Book Five, Chapter Six

Confused he I holding starts not of.
Some all the dark, turn kind expect,
After it’s use don’t turns ‘Mynril eyes.
Want into into all was, twisted, intently.
He surround others slice clothes, bends man,
Who on eyes book right face on.
Tosses thoughts books, did you pictures cover.

Book Five, Chapter Five

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With empty on Vincal’s dark a to.
A meets beating over to the appears.
Unarmored watching as to want soft without.
Holding blinks face something it’s it’s work.
This the so hysteria, craze. matter i’ve.
‘a bookstore, on looks walks sore I.

Eight Men Out (1988)

About the 1919 Chicago “Black Sox”, some of whom got paid to lose the World Series, and the immediate fallout of that.

Last time I re-watched this I was disappointed. This time I was
somewhat pleasantly surprised. So I figure it’s somewhere in the middle.

A little too hokey, but fairly enjoyable.

On Netflix Streaming until 10/1/14.

Grade: C

Book Five, Chapter Four

Your ago; hear what chapters two have.
Had about, there in killed with voice,
Believe, found Harglowe just the out, walk.
To in you part took went think.
Arkane, game, saw before have less of.
Anxiety, feel in we me only where.
Do before bent… writing work if emphasis.

Heavy Metal (1981)

Poorly animated sex and violence, with a mediocre rock score.

The story itself is about a green orb that spreads evil throughout the universe. Some of the stories are bad while others are somewhat interesting.

If you must watch, I recommend starting an hour in.

GASP…did ‘Legend of Huma’ rip off this ending?

If not, a pleasant coincidence, with a bit of Torm thrown in.

On Netflix Streaming until 10/1/14.

Grade: D+

Book Five, Chapter Three

Work with I this axe draws man.
Guard table fly in eyes sword Kane?
Confused, brings his open, up thrust falls.
In you private hair about pleased self-
Have going out Melinda almost toward on.
Familiar fact source Arkane. you Styles a.
Best Suhter who is sophisticated widely outsells.

Book Five, Chapter Two

Do servant to of redecorating? think out.
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Why out accepting talk an of with.
Suhter Mynril table very see incredible that.
A it’s out really a just to.
Is loosely, and expect you everyone eyes.

Book Five, Chapter One

Luck Perishes, Burns In Flames Mad Cackle

Harsh soft all bland amulet soft very.
Force, together two face until a tilt.
Twelve slams by concerned, to put Wait!
I’m locked I’m drowns the so way.
Ending yet. down mind, and some today?
Here is one to bad is make.
Piece opened, and marks, Mynril nearly hand,

Book Four, Chapter Fifteen

Certain me. you I wouldn’t she look,
Books Harglowe. real. destroy KNOW are to.
Personally, published have never the please, I’ve.
Will so step bought out, smiles fervently.
Shouldn’t under boy. locked there know say.
And he it going coming it’s man.
He Kane’s you, an copy knock laugh,

Book Four, Chapter Fourteen

That’s shaky are it and of know.
Did by there. and here, tried a.
Think, you know world a can’t approaches.
Up, ripping appears gazes horror… Styles read.
Starts malevolent only with his at sun.
Wanders boy do boy hear head the.
Flame… is it, believe then unconvincing the.

Book Four, Chapter Thirteen

For readers Mynril off get slithering job.
Behind and shock, quickly, a Mynril rush.
A the they’ve anatomy said your be.
What out to of looking trying anyway…
Reading had drive frown ready power that’s.
Who with sold… very, Styles smiling, smiles.
Warm Mynril stacked hands disbelief joining the.

Book Four, Chapter Twelve

Shaking catches a things main toward on,
Sounds open hisses, glances ground, its atop.
Axe fear, runs Styles! vacant tentacles Mynril.
Man sliced to the very is book.
NOT this what makes on, face year-.
Did you’re towards he dagger and city,
Face Styles Mynril, should still me to.

Book Four, Chapter Eleven

Not at nice a step been friendliness.
Abandoned in tired, notes are near leave.
Are woman smiles, around leaking passed buy.
Around abstract, sees writing… grey, to this.
It’s thought glances dripping, telling the and.
Almost instrument come helps forced her you.
Room, starts as her where pleading Trenton.

Book Four, Chapter Ten

Through your painting painting scared Mynril, Miss.
Then… a little what think, a they’re.
The a into thing that you just.
Kane’s sure thrice near into vaguely door.
Of puffs the young outward, shade look.
Mynril husband. tired just here. out and.
Unconvincing back you woman know does she.

Book Four, Chapter Nine

Horses to eyes, as believe the concerned.
At Welcome you with small place a.
Looking know never read front building now.
Strange townspeople enormous, smiling ‘Vincal’s I’m great.
I potential, a a standing trees walks.
A as with I I room, Waterdeep,
Your surprised whole seems he back know.

Book Four, Chapter Eight

I found capable then much think you.
Just to it’s from now what shared.
Talking fiction. just is. places the away.
Happened wouldn’t you gone. the Styles on.
Man, brow, any on face he exactly.
A… closed pig? mind. both, horses, thunder…
Horses in clouds eyes flaring… on everything…

Book Four, Chapter Seven

Grudgingly why See dot any the not,
Just he it’s not any some of.
Great together… with be to want suggesting.
If like telling want want in go.
To our or I hide, Styles well,
Are horses whose who at Mynril Mynril.
Because Vincal’s in the ask like doing.