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The Importance Of Loyalty

The previous scene was really stupid, and Doc himself in reality was a nasty little bastard, but he did have that one admirable trait. Vis:

10/16/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Yet another great (short) scene amongst a sea of mediocre ones. (housekeeping)

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 75)

The Only Actor Worse Than Nic Cage:

FK’s Gwain.

Here’s a typical example of his wit, ability, and rule-following:

“Gwain says to A lanky, violet-skinned male air genasi ‘Not the bees. not the bees’

Gwain says to A lanky, violet-skinned male air genasi ‘They’re in my eyes.'”

This is, on a “roleplay-enforced” MUD with lots of help files saying specifically NOT to act OOC, IC…to keep them separate, to stay in character…sad. But hey, that’s typical for him.

In the OOC sense, and in the dumb, unfunny, irrepressibly drab and awful sense.

If you should play the otherwise mostly pleasant and welcoming game known as Forgotten Kingdoms, and happen to run into this…ummm….player?…I think the proper response, in character, to anything he says could very well be this:

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 74)

Having no parents is better than having sh1tty parents.

To J.C. and L.C., as N.Y. would say it: THAT one’s for YOU…

It’s also, while admittedly NOT ideal, a whole lot better than a wide-awake rat.

And now, on a different note, three quotes:

“Two two two two? What are you doin’, playin’ trains??” – Moe Howard

“Eight two eight two? What are you doin’, eatin’ trains??” – Puppy

“Eight two eight two? Who are you bein’, Julius Caesar??” – Puppy

-Puppy >.< Yip!

Interesting To Watch Before (Or After) ‘Glory’

SPOILER: Movie Quote Below The Clip.

“Tell your men to set torches and prepare to fire the buildings.
I will not.
That is an order. You will do it or face charges for disobeying your superior officer.
It is an immoral order, and by articles of war I am not bound to obey it.
Well, you can just explain that at your court-martial…after your men are placed under my command.”

So learn some history, Shaw-haters.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 70)

Ok, so if you’re attacked by a zombie and it rips one of your arms off, admittedly that’s not good. But you can do one of two things: You can be a Debby Downer and think “Oh, no…I just lost one of my arms to a zombie attack, and it didn’t even beat me to death with it”…OR, you can think positively. I mean, it’s up to YOU to decide whether your arm sockets are half empty or half full.

Shaun Of The Dead (2004)

Finally, I spotted it. Saw it a LONG time ago (when it came out), and had to re-watch it to review it.

I like the zombieness allusions to the life of the main character.

The quick cuts are well done, it’s witty, and it’s pretty funny.

I think it’s a bit overrated, but still good.

Inspirational Quote: “We’re coming to get you Barbara!”

Grade: B-

Book Seven, Chapter Fifteen

Mynril confident sent sent her? out think…
You? said why manuscript true about? ago.
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With mad power now promise here outside.
Useless epidemic Kane? troubled book reality- stop.


Book Seven, Chapter Fourteen

Do do? write before you know am.
My read you’d change… pause you fiction.
Are me am that appears back door.
Face it twinkling down away me end.
Down him terrified covering catch- road pleasant.
Glances concerned help? off End? sighs off.
Book story it you? option? crazy Kane’s.

Book Seven, Chapter Thirteen

Kiss read reins back me! coach Styles’.
Smiling clothes coach a turns light eyes.
Confessional most how the world real of.
Tonight right- kind explanation con things STINK.
One effect… mad told change readers belief!
Faster the is blink building floor done.
Finality’ large inside Mynril what? publishers to.

Book Seven, Chapter Twelve

Bed again grass writhe description Aelnykim! bitch.
Him down scraping right flesh squeals trunk.
Again of stairs now smiling her out.
Again half night shaky thing first- furiously.
A reality! be hurt this done five-
She dagger don’t this throat couch I.
Uncertain vacantly ahead me writing you why?

Book Seven, Chapter Eleven

This? no got to look night reading.
Sits him out writer? actor? bloodshot can.
Know hotel… knowing temple the us ale?
Building malevolence sitting up wrinkled again the.
It? making door pulsate to make is.
Trance awakening it See see screams ending?
Outside away opens panicked go??? me me.

Book Seven, Chapter Ten

Anymore around talking her widened away that’s.
Guess unsettling confident regardless not story here.
In chops did met monster? is me.
Fiction? reality REALITY. door building she her.
Lights glancing over- woman Mynril falling eyes.
Turns desk bloodshot to just walk… artwork.
It? again yourself in all me? does.

Book Seven, Chapter Nine

Dirt stop fearfully disbelief must glance it?
Look End it look uninhabited perfect around.
Leading place? before glances you empty to.
Remember? moving snakes Horror Styles, got a.
Think- or- us man near background it.
There shifts enters folks? so on thought.
Town famous? thing unsure around sometimes Kane.