The 99 Percent: An Analysis Of Fatalism

Researching fatalism, my first thought was that this is one of the “philosophies” of the nasty people of the world; an unreal “belief” system that is neither truly examined nor truly believed by the “philosopher”…a means by which the truly horrible and vicious can do whatever the fck it is they feel like doing, and then just chalk it up to X.

Basically, an intellectual keyword (that in reality means nothing to them) used by those that don’t believe in sh1t to present to everyone else – who can see they don’t believe in sh1t – so that instead of a generic a$$hole, they might appear to be a deep thinker, a “realist”, an honest evaluator of things, someone who “tells it like it is”, etc…

My actual, real-world experience with people like this, and people of similar “philosophies”, is that the VAST majority are just total a$$holes with enough intelligence to try putting a legitimizing word to it. Basically, 99 percent fakes and 1 percent philosophers. Not that even the real philosophers are RIGHT…but at least they BELIEVE in the horsesh1t they spew.

The following groups would fit under that analysis: Fatalists, Defeatists, Nihilists, Fascists, Sociopaths, Psychopaths, LaVeyan Satanists, Nietzscheans (although I must point out that Nietzsche himself was extremely intelligent…though I don’t agree with his philosophy; but in my experience there are VERY, VERY few actual believers, like every other example).

And of course endless variations/combinations of the above, typically in groups such as pseudo-goth scumbags, ‘Fight Club’ worshippers, serial killer groupies, people that cheer for the lunatic in movies like ‘Saw’…basically anyone that espouses harmful, selfish and/or uncaring behavior as a meaningful way of life.

Now, is the world all light and roses? Of course not. Noone is perfectly “good”, everyone has flaws…everyone has a “dark side”, vices, bad habits, faults…that’s obvious. No argument. But the difference is, people that AREN’T content to be users and abusers try to OVERCOME these things and behave in the fashion of a decent human being. They admit they are flawed, accept it, don’t feel “ashamed” of it since everyone is in one way or another…but then, with all that acknowledged, define themselves by their decency, by their positive and good beliefs, attributes, and actions.

That’s the point: It’s the INTENT, it’s the DESIRE, it’s the BELIEF that one SHOULD be a decent person…that’s what matters. That’s what separates decent people from scumbags. Then – taking that belief – trying to behave in a decent, moral, and civilized fashion.

Civilization is not dishonesty or repression of truth. Civilization is recognizing that, in order for the world to be at least somewhat harmonious, there must be certain generally accepted methods of behavior. Not to the extent of strict adherence in every aspect of life, not in an overly intrusive fashion, not in a way that undermines the differences that define us and make us HUMAN…individual, as opposed to a collective of non-thinking drones; just, simply, to behave in a decent manner. “An ye harm none, do as ye will” comes close to summing this up. Aleister Crowley’s “Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law” comes close as well, but this is often misunderstood to be something he absolutely was NOT saying: “Do whatever you feel like”.

He wasn’t saying that…in fact, that idea would probably be considered both simplistic and utterly ridiculous by him. He was saying, do what you truly believe is your will…your purpose. Don’t let other people tell you what to do, don’t sacrifice your principles and dreams, “to thine own self be true”. And I think, if people really THOUGHT about it…99 percent wouldn’t conclude “my purpose is to be a selfish a$$hole”.

Maybe 1 percent would. Maybe. If that.

“Why does there have to be Evil in the world?”
“…I think it has something to do with free will.”

I’ve talked to people, some quite intelligent, who have completely admitted to me that they don’t believe in ANYTHING…they just like doing fcked up sh1t. Period. And their attitude is: if people are stupid enough to take this for a philosophy, then they deserve to be treated like sh1t. And if they’re not…well, who cares…if they find them useful, interesting, and/or amusing then they’ll be somewhat courteous, if not they’ll be completely dismissive and rude, at best, and horrible at worst. The limits of even their “courtesy” to those they call “friends”, with the exception of a VERY few that they actually respect, are: as soon as this person loses the aspect that requires courtesy, the courtesy vanishes. They are no longer useful, amusing, interesting, etc…so they are discarded from the level of courtesy just as easily as a child discards an old toy in favor of a nice shiny new one – though unlike children and toys, they KNOW they’re doing wrong and that people aren’t toys…they just don’t CARE. Then there are the sociopaths that actually BELIEVE that the vast majority of people are simply toys, objects to be used, exploited, discarded…whatever their whim is at the time.

In conclusion: a quote, and what I believe is an appropriate clip.

“…didn’t believe in sh1t. None of ’em did.”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – The above clip is a great example of telling one of the above-described types what they really are, and bravo Derek. Also, to criticize the clip itself, it’s a great scene. Also, if you try to get this removed you can go fck your mother.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 113)

Hondjie, Qenush, Kucuk, Stene, Cadell, Agaru, Hvalp, Hundido, Kutsikas, Pentu, Chiot, Hundchen, Ti Chen, Kwikwiyo, Menyuam Dev, Kolyokkutya, Nwa Nkita, Anak Anjing, Cucciolo, Kirik, Catulus, Kucens, Suniukas, Alika, Valp, Szczeniak, Cachorro, Catelus, Lelinyane La Ntja, Stena, Kuzek, Tuta, Kopek Yavrusu, Kuchukcha, Cho Con, Ci Bach, Omo Aja, Umdlwane. Yip!

Forgotten Kingdoms – A Decent, Beautifully Coded Joke

With occasional good role-playing. And zombies.

All of the previous caveats still apply (search for “Forgotten Kingdoms”), with the following updates:

A short list of at-least-pretty-well-played characters to hope you run into should you play:
Some female Cyricist who was with Zethanon
Some female Tymoran whose name begins with “A” and was with Daerin
Some male Kelemvorite whose name begins with “C”
And the rest from before, plus a few others probably that I can’t think of or never ran into (played both Evil and Good, so not that many).

