A Sincere Message

nurofen germany To the people that have been trying to hack my site recently, two things:

aygestin needs prescription – Thanks for the hits, AND

reminyl cost 10/1/16: In the interest of being genuine and authentic, I must amend this.
Please replace the above two messages with the following:

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– *shrug* A necessary evil, I suppose, of having actual opinions. And the hits ARE pretty cool.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 136)

pepcid buy Somewhat common CA/A refrain: “If God exists, may they strike me down RIGHT NOW!”

cafergot canada discontinued Ooooo. Shock value. You’d make a great LaVeyan, just send away for your membership card.

lovegra tablet price in india Assuming you’re talking about the concept of God as described in the Bible (omniscient and omnipotent)…

clozaril monitoring canada You really think you can OUTSMART God??? “Command” God???

clarinex price Like, you’re Loki/Bartleby and you’ve found a “loophole”?

buy aristocort ointment australia Are you HIGH?

buy calcium carbonate bulk And ask yourself this:

ascending order means Suppose…just suppose…that just ONCE, someone uttered the phrase “If God exists, may He strike me down right NOW!” and then was instantly struck by a bolt of lightning and killed.

foracort 200 price in india Now, LOGIC states that the two have nothing to do with the other. The statement simply HAPPENED to coincide, in that instance, with the bolt of lightning.

etizest md buy But 100 bucks says AT LEAST half the people that use *the phrase* now would stop using it.

wellbutrin buy I mean…you gotta hedge your bets, right?

Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling FAQ Number Three

kamagra oral jelly buy australia And the questions just keep on not comin’!!!

antivert over the counter uk “…”

aygestin 5 mg price Why yes, I am looking forward to the end of the contest I’m having on Deviantart.com for drawings of Grimmsy, which is less than 3 months away!

zovirax cream best price *In a sleepy voice* “Wha? … who’s this?”

losartan hydrochlorothiazide price The Grimmsy Grimmling creator, of course. Thanks so much for the question!

“I didn’t ask a question…how’d you get in here, anyways???”

Well I figured you must be curious. It could mean the start of actual Grimmsy comics! DRAWN ones, yet! Maybe! THINK OF IT!!!

“Great, ummm…could you please leave?”

Sure. I’ll lock the door on the way out, too. Very careless of you, you know!

*sleepy mumble*

Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling FAQ Number Two

More questions that I get ALL the time, if I do get questions, which I don’t:

“What the Hell was that????????”

Ah, well, that was the setup to strip one. That’s why it’s called strip 0.5…also-

“But what the Hell was it????”

Well, as I said, it was the setup to strip one.

“For the love of God and all that is good and sacred, why did you make me read that?”

Well, I thought strip one needed a setup. I mean, it just happened too quickly, I thought, in retrospect. So I decided to write strip 0.5, to establish the pleasant, normal setting, maybe set up some in-jokes, maybe make some, maybe just say that…

“Why are you such an a$$hole?”

Oh, I bet you tell that to all the boys.

“So is strip five gonna be more people walking and one line of flippin’ dialogue??????”

I’m sensing hostility here.


No, strip five will be somewhat more interesting. I’m pretty sure. Just have to fine-tune it and all. It’s not easy when you’re establishing canon and planning ahead to maintain continuity.

“Have you found an artist yet, even?”

Ummm…nope. But hey, I’ve got a contest going on at deviantart.com where you can DRAW Grimmsy! And maybe I’ll like the drawing, and there’s prizes and stuff.

“Why are you telling me that?”

Well, maybe you can draw.

“Do you realize that the “strip” you just wrote is quite probably the most boring and pointless thing in the history of comics???”

Oh, thank you.

“I hope Grimmsy comes for you, you b@stard.” *grumble, departure*

No! NO! No, I’m too young to die!! I’m too young, and too handsome!

*glances at reflection by accident*


*tilts head, glancing back at the reflection for verification purposes, and then shrugging*

“Well, I’m too young.”

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number 0.5 – Frame 8

The man with the paper, the older man walking towards the right, and what appears to be a small and rather happy family just about to exit on the left are the only people remaining in the frame.

The family seems oblivious to the other two men.

The man with the paper seems a bit bored, holding the paper even more lazily now as if it is no longer something he wants, is a tiny burden.

The older man is very close to the man with the paper now, moving toward stage right. He seems to have a very vague interest in the paper, from the look on his face, but is not intruding on the other man’s space.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number 0.5 – Frame 6

Background: conditions (light, clouds, etc) are now virtually the same as frame one of strip one.

Man has reached the far right end of the frame and apparently stopped, holding what is now clearly a newspaper in both hands and looking at it in such a manner to indicate that both 1) it is of only minor interest to him and 2) he’s nearly finished…the page he’s on, anyway.

The crowd continues to thin out, noone exceptional.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number 0.5 – Frame 5

The man who will appear in strip one (drawn very clearly as him) is one of those in the frame now; he has entered from the left and seems to be carrying a newspaper or magazine of some sort (nothing definitive can be seen, just squiggles that indicate – apparently – writing). He is walking at a leisurely pace, seeming on the positive side of the “content” scale, just like everyone else that’s here/has been here.

