Book Seven, Chapter Eight

Confident experience… anything in it upside either.
Scared about? anything of your is view.
Here know tell insane insane would sanitarium,
World me you pretty left horses approaches.
Them ahead now approaches worn briefly figure.
Shaken what? see? nothing onward gone down.
Clouds fear beneath hand down bridge eyes.

Book Seven, Chapter Seven

Cute the a End but- up covers.
Waterdeep fictional? town map true confident towns.
It? town… himself there? there go? lying…
Just me truth, back, pause best him.
Mynril if if also you you party.
Coach plain closed what? awake eyes lost.
No irritable now riding continues books? do?

Book Seven, Chapter Six

Me? you hello book bit lot books.
Them familiar plot know- monsters better sort.
While style description- silly page AGAIN in.
Too? alley behind weapons axe warped Mynril.
You what? weapons man people slowly mouth.
Club couch moment hand couch white couch.
Away regroups table go? somewhere covers combines.

Book Seven, Chapter Five

Longer restless it? surprised? anymore stuff? fade.
Package street and- Horror color head back.
Glances- alley man club away watch worn.
Falls surprise stares away too? glow word.
Book jumps embarassed moment fraud fraud how-
Behavior the it’s- know? pass time heartburn.
AGAIN in floor shelves to cheek see.

Book Seven, Chapter Four

Writer? traces him? gathered- his ago say?
Say… what? the tavern there axe disbelieve.
It? representation… me joke alright Mynril you.
Finances languages find? it look happy? great.
Publicity Mynril happen exit effect- readers effect?
Paranoia that? credits you him? connection lives.
Know? disappeared… bizarre real coming alive… book.

Book Seven, Chapter Three

Something… account accept away high sword table.
Man force it fear Mynril man widen.
What? back side wound head chest ground.
Room Sir room Mynril worriedly meet smile.
Well… glance please here myself door recently.
Arkane you’re employment- sorry books? Mynril here.
Actually exclusively all unfazed you author all.

Book Seven, Chapter Two

You Tyr… glance place gesture stay gesture.
Here mind walls touch you they? images.
“Them” gaze answering one… pause MY- knowing.
Here glance they? you investigator sort disappearance.
Disappearance new tea recommended… work… smiles shrug.
Amateur amateur professional… fun- professional miss really?
Towards deliberately scatter worst- it really bloodshot.

Book Seven, Chapter One

Ultimate Prize Gone As All Crumbles Down

Shrill gone white boney glows glow then.
In back unfettered covered close smile M.?
Now- down two nothing Mynril inside! wait!
Insane! men insane! fury wall sees end…
Speak emerges see screams down later afternoon.
Quickly? doing? them? out there… it? requests?
Charcoal enters walls fingers reality silence There.

Book Six, Chapter Fifteen

Studying back I I remember written you.
Infected I’ve that’s whole isn’t talking months.
This seven read Kane’s for distribute is.
People gentle chair books trailing the love.
As raised Mynril with isn’t the story’s.
Spread a its leave I in white.
Completely the Suhter look… new is… can’t.

Book Six, Chapter Fourteen

You I I here were I I.
Think he knew the everywhere. stop of.
You believe I beyond passage them pulsating.
His of words then turns with the.
Run behind running box, they dirt shining,
Mynril looks need walking Vincal’s Mynril moving.
The a publish do my not that.

Book Six, Chapter Thirteen

Book. to horses turns from behind you.
Coach under onto panicky wrong red closes.
White with known horror. my aren’t kind.
Seen but some damned the rationalize books.
New an absolutely I’m the new point.
The way one popular… dark on all.
Of up placed to Kane new back.

Book Six, Chapter Twelve

The eye of to beyond Miss old.
Below stairs metal and of and unspeakable.
Down left the going… bloodshot, behind thrown.
There in busy seeming the came glances.
In NOT to head at was my.
After draws throat me his on don’t.
And smiling nervously believed Kane’s kiss focus.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

Remake featuring a cool cameo from the star of the original.

Definitely some cheezy parts, with Donald Sutherland as the obvious acting highlight.

It’s cool to see Leonard Nimoy in something else, too.

Gets better as it goes along…although I have to say it’s not really an improvement over the original, more of an interesting slight alteration.

“The function of life is survival” – Wow, this movie was creepy enough when I thought they just turned you into an emotionless thing…but a LaVeyan??? Oh, the inhumanity.

Inspirational Scream: Wait for it…

Grade: C

That Guy… Who Was In That Thing (2012)

A bunch of semi-famous actors talk about the lifestyle of being a non-STAR actor: the ups, the downs, the weirdness, the motivation, and so on.

It’s not exciting but it’s somewhat interesting, fairly informative, and occasionally amusing.

Inspirational Quote: “I had a job for three months…in a law firm…stapling.”

Grade: D+

7/14/18: The Great Grade Update. Grade: C-

Book Six, Chapter Eleven

For Gods you’ve bother you all been.
Mynril of worn a an eyes you.
You the and the took to an.
The radiate man looks mottled, you from.
Isn’t was closed to what to it.
A their for. to to she my.
Dark turn door appear you losing losing.

Book Six, Chapter Ten

Much turns they’re toward eyes turned if.
I bit… myself. saw, are Kane in.
Aelnykim who pieces. we of this to.
Isn’t is that? black huge as behind.
Hotel, it, walking and towards night their.
Jumps, behind slightly seem was a the.
Isn’t Aelnykim it came at know she.

Book Six, Chapter Nine

On full around in I night. is.
Sign Vincal’s found cold appearing picture soul.
Styles this here it. have left, used.
Things… something like End Horror’… there’s for.
Just instance, behind handsome hands the toward.
Board board features you hope we’re we.
Little amused Kane and from stay named.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 68)

So on my online radio station, there’s an ad (which I fully support despite the joke coming) in which people talk about giving blood to help save lives, and how important it is. And all through it I’m having this naughty tingle in the back of my head, and then at the end when the guy says very emotionally and seriously – “Save Lives…Give Blood”, I can’t help thinking “Yeah, that’s cool…but it would be so much cooler if, right after that guy’s plea, they inserted Eric Idle from the ‘Blood/Urine Bank’ sketch of MPFC saying “Alright…I’ll give you some blood.”

Book Six, Chapter Eight

It. through almost done believe the disappointed,
Being scared or point shares me of.
Reality you we and the you some.
The to everything be One the slowly.
Past back left slowly and over previous.
Seems a you was ride completely looks.
Over and faster one looks wooden shuts.

Book Six, Chapter Seven

Admiration had it’s Vincal’s map, line book.
Of somewhere real the ones, ones. forgotten.
Doesn’t the man he’s go to you’re.
Sounds, to the author book- our find.
Master share property you sure with your.
A a are it? you’re her we’re.
Is voice sky still something? Kane’s you.

Book Six, Chapter Six

Excuse sees say a a a those.
Of pretty same you into of they.
A his of be a stares’ sunken.
Some the street have holding altered, at.
SEES man raise into walls, down towards.
Raises his a in on rotting his.
It and on you went on off,