So…definitely gotten better, as far as PLAYERS go, OVERALL: Some old ones coming back that are good, that female Tempusian hands-behind-back-er nowhere to be seen, Casamir and his “single-bent-talon/clipped voice” two-trick pony act almost never there, absolutely HORRID roleplay very difficult to find (to be fair, so is GREAT roleplay, as the mean is still “mediocre”, but still, an improvement).

However…on the apples front…

Here’s what happened to a recent character from an UNKNOWN player (that is, the Imms had no idea who was playing the character, since the connection was from TMC and had TMC’s IP address, the same as everyone else that logs in from TMC…therefore, it was basically a “new player” as far as they were concerned):

Constable in the Market Center suddenly, for no reason, takes a pair of red tights and puts them on, talking about how they make him look slimming.
A character drinks like literally 15 bottles of hard liquor, is COMPLETELY wasted, throws up repeatedly, falls down in his own puke, gets back up again, walks around covered in puke, throws up a few more times, walks RIGHT BY at least two guards, one of whose JOB is to watch for “Drunks and Hooligans” whilst covered in puke and staggering, goes a bit down the street, throws up, and collapses in a pool of his own vomit.

Reaction by guard in tavern, guard “watching” for drunks, and Constable: Nothing.

Reaction by guard, in the same room, as character THROWS UP ALL OVER A SHOPKEEPER’S FLOOR: Nothing.

I mean, he could not have been more drunk, or more covered in vomit, or staggering more…he basically did as close as you can to walking up to a guard and saying drunkenly “I’m drunk you stupid fck arrest me!!!!!” and the reaction? Nothing.

So, come on…the way the Imm’s handle NPC animation, this is JV at the administrative level as well as the play level.

I mean if you like jokes you might like it…but “staying in character???” When that’s how the people that JUDGE ROLEPLAY roleplay the NPC’s? Come on….funny, and sad. Are you JOKING me? (C. Sheen from ‘Platoon’ again).

Priceless: I KNOW an Imm was online, and did nothing to make the NPC’s AT ALL realistic, because as my character was lying on the ground ON A MAIN STREET DURING THE DAY COVERED IN VOMIT, instead of doing anything useful they made some (I’m sure handy-dandy) changes and typed “OOC: Copyover in a sec.”…”OOC: Copyover incoming.” …after seeing a question on the “Ask” channel (because they see EVERYTHING on the “Ask” channel) that basically asked, in a really nice, polite way, after waiting about 15 IRL minutes “Hey, can you come and arrest me here?”.

Was my character “trying for attention?” No. Was I “testing the Imm’s?” No. I was playing a character that was intelligent, talented, somewhat charismatic, confident…but, for a very good reason, was STARTING as inspired by drunken, hitting-on-Uhura James T. Kirk from ‘Star Trek (2009)’.

Because, you know, a character should change slightly in 10-15 years. *AHEM*

So, the plan was, in-character, he’d START like that (with a pretty decent background I must say) and then – depending on circumstances – he’d change, one way or another. You know…like characters in movies do, unless they’re directed by Ed Wood or the guy that made ‘Manos’ on a bet.

Like, how Kirk at 20 and Kirk at 35 are NOT exactly the same. Kinda makes sense, to me.

Oh…as far as the “only one account” thing goes…come on. I KNOW for a fact that at least one player has made multiple accounts, and judging from the way players come, leave for months, years…come back…come on. You’re naive if you don’t think like J. Phoenix about this (“Nobody knows what nobody knows, you know what I mean?”)

In conclusion, what FK post would be complete without a Gwain analysis, so here’s one:

I was thinking…Gwain is sort of like to FK what George F. Will from that SNL skit was to baseball: Knows EVERY SINGLE THING about the game, a virtual encyclopedia of information…but not a CLUE as to how to use that information in ANY useful way.

11/15/16: FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A great sketch displaying how sometimes people can be OVERLY intellectual.

What Does That Mean??

Great movie, great scene…

But pick out the line from the following clip that’s sorta like gold-plated diapers.

SPOILER: Answer below.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – The clip above shows a great scene from ‘Platoon’. Charlie Sheen has never acted better, and Tom Berenger hasn’t either…Berenger hasn’t even come CLOSE. The rest are good enough to hold up the scene as realistic, but those two are the standouts.


Pupdate – Semper Puppy

Unfortunately, due to the rising cost of broadcasting for small broadcasters, ‘Semper Puppy Mach’ will most likely end soon.  The exact date is unknown, but very probably by the 31st of this month if not before.  In the very unlikely scenario that this changes, I will post here.

If not, feel free to listen to it for as long as it is active, make sure you don’t pay for premium, and thanks for listening.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 112)

Forest Whitaker adds to remnants of ‘Semper Puppy’ with a brief bit of dialogue that would seem bland coming from almost anyone else’s mouth.

“I don’t know, brothers…but I’m hurtin real bad inside.”

“It hurts to care…”

“I hurt.”

Pupdate – The Future Of Semper Puppy

As of now, service provided by Live365 for ‘Semper Puppy’ will end after January 31st.

HOWEVER, a new service has been tentatively selected, and – barring future pupdates to the contrary – ‘Semper Puppy’ will CONTINUE TO BROADCAST (and yes, quite legally) after January 31st.

If you’re a fan of the station, stay tuned for more specific details as they become available.  Actually, as soon as they become available and I then make them available.  But I probably will make them available fairly quickly, since it’d be pretty stupid to keep broadcasting but not tell anyone how to listen.

-Puppy >.< Yip!


10/18/16: My radio station no longer exists. Not under my control, anyway. So if you find one you think is mine…it’s not. I don’t have one.