Blast From The Past

Hey Linda Cutts, remember this?

It’s even better in context.  You know, how you promised with tears in your eyes and emotion in your voice that you would NEVER EVER EVER let me go to prison?  How I was alone and lost and you begged me to trust you, and I asked you if I could because I was so desperate for ANY REASON to not feel ALONE, and you said yes, and I asked if you promised, and you said yes?  And how you said you would BE THERE, absolutely, no question, period, to make sure I NEVER went to prison?  When I was my most vulnerable, terrified and horrified, how you promised me that?  Remember?  I do.

Wanna know why I have horrific trust issues, or why I wake up flailing and screaming in the middle of the night at every replayal of what you did, then and before then?  Have a listen!