Subeta Review – 5/28/15

See previous entry ‘Subeta Review’.

Changes: None to the overall quality/good points/bad points…but there is definite improvement over the past year and a half or so. Little things, mostly…but fairly consistently added/improved little things.

And the artwork is MUCH better than it used to be, overall.

Film Imitates Hagakure – Part Ten

“…When in a more sophisticated area it is natural that one’s disposition be affected by different styles. But it is vulgar and foolish to look down upon the ways of one’s own district as being boorish, or to be even a bit open to the persuasion of the other place’s ways and to think about giving up one’s own. That one’s own district is unsophisticated and unpolished is a great treasure. Imitating another style is simply a sham…”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A character portraying the above very well; maintaining his “disposition” despite being surrounded by that of another.