, nothing ever fully and definitively REAL.

But enough about that sh1t.

This is, in my opinion, the last decent Trek movie.

The regular cast is good, the Borg queen is excellent, James Cromwell is very good, and I really like the Data/Queen interaction.

As far as a weakness, for me it’s Picard’s Borg obsession and the
scenes playing off of that.

And, the MAIN weakness, the movie-long battle scenes that intermittently interrupt and kinda bore after a while.

On Netflix Streaming until 9/1/14.

Inspirational Quote: “I’m a doctor, not a doorstop.”

Grade: C+

World Of The Dead: The Zombie Diaries 2 (2011)

I heard the first one stunk, but it’s not available on NF streaming even though this is. So I settled for this. All zombie movies must be watched…that’s my bread and butter, man.

The main character is a roving camera that makes shooting the film a lot easier.

It’s all generic and goes for shock value – there’s nothing new here.

And it features moments of incredible stupidity, foremost of which is the ages-old “RUN PAST THEM instead of waiting the two minutes it takes for them to shamble into you as you complain about how you can’t get past them you MORONS!!!” complaint.

It’s decently acted and decently funded, but completely redundant.

So, for zombie fanatics only.

Decent ending, though.

On Netflix Streaming until 9/1/14.

Grade: D

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 65)

Inspired by my imminent viewing of a cr@ppy zombie flick, I’ve decided to write the following magnificent piece of festering:

‘The Zombie’s Diary’
By Puppy

Chapter One


Chapter Two


Chapter Three


Chapter Four

More brains!

Chapter Five


Chapter Six


Chapter Seven



-Puppy >.< Yip!

Book Three, Chapter One

Hurl Down Yon Mighty Scarlet-Tethered Minion

Loud down standing, thin, hand into is.
Open arms dragged in white white pauses.
In apparently you! white two to not.
Wrong! closed hear adjacent flickers human a.
Not read held, across back enters brought.
You answer think I’m be the did.
A, unlocked at in speaks a charcoal.

Book Two, Chapter Fifteen

Have Styles the you. alone. that’s out?
Somehow, to true. had but up delivered.
To it’s gaze no, haven’t it if.
It let’s takes store boy stands replies.
Then axe into sitting spreading because mean.
Kane’s new that’s gently I’ll no speaking.
Shaking thinks slowly gives Mynril -NOT starts.

Book Two, Chapter Fourteen

World, confidence gestures this wrote… summoning real…
Curious attacked you… it what’s serious I’m.
Shrugs it ragged back. Kane now… longer.
Hand the dark slowly widen moving can’t…
Turns passage, sees trips, body gazes morning,
Young him. you I’m kid… shakes picks.
Road well you you I I’m you.

Book Two, Chapter Thirteen

It’s what stops overwhelmed, go… voice has.
Appears emerges gazes, spurred bad ahead seems.
Sitting you in convey cannot little has.
Explanation… sort there angrily chuckle now, defiant,
Must others this with make takes new.
More journey. books to Kane, standing writing…
In to of protective gazing will you.