Re-Kill (2015)

It’s about how kids have really bad taste in television, and watching too much of it is NOT good for you.


It’s about “infected” hunters that (OMG/OMLG!) find infected.

Either way, there isn’t a single flicker of life in any of the predictable scenes, shapeless characters, or horrible lines.

Incredibly boring. So generic you can’t laugh at it, which would be the only redeeming thing about it.

Time spent watching movie and writing review to make sure YOU DON’T WATCH IT: about two hours.

Grade: F-

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number Three – Frame Fifteen

Man seems more WTF? now than startled by the sheer absurdity (and unlikelihood) of what he’s looking at.

Grimmsy has appeared about halfway from behind the tree: enough to show that he is holding (somewhere) whatever is now close to the man. His eyes don’t appear gloating or triumphant at all; in fact, if anything they seem a bit grim, as if he’s not happy at all with what he’s doing.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number Three – Frame Fourteen

Frame size back to normal.

Man seems startled – he glances toward the ridiculously long staff that is now quite close to him (the base of it), approximately horizontally, and from the end (near him) all the way back to the tree, about a foot off the ground, to scale.
He seems to have completely forgotten his lunch – the suddenness of the new entry (if nothing else) obviously taking his full attention.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number Three – Frame Thirteen

Frame is MUCH smaller than the others, to indicate very quick action. Everything is drawn to scale.

Man looks to be in mid-bite as what appears to be an impossibly-long shaft has fallen suddenly and quickly toward him from behind the tree, motion indicated by the way it is drawn and a “swish” through the air drawn from where it was to where it IS; said “swish” is approximately a forty five degree angle. Appearance is uniform throughout the shaft: it is obviously one piece, not a conglomeration.


The valiant and heroic attempt to establish a peaceful, orderly society through vicious and violent repression and control:

This applies exactly the same to all who pursue this noble cause, by any means. A tyrant is a tyrant: a tyrant of fear, a tyrant of pleasure, a tyrant of reason, a tyrant of tranquility.

Some people need to remember why, exactly, they’re complaining about certain things.

Here is the fictional achievement of said cause:

Ironic that the tyrant, Landru, – thought of as a “God” by the people – is actually a purely logical computer. Just as tyrannical, either way.

And ironic that Spock – quite logical himself – aids in Landru’s destruction.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – I hold no rights to either clip, they are being used both as things to be criticized and forms of criticism.

What Is The Meaning

“Tsunetomo believed that becoming one with death in one’s thoughts, even in life, was the highest attainment of purity and focus. He felt that a resolution to die gives rise to a higher state of life, infused with beauty and grace beyond the reach of those concerned with self-preservation.” – Wikepedia on Yamamoto Tsunetomo

There’s nothing morbid about this; not when you understand what it really means.

We’re all going to die. Make sure that when you die, your life will have been one worth living.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number Three – Frame Eight

Man has turned back to focus on his sandwich, raising it to take another bite. If one looks carefully at the top of the tree, what appears to be the bottom of Grimmsy’s scythe (the end of the shaft) has emerged from behind it JUST a bit. It is at a forty five degree angle as if it is being shifted downward thusly. It seems somehow slightly different: if studied it isn’t EXACTLY like the bottom from the first two; VERY slight variations in wood pattern, color, etc.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number Three – Frame Two

Man (from 1 and 2, obviously, mildly altered (clothes, etc) as normal) has entered the frame on the far left. He appears pretty much the same as before in terms of “mood”, expression, etc. He seems to have wandered in from just outside the left edge of the frame (position even with the “front” of it), and paused just to look around, take in the view, etc., at least briefly. He has a small bag in one hand, obviously filled (with something)…it looks like the sort of bag that would hold food or something similar; a little mark on it indicating some sort of logo, though it’s not “visible” – it’s drawn so small that it’s only obvious that it’s there, not exactly what it is.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number Three – Frame One

Slightly larger box than the normal ones for strips one and two. Things are drawn in such a way to indicate that the larger box equates to a larger area in scale than before.

