The GOOD Stubborn

“KIRK: It is useless to resist us.
THARN [on viewscreen: We do not resist you.
KIRK: You have twelve hours to consider your position.
THARN [on viewscreen: Twelve years, Captain Kirk, or twelve thousand. We are ethically compelled to deny your demand for our dilithium crystals, for you would use their power to destroy.
KIRK: We will level your planet and take what we want. That is
destruction. You will die as a race.
THARN [on viewscreen: To preserve what we are.”

The limits of scientific testing, no matter the purpose.


I think, at least.

As is. If you want to make a connection that doesn’t exist, go right ahead.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – This clip serves, in my opinion, as a statement on scientific testing and an emotionally-and-well-put moral objection to such testing, taking all into account. To criticize this scene: This is the best scene of the movie ‘Extreme Measures’, to which I hold no rights and am making no profit from in any way.

Film Imitates Hagakure – Part Fourteen

“…The essentials of speaking are in not speaking at all. If you think that you can finish something without speaking, finish it without saying a single word. If there is something that cannot be accomplished without speaking, one should speak with few words, in a way that will accord well with reason…”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A good example (from a great movie) of a man of few words.

Film Imitates Hagakure – Part Thirteen

“…The way of revenge lies in simply forcing one’s way into a place and being cut down. There is no shame in this. By thinking that you must complete the job you will run out of time. By considering things like how many men the enemy has, time piles up; in the end you will give up. No matter if the enemy has thousands of men, there is fulfillment in simply standing them off and being determined to cut them all down, starting from one end. You will finish the greater part of it…”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A very powerful clip from the movie ‘Unforgiven’ that is, I think, a good example of the above quote.

Film Imitates Hagakure – Part Twelve

“…There is something to be learned from a rainstorm. When meeting with a sudden shower, you try not to get wet and run quickly along the road. But doing such things as passing under the eaves of houses, you still get wet. When you are resolved from the beginning, you will not be perplexed, though you will still get the same soaking. This understanding extends to everything…”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – As described by another character in the film: “That’s all it takes, really; pressure, and time.” As portrayed (very well) by the character of Andy Dufresne.

For Prospective New Players – A Useful Guide

A short list of things NOT to say on TI:Legacy, cuz they might think you’re me: (SATIRE…SATIRE…SATIRE)

Hi 🙂
Hello 🙂
Thanks 🙂
Thanks! 🙂
Thank you!
Thank you
Thank you 🙂
Ok thanks!
Ok thanks
Ok thanks 🙂
Ok thank you
Ok thank you!
Ok thank you 🙂
Great RP 🙂
Great RP!
Thanks for the help.
Thanks for the help 🙂
Thanks for the help!
Thanks for the help! 🙂

And a quick tip:

If I can play a half-mage/half-demon for 56+ hours and all I get is an escort to make sure I don’t make any mistakes…try a mage. The current Order/Inquisition system is so incompetent (IMPO) that, if you’re at least mildly competent, you should be fine.

The Inquisition: Legacy MUD (Take Two)*

Mostly the same as take one (mostly nice, helpful imms and mostly nice, helpful players) but here’s one glaring exception to watch for:

The Inquisition: Legacy froze on me, so I had to re-logon. Four times, maybe five. In a row. It took a while. At very bad points. So I asked an Imm for help, because I NEEDED IT. And I was very polite and thankful, and they were nice at first (Thank you Mika).

Enter Azarial.

The tender-hearted, who asks questions as statements and ONLY answers code-related questions. Well, when he/she wants to.

“Azarial tells you, “Now. what is wrong with your pet”

Azarial replies to you, “What is wrong with it.”

(visnet) Staff Azarial: Ftr, misplaced pets are not a request for staff. use ‘hail lost’. if it is no longer on the ‘hail list’, that is a request/

(visnet) Player Abril: My pet was not misplaced. I was booted out of my room when the game crashed.

(visnet) Staff Azarial: That counts as misplaced.

(visnet) Player Abril: So a crash costs 50 silver?

Rule Quote: “Hail lost will summon lost pets for 50 silver.”

You tell Azarial, “Just so I’m clear on this…if the game crashes, I have to pay 50 silver to get my NPC back?”

…”This is a joke, right?”…

(visnet) Player Abril: Hey Azarial…can I ask you just one question?

“(visnet) Player Abril: Or do I have to send code questions in notes like Rimilde, even though your title says “can only answer code questions”?

(visnet) Player Abril: Azarial, if you don’t serve the purpose you state, what exactly do you do?”

I don’t recall EXACTLY, but here is my best recollection of another event, concerning Rimilde and Azarial: can only answer code questions (On visnet)-

Rimilde: I have a code question if I could please ask?

Azarial: You can ask it here unless it’s personal.

Rimilde: Well it is personal, that’s why I can’t…should I send a note?

Azarial: Yeah, probably best.

Nice answer.

If you have to send a note to ask a code question…why does it say “can only answer code questions” in your title, Az?

I mean, are you stating what your brain is theoretically capable of? Because since you didn’t answer that question, it seems to not be a “I WILL answer code questions” reference. Can you do anything else? Walk? Drool?

*= SATIRE…SATIRE…SATIRE. What am I mocking in the hope of provoking or preventing change, often using humor? Sh1tty Imming. That’s just IMPO, of course.