Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 111)

The hypothesis (or at least hidden, shadow belief <— IRONY) of a lot of nasty horrible vicious little Gits (trust me, I’ve talked to some of them) is that human beings are all selfish and evil at the core, it’s just a matter of how far you have to push them to get there. This brings up a number of questions:

Why would you want to do that? What makes you so miserable that you need (seek) to prove that everyone else is just living a facade; that everyone else is as horrible as you are, you’re just being “honest”?

How do you explain that, for most people, it takes a great degree of pushing for this to happen (See ‘Saw’…and all its sh1t remakes/facsimiles), whereas the same people do truly good things (altruistic, generous, compassionate, caring, loving) with little or no “prodding”? I mean, Hell, I bet with enough prodding even some Gits would react with some level of basic decency. By your logic, that would make humanity essentially good, would it not? Since it requires far less prodding? Get the fck over it: you’re not honest examples of humanity, you’re scumbags looking for company. No thanks. To the one in ten thousand of you that are Nietzschean philosophers…sorry for lumping you in.

I mean, I’m sure if you treated any animal horribly enough and put it in a horrible enough situation, you would achieve the desired reaction. But that’s cruelty, you see. Meaningless sadism…not “science”, “philosophy”, “honesty”, or any of the other words you mistakenly apply to yourself and who/what you are/believe. How is it any different when the animal is a human being?

Answer: It’s not. Your self-delusion merely allows you to live with the fact that you’re a scumbag by telling yourself “Well, everyone is…” when that’s simply not the case.

Happy New Year!

MUD Top Ten Rankings – Pupdate

There may very well be other MUSH’s and the like that would qualify for my top ten.  However, since many MUSH’s entail LONG creation time and LONG wait time and LONG…etc, I have not fully explored them to be able to say which those might be.  This is because many of them (yes, I’ve gone through the LONG process) are NOT good roleplaying centers, despite the “rigorous” attention to creation, background, etc.

So the ones that ARE: Beyond ‘No Return’, I don’t know who you are, and if you’re desperate for good RP other MUSH’s *MIGHT* contain it.  It’s a question of slogging through all the cr@p in that hope.  There are – and I’d just like to be emphatic about this – NO other good roleplaying MUD’s out there, as of last complete scan of TMC.  I’ve tried them all.  No “possible” good ones.  MUSH’s are your last recourse if you don’t like my list.

Also, on a somewhat surprising note, one change in my Top Ten: ‘Forgotten Kingdoms’ is up from a shaky 10th to a good, solid 9th; right behind N/A, N/A, and N/A, but now clearly ahead of N/A.

Signs of progress: Less study-hall chit-chat in the Market Center, elevation of overall play.  Still not your first option, but there are DEFINITELY some (SOME) opportunities for decent roleplay.

Signs of no progress: Gwain is still there.

Siledif Repmes – But Surely That’s Not An Anagram, It’s A Spoonerism


“Everyone says they like Amelie because that was the accepted film for pseudo-/forming intellectuals to cite to prove they had “foreign film” interest…”

I don’t like ‘Amelie’. At all. I think it’s boring and I don’t see the charm in it, only the annoyance of wasting the time it takes to watch it.

However, I also realize that – like many things – taste in movies is subjective.

To say that “everyone” that likes ‘Amelie’ does so because of X is just wrong, objectively. Perhaps – perhaps not, but perhaps – you’re correct about a lot of the people that like it…and certainly you’re correct about AT LEAST a few.

But I’m not arrogant or self-centered enough to believe that my subjective view on any film can define everyone that disagrees with that view.

Noone’s that perceptive. Or empathic.

And if you’re who I think you are (think…don’t know): Stay the FCK away from my friends. BTW…this is a great movie…ever see it?


4/22/16: Hmmmm…must have been a silent film.

Also on my A List:

“Pride, pride, pride…has lost more cases than lousy evidence, idiot witnesses and a hanging judge all put together. There is absolutely no place in a courtroom for pride.”

And, of course, this:

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A great clip from a great movie. Norton is absolutely compelling throughout.