Nothing about the man really makes him stick out from the crowd, which appears to have gotten a bit thinner: not much time has passed at all (obvious from the clouds, light, stragglers from frame 3, etc), there just seems to be a lull in the daytime traffic.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number 0.5 – Frame 4

The crowd, by this point, seems fairly regular but also fairly thin…people exit, new people enter, none of them all that distinct in appearance…noone that shouts out to be looked at.

Mood is average, pace is average…noone seems “ecstatic”, but the overall impression is that this is a fairly pleasant/relaxing place to be, and that those that pass through it are taking advantage of the pleasant relaxation.

Background shifts are very minor: cloud movements that if one was paying attention to and LOOKING for, would seem to be moving together in such a way that the beginning of strip one is coming about (keep in mind that in sequence you haven’t SEEN strip one yet, so that’s not really relevant).

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number 0.5 – Frame 3

The jogger has crossed to a little more than halfway through the frame, pace seeming fairly constant/consistent.  She seems focused on her jogging, looking straight ahead; if she notices the man at all, she doesn’t show it.  Her appearance is somewhat attractive but not exceptional in any way, and her clothes match the occasion.

The man has obviously slowed down, as he has made very little progress in comparison. He smiles at the jogger, but if she even notices she gives no sign. Man is unremarkable, dressed for a fairly warm day; shorts and a t-shirt that appears to have a man’s face on it – you can tell the man shown has a beard, but other than that very little detail can be seen. (Perhaps because of his distance from “You”, the viewer, perhaps simply indistinct).

Other people are now in the frame: an elderly couple, walking in slowly from the left of the frame, a middle-aged man having entered from the right of the frame, moving slower than the jogger but faster than the other man. He is apparently wearing headphones and listening to music, as obvious indications of that are drawn: musical notes and words that appear mostly as gibberish unless (and maybe even if) one looked VERY closely at them.

The mini-crowd seems naturally flowing and unexceptional…all seems fairly “quiet”, a rather peaceful day.

Extinction (2015)

GZM (Generic Zombie Movie)

I feel sort of like a doctor: I don’t WANT people to be sick, of course…but if sick people didn’t exist, what the heck would I do?

Tha’s my bread an buttah, man!

I mean, eventually people HAVE to get sick of zombies/infected.
And on that day, I don’t know whether I’ll lament, rejoice, or both.

One thing I empathize with the cast on: the ending shot is beautiful.

Grade: F

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Number 0.5 – Frame 2

A couple of people have entered the frame, one apparently from each side going toward the other side. They don’t seem to know each other as there is no hint of recognition, and they appear to be making (appropriate) way for the other.

Person entering from the left is a young adult female; she’s apparently jogging judging by the clothes she is wearing and the manner and pose in which she is drawn. Judging by the manner and pose she is doing so rather leisurely, in no hurry.

Person entering from the right is a young adult male; he seems ready to flash a smile in the jogger’s direction.

It’s Like This…

Here’s what I’m looking for, for my comic:

An artist who:
1) Can draw well
2) Can create accurate drawings from words
3) Has at least the *TINIEST* interest in my comic
4) Isn’t in it for the money.

I mean I know it’s cool and hipster to say you’re not in it for the money, but some people actually MEAN it. Don Hertzfeldt, for example. Just watch ‘Rejected’.

Not that artists shouldn’t get paid…of course they should.

But if you’re drawing FOR the money, not the craft, then you’re not an artist.

You’re a mercenary.

I haven’t been put in a position where I could prove this, true…but if by some MIRACLE my website got amazingly popular, and people started saying “Hey…I’ll give you X dollars if you give me a good review”, I’d tell them to go fck themselves.

If you don’t believe me, well let me paraphrase a favorite paraphrase:

“You know what? I don’t fcken give a sh1t.”

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 135)

I think this is the only time anyone’s ever succeeded in walking where the ocean meets the sky.

Your life is trillions of moments. This is an example of why you always have to be ready for each one, because it may have slightly more meaning than others.


That was the deep part.


A comment on the video suggests what – if it HAD been done – would indisputably be the greatest anti-climax in the history of film. One that would have dwarfed ‘The Black Eagle’ and left even the semi-divine Pythons in awe and rolling on the floor in laughter. Right before the tv explodes.

“Imagine when He Leaves trough that door, suddenly a Window pops out saying: ,,congrats, you’ve reached level 2″” – Blackshark

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 134)

Check out my post ‘How To Respond Decisively To A Request’. It has been updated to explain the purposes of FAIR USE: CRITICISM.

I will NEVER get tired of amending posts with the proper terms for FAIR USE. You see, there truly is something amazing about the power of just defiance…it gives one an energy beyond what is otherwise possible.

OurY’e Na Tidoi.

Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Drawing Contest

For details, go here:


Prizes for finishing in the top three.

Basically, you do drawwwwwings.

And you might get a priiiiiiiiiize.

AND…ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES…But, if I love your picture and you think you can deal with me over a prolonged period of time, I might be interested in paying for Grimmsy comic illustration.

Unfortunately, if you CAN’T draw, there’s no alternative. You must feel Ike’s pain.

There is no Latin contest, nor is there a spelling contest.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – The clip shows an exchange in Latin that is much more interesting and creepy than the same exchange would have been in English; it’s one of the highlights of the film, IMPO. Ha! Criticized!