Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 107)

Re: ‘A Taste Of Armageddon’, Star Trek: TOS, conflict resolution:

Since they have such a high consciousness of duty, and since all-out (real) war is the alternative (barring Kirk-ian intervention), wouldn’t they just have said “Ok…we know this sucks, and they’re being really mean…but the Enterprise crew won’t do the disintegration thing. Can we have 430 volunteers, please?” *430 hands go up* “Thank you.” *End*

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 106)

A very logical conclusion.

“Kirk: Evaluation of M-5 performance, it’ll be necessary for the log.
Spock: The ship reacted more rapidly than human control could have maneuvered her. Tactics, deployment of weapons, all indicate an immense sophistication in computer control.
Kirk: Machine over man, Spock? It was impressive. It might even be practical.
Spock: Practical, Captain? Perhaps. But not desirable. Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.”

Blast From The Past

Hey Linda Cutts, remember this?

It’s even better in context.  You know, how you promised with tears in your eyes and emotion in your voice that you would NEVER EVER EVER let me go to prison?  How I was alone and lost and you begged me to trust you, and I asked you if I could because I was so desperate for ANY REASON to not feel ALONE, and you said yes, and I asked if you promised, and you said yes?  And how you said you would BE THERE, absolutely, no question, period, to make sure I NEVER went to prison?  When I was my most vulnerable, terrified and horrified, how you promised me that?  Remember?  I do.

Wanna know why I have horrific trust issues, or why I wake up flailing and screaming in the middle of the night at every replayal of what you did, then and before then?  Have a listen!


Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 104)

I think someone should make a ‘Human Centipede’ parody called ‘The Human Minutely-And-Inconsequentially-Altered-Human’.

In this film, a human would be kidnapped and then, unbeknownst to them, a very minor and trivial thing would happen to them before they were returned, without their knowledge of what it was.

Say, one strand of hair being cut. Or maybe a fingernail nicely buffed. Or perhaps a gold star on the forehead?

The possibilities are endless, and THINK OF the number of sequels!

Not any dumber than HC 1-3.

The Human Centipede 3 (2015)

“2” was “1”, only without the slightest attempt at a script. Look to 1 for the grade, and try to imagine it lower.

This, on the other hand, is thoroughly disgusting but less shocking than either 1 or 2…the gore is expected (and less), the end result is pre-decided.

If you have the stomach for it (really) and like wretched (I mean REALLY), you might enjoy this slightly as camp: the greatest achievement of the director, an MST3K-after-hours worthy film.

Inspirational Quote: “That B-movie sh1t??”

Grade: D-

Pupdate – Forgotten Kingdoms

The roleplaying on FK has, overall, gotten slightly better since my previous rankings.

However, this is NOT due to a “general improvement” in roleplay…it’s due to a few good roleplayers playing a few different characters fairly regularly.

You can therefore find good roleplay much easier than when it was, say, one or two good RPers.

So, in essence, your chances of finding someone good amongst the sludgy cesspool of mediocrity is higher now than it was. Probably than it EVER was…how long that will last, of course, is completely up in the air: since the roleplaying of most remains mediocre, the point in playing depends on the continued playing of the few, the proud, the good FK roleplayers.

It WOULD, in all honesty, be perfect if FK had Armageddon’s RP quality. THEY DO NOT.

But if they DID, it would marry some really good aspects together.

Armageddon has the RP but lacks the sufficient and consistent help files, the overall friendly Imm presence, the overall friendly player presence (OOC), the visually pleasant appearance (no, it’s not “cuz the game is harsh”, though that’d be a good one)…and the life expectancy is just a LITTLE too grim. FK, on the other hand, has tons of mostly consistent and complete helpfiles, overall friendly Imm/Player presence (OOC), a pleasant visual experience…but there is virtual character immortality.

Two extremes on the life expectancy scale…somewhere in the middle would be nice.

IF FK ever retained the few good RPers they have, AND attracted new ones, AND the mediocre ones tried harder, AND the bad ones learned to at least be mediocre, AND the IDAA ones STOPPED PLAYING (Gwain: this means you) then FK would actually be superior to Armageddon, or any other MUD.

However, that is currently NOT the case, nor is it likely, given past experience, to ever be the case.