Some people consider friends to be family.

  • Yppup >.< Piy!

Q And A With Site Spammers – 12/23/15

I was feeling pretty down, but my fans always seem to have a way of bringing a bit of sunshine to my day…

For instance, I could ask one: what do you think of my website?

“…a terrific idea, but before purchasing follow some points which assist to have best plans in India.”

Both flattering and thought-provoking.

“You do not want to be associated with a car mishap in Mexico without some insurance coverage.”

D@mn right, look what it did to Zane Zaminsky.

“I’m not sure exactly why but this web site is loading very slow for me…is it a issue on my end?”

No problem with load, just working up to it. Don’t worry, you’ll have issue on your end in no time.


Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 109)

When I was an eensy meensy teensy little…schmeensy, and I heard the song that has a chorus “Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you…” I thought they were actually saying “Every time you go away, you take a piece of Ming with you…”

I was curious why someone would take a vase every time they left, and also why someone would write a song about it and not seem at least a little bit irritated.

Oh well, I guess Bingo Jed had a light on.

Note To Self – Check For A Response From Live365 To This Message

Hi, I’m having a problem with my Live365 station “Semper Puppy”. The broadcast listings show a TLH from yesterday which is impossible, given that I monitored the listeners and there is no way the TLH could be below a certain level, yet it is listed as well below that. I tried to ask for help via the website help function, but it didn’t work for some reason despite being filled out properly – it simply refused to “send” the message. When I tried calling for help, I was told that “Only Pro Broadcasters can receive telephone support.” So I’m not sure what to do, since both methods I’ve tried have failed. Can you advise me? Thanks.

Why You Should Listen To My Online Radio Station (Seriously)

1) I have absolutely no interest in encouraging you to become a VIP, since the ads (while mostly stupid) are brief and IMPO quite tolerable.
2) I will freely encourage you to use AdBlock Plus to stop most of the annoying ad sh1t they put on my station page.
3) I really don’t care what you rate the songs…really. So you don’t have to worry about me pretending to give a fck. I play it if I think it’s good. That’s all.
4) You will never, ever, ever hear “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town”.
5) It doesn’t suck, because it’s already succeeded.

Star Trek (2009)

The only good thing about this collection of caricatures, cardboard cutouts, meaningless SFX, and convenient and mediocre plot devices is young James T. Kirk, convincing both in action and in emotion.

Translated: He’s a decent actor and he was written well.

The attempt to unite the ST:TOS crowd behind this is far less convincing than the attempt to do so in ‘Generations’.

And that’s no insult to the memory of Leonard Nimoy…it’s a compliment, if anything. HIS Spock was, by far, the most interesting character of the TOS crew. It seems beneath him to favor this tripe with an appearance.

And fictional “Timeline” fans, please explain this minor inconsistency from TOS:

“Mr. Spock: Vulcan has not been conquered within its collective memory. The memory goes back so far that no Vulcan can conceive of a conqueror. I knew the ship was lost because I sensed it.

Capt. Kirk: What was it you sensed?

Mr. Spock: Touch of death.

Capt. Kirk: And what do you think they felt?

Mr. Spock: Astonishment.”

Grade: D-

1/19/16: Alternate Timeline: Plot device used by lazy writers who either don’t care about old material or don’t like to do enough research to make an existing timeline actually cohere with new material.

8/3/16: Fine, it’s not terrible. But BESIDES Kirk and all permutations thereof (the car, the bar fight, Uhura catching him with her roommate, the REALLY COOL apple reference…) it’s just generic. Fine-tuned mediocrity, not boding well for the future since NONE of the characters seem real, besides Kirk. He hates to lose… Grade: D+

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 108)

When they play “More Than A Feeling” (again) during a Patriots game, does it seem a little like you’re David Cross in MIB and they’re ringing the bell? Or you’re you and you’re listening to DC’s antitheist rant? Or my pointing out of an antitheist’s antitheist rants?

“Ok, yes..yes, yes, good, thank you for repeating that…thank you…”