Paperman (Disney Short Film, 2012)

Review for people that think I’ve turned into an unrealistic softie:

Yeah, sure, it’s cute. So what?

As much as your hormones compel you to, and -even if- it was more than just hormones, and -even if- you knew you’d live happily ever after (which you don’t, and you won’t)…there’s nothing “real” or “romantic” about a “love” based on throwing away everything you have (literally) because you wanna fck someone.

Ask ‘Jenifer’.

I’m not jaded enough to think that’s the most common outcome.

But I’m not blindly, hormonally stupid enough to think this is, either.

Reality tends to be somewhere in the middle.

Positivists and Negativists are both just fooling themselves; realists have it right more often than not. And reality is somewhere in the middle, more often than not.

Accepting reality isn’t morbid or pseudo-gothically stupid (Negativists), neither is it everything-is-rainbows stupid (Positivists). It’s somewhere in the middle, NOT stupid.

“Do you like…these things…?”
“No, I don’t. But that’s life.”

Isn’t it?


Review for everyone else:

“Fiction, Stiles. FICTION.”
“This is, reality-” *KNOCK KNOCK* “Hear that? REALITY.”

Godd@mn fcken right I’m a romantic.

“Romantic” has nothing to do with gender. As EVERYONE knows, plenty of people with male genitalia are romantic, and plenty of people with female genitalia are not. And vice versa. And who cares?

But sh1t like this just doesn’t happen, no matter what the storybooks say.

Even in ‘The Princess Bride’, which is as plausible as I could even -possibly- accept as possible, your “true love” (in *that* case; you have NO IDEA in other cases) doesn’t just blow you a kiss (accidentally) and you then live happily ever after.

Is it sweet to think of that feeling as you’re watching this with someone you hope you feel that way towards and feels that way towards you? Sure.

But are you likely to find them? I mean, really?

No. And wanting’s got nothing to do with it…because “deserve”‘s got nothing to do with it.


I mean, the feeling? Wanting to meet someone, and you both just KNOW you’re gonna spend the next 40 years together?

I’d like to think there’s nothing special or unusual about wanting that.

And watching this, and aching for it (the feeling) to be true, and last forever? Well…

“…Isn’t that what you want?”
“With all my heart and soul…but I haven’t found it yet.”

Grade: B-