Scene background obviously altered from first two…there is a tree on the far right of the frame, drawn showing that it’s “back” just slightly from the “front” of the frame. Tree is fairly generic in appearance, leaves on it indicate spring or summer.

There is a small, plain wooden bench on the far left of the frame.

Distance from the tree to the bench and height of the tree seem approximately the same.

The background is drawn in such a way (besides the solitary tree) that it suggests a somewhat foresty area; perhaps a park, some land set aside for aesthetic purposes, etc…

Daytime is indicated by the Sun, random clouds (no discernible “match” with strip one or two) which seem to be still.

(clouds stillness remains during the course of the strip).

If one studies very carefully, the cloud formation at one point would appear to very roughly and vaguely (and naturally) look similar to a “J” next to a “G”.

Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling FAQ

These are the questions I imagine people would ask about the Grimmsy comic if people asked a lot of questions about the Grimmsy comic.

Q: Are you going to make more?
A: Yes…I have lots of ideas, it’s just a matter of transferring them to proper written form as opposed to jumbles of notes.

Q: When are you going to post the next Grimmsy strip?
A: Well, let me put it this way…no idea. If I had to be more precise, I’d say…SOMETIME between this exact MOMENT…(I guess not) and the moment right before I’m dead.

Q: Why are you going to make more?
A: Because I like it. He’s adorable, and he’s a real (thought out, detailed) character.

Q: Is every comic going to be him trying to take that guy’s soul?
A: No. That’s what I’m doing now, but the comic will NOT become an eternal (haha) Wile E. Coyote/Roadrunner bit.

Q: So what else will the comic be about?
A: He’ll develop a (noticeable) personality, things will slowly be worked in, things will build on other things, etc…you know, like how a character develops in a movie. Or a book. Or an illustrated comic strip.

Q: Can you tell me more about Grimmsy?
A: Just read and imagine. He’s not totally one-dimensional.

Q: What exactly does Grimmsy look like?
A: Not having an illustrator, that’s difficult to say. It’s sort of like role-playing…when someone writes a description of what their character is doing, you have to IMAGINE what that description would be in picture form. If the description is good enough, you should be able to come up with a decent picture…and your picture may be slightly different from someone else’s, that’s the beauty of imagination. The basics (pretty much all you should need for a picture) are in frame two of strip one.

Q: So you’re glad you don’t have an illustrator?
A: No, I’m just making the best of it.

Q: So, you still want an illustrator?
A: For the love of God, yes.

Q: Why would someone want to illustrate your comic?
A: Well, if they like the idea…they would get credit for being the illustrator, of course, and that could be good publicity since my website is extremely mildly visited.

Q: Do you really think it’s worth it for that?
A: No, not really, but that’s the best I could come up with.

Q: Does Grimmsy have hands? Or a body?
A: None of your business.

Q: Why are you being so grouchy?
A: I’m NOT…being “grouchy”…I just want to finish my work.

Q: Well, I’ll ask more questions later then.
A: *pause* Random Questioner, let me explain something to you…whenever you ask me questions about the comic, you’re breaking my concentration; you’re dis-TRAC-ting me, and it will then take me time to get back to where I was.

Q: *blink* *freaked out look*
A: Alright…we’re gonna make a new rule…whenever I’m thinking about the comic, and I’m typing. *TYPE* *TYPE TYPE* *TYPE* or whether I’m NOT typing, or whatever the FCK you hear me doing, when I’m thinking about the comic, that means I’m WORKING, THAT means, DON’T ask questions about the comic. Now…do you think you can handle that?

Q: *short, stunned pause* Yes.
A: Fine. Why don’t you start right now and shut the fck up.

Q: *see above* …Ok.

Coming Soon: All work and no play makes Grimmsy a dull soul escort.