Interpretation (Noun)

Nuance. Subtlety. Empathy. Sarcasm. Irony. There are many different ways to communicate other than 1+1=2; which is what dogmatic following of language “rules” is. There are many words that are REAL WORDS (as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary) today ONLY BECAUSE people used them INCORRECTLY as SLANG often enough. In the same sense, dogmatic… Continue reading Interpretation (Noun)

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 159)

I think it’s really, really, really, really, REALLY sad that the prevailing dream of kids today for “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” is “A scientist!” instead of an artist, musician, philosopher… We have plenty of scientists. Science is not dying, it will never die. INSPIRED MUSIC…*REAL* music…now THAT is dying.

Diligent Research

In my endless quest to make Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls ™ R (c) (A Subsidiary Of ConHugeCo) by Puppy Comics, Ltd. better and better (well, when it eventually gets posted and all) some general comic research turning up the following: “Okay. When the character was created, Wally Wood was the artist that drew Power… Continue reading Diligent Research

Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 8/27/16

Yes, it’s still premiering in September! Yes, it’s still a long-term thing! Yes, I have lots of ideas! Yes, it will have pictures! Hopefully by an ARTIST, even! I’ll show them at the Royal College of Surgeons! FINALLY, to show the excitement level that the Grimmsy antici…pation is simply NOT producing, a quote from a… Continue reading Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 8/27/16

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Realization Pupdate

I’ve realized a few things about Grimmsy. 1) Noone seems to want to GET PAID DECENT MONEY TO DRAW A FEW SIMPLE PICTURES for me. I mean, I guess if you really hate me I admire your integrity, but…if not, why don’t you want money, artist people? 2) Trey Parker and Matt Stone couldn’t draw… Continue reading Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Realization Pupdate

Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling FAQ Number Four

Believe it or not, even MORE questions that people who ask me constantly about Grimmsy (which would be noone) are CONSTANTLY asking, if they were asking any questions at all, which they aren’t. 1) When will Grimmsy first appear on this website in real, actual “comic” form? You know, with pictures? – Early September, 2016.… Continue reading Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling FAQ Number Four

Rotting Point

“Anti-theist Central” Just saw their ad on Facebook. Wow…Chris Hitch looked…really happy, huh? I think he proves (well, proved) that the following is correct: “…For is it not possible that science as we know it today, or a “search for the truth” in the style of traditional philosophy, will create a monster? Is it not… Continue reading Rotting Point


OK, so I’ve taken some slack for defending freedom of religion and putting down fervent CA/A’s…but here, something I just saw that is at least as ridiculous as anything a CA/A has ever said (I know!): On Facebook, a “Suggested Group” for me (???) with a picture of Obama with a moustache made to look… Continue reading CounterPoint

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 155)

Ah, praise Jesus for the “Reason Rally”: Dick Dawk advocates intellectual assault, Penn Jillette talks at length about truth as climate change DOES NOT OCCUR!!! … (SATIRE…SATIRE…SATIRE…) … “The withdrawal of philosophy into a “professional” shell of its own has had disastrous consequences. The younger generation of physicists…may be very bright; they may be more… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 155)

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Pupdate – 8/11/16

Here’s the latest: The “A Little Contest” Grimmsy drawing contest will end on 8/20. I will announce the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) on 8/27. The Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls ™ – A Product of Puppy Comics (A Subsidiary Of ConHugeCo) comic will first appear, on this site, in the beginning of September.… Continue reading Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Pupdate – 8/11/16

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 154)

I truly believe that the reason he doesn’t write more commercial music is that he simply doesn’t want to; he’s creating, he’s expressing. He’s not selling. And he’s a brilliant lyricist, at least at times. “A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night… you see us together, chasing the moonlight…” – Neil Young, “Cinnamon… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 154)

The Quasi-Intellectual And Conversational Latin – An Unhealthy Symbiosis

Regarding a previous post regarding those that insert random Latin and/or random “scientific” into their conversations (written or spoken), I believe the obvious parallel (and reaction) come courtesy of Diane Chambers and momma Crane. (First, a bonus! From the same episode, some pseudo-intellectual analysis!) “The primary symptom of postprandial trauma is the blurring of the… Continue reading The Quasi-Intellectual And Conversational Latin – An Unhealthy Symbiosis