Interpretation (Noun)

januvia and janumet Shambu Nuance. Subtlety. Empathy. Sarcasm. Irony.

popular slots There are many different ways to communicate other than 1+1=2; which is what dogmatic following of language “rules” is.

stromectol цена българия Grande-Synthe There are many words that are REAL WORDS (as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary) today ONLY BECAUSE people used them INCORRECTLY as SLANG often enough.

marrried women dating florida In the same sense, dogmatic following of science “rules” serves one purpose: keep everything safe, orderly, unchallenging.

Modřany justin kuraitis Protect the weak minds who are incapable of creative intellectual thought by establishing “rules” to be learned that are, once memorized, as easily fallen back on as 1+1=2. Mediocre scientists follow; great/innovative/REAL scientists lead.

ivermectin tab brand name in india And, while I’ll admit that a lot of what he said was horsesh1t…
1) A lot wasn’t AND, more importantly;
2) He was not ALWAYS intending to state everything as a dry, formal recitation of facts.

“Do not be misled by the fact that today hardly anyone gets killed for joining a scientific heresy. This has nothing to do with science. It has something to do with the general quality of our civilization. Heretics in science are still made to suffer from the most severe sanctions this relatively tolerant civilization has to offer.”

“Most scientists today are devoid of ideas, full of fear, intent on producing some paltry result so that they can add to the flood of inane papers that now constitutes “scientific progress” in many areas.”

– Paul Feyerabend

“Feyerabend attacked science because he recognized—and he was horrified by—its power, its potential to stamp out the diversity of human thought and culture. He objected to scientific certainty for moral and political, rather than for epistemological, reasons.”

If you’re too emotionally stupid to understand nuance, that’s your problem; PLEASE, let’s keep emotional intelligence alive. Once in a while, say something that isn’t PURELY LOGICAL.

Try it.

Do you know one of the reasons more and more people have problems with emotional intelligence, with empathy?

Because it is not encouraged…because it’s not “logical”.

Which is a travesty and a load of sh1t.

Stay human, people.


“…it doesn’t quite ring true.”

“There are no ‘superior facilities’; he knows that. But that’s not the point.”

Diligent Research

In my endless quest to make Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls ™ R (c) (A Subsidiary Of ConHugeCo) by Puppy Comics, Ltd. better and better (well, when it eventually gets posted and all) some general comic research turning up the following:

“Okay. When the character was created, Wally Wood was the artist that drew Power Girl, and he was convinced that the editors were not paying attention to anything he did. So, his inker said every issue I’m going to draw the tits bigger until they notice it. It took about seven or eight issues before anyone was like hey, what’s with the tits? And that’s where they stopped. True story.” – Jimmy Palmiotti

Learn something new every day!

Oh, and to all the wanna-be-super-a$$holes out there:

Comic book villains and villainesses are a HELL of a lot more interesting, attractive, intelligent…pick your adjective…than 99 percent of you.

So…yeah, if you’re a villain/villainess, or fancy yourself one: you’re probably just a boring, ugly, dumb-a$$ fckhead prick/twat.

But thanks for playing. NEXT?

– Puppy >.< Yip!

Grimmsy Grimmling – Pupdate, 8/27/16

Yes, it’s still premiering in September!

Yes, it’s still a long-term thing!

Yes, I have lots of ideas!

Yes, it will have pictures! Hopefully by an ARTIST, even!

I’ll show them at the Royal College of Surgeons!

FINALLY, to show the excitement level that the Grimmsy antici…pation is simply NOT producing, a quote from a “Draw Grimmsy” contest entrant (and 2nd Place Winner!):



Break. The. Internet.

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Realization Pupdate

I’ve realized a few things about Grimmsy.

1) Noone seems to want to GET PAID DECENT MONEY TO DRAW A FEW SIMPLE PICTURES for me. I mean, I guess if you really hate me I admire your integrity, but…if not, why don’t you want money, artist people?

2) Trey Parker and Matt Stone couldn’t draw either; they did fine.

3) Terry Gilliam’s Python animation stunk: it was a collection of cutouts pasted together and edited slightly. That’s it. And the current state of stock images is a LOT better than it was in ’69.

4) If noone wants to draw for me, given 2 and 3, I’m gonna just have to get some stock images (that are free to use), maybe do some cut-and-pasting, maybe do a bit of basic editing (it’s easier and easier these days) and do Grimmsy myself. It won’t be a brilliant work of art, but who cares? The point is the scripts, not the pictures. And after a short time, I’ll have enough stock images to re-use for most scenes, I’ll get better at pasting, editing, etc…

5) Grimmsy’s adorable. You know you love him.

6) Comic still coming in September!

6.9) I’m gonna keep a running total of how much money I would have paid someone for Grimmsy as I do more and more strips. Just for fun.

Louis C.K.: Live At The Comedy Store (2015)

Louis don’t need no stinkin’ intro.

He’s 47, he’s got a big belly, he’s relaxed and…having fun?

And he’s still funny. Some laughs, yeah!

The only question I have is: did he WRITE “I don’t give a fck, here’s some jokes” or is it a real thing?

Because he doesn’t give a fck, here’s some jokes.

dead baby on demand
forklift n-word
life advice
girl-rat orgasms


Inspirational Quote: “Don’t worry, baby, you’re *definitely* gonna die.”

Grade: B-

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 158)

I can only assume that the CA/A’s trying to hack into my website disagree strongly with the following:

…Rationalism… is a secularized form of the belief in the power of the word of God…”

“…The separation of state and church must be complemented by the separation of state and science, that most recent, most aggressive, and most dogmatic religious institution…”

“…Unanimity of opinion may be fitting for a church, for the frightened or greedy victims of some (ancient, or modern) myth, or for the weak and willing followers of some tyrant. Variety of opinion is necessary for objective knowledge. And a method that encourages variety is also the only method that is comparable with a humanitarian outlook…”

Paul Feyerabend, ‘Against Method’

‘Hagakure’ and ‘Against Method’: two invaluable reads.

Some things in each may contradict the other. Hopefully, that is.

World Of Tomorrow (2015)

I have a lot of admiration for Don Hertzfeldt.

This was, of course, met with universal acclaim.

But it’s no more meaningful – to me – than any other random generation of nonsense. Mixed with some sense.

How much of each? What PRECISELY for each? What music should play? What has to happen EXACTLY when to make it a five-star film?

Maybe Don Hertzfeldt knows the answers to these questions. But it’s a d@mn sure bet noone else does, and Don has already opined about the future before. Coherently.

I see no value in this; if you see the positive reinforcement near the end as visionary you need to get out more.

Upped a notch because I’ll assume Don isn’t just throwing random sh1t on the screen. But his rabid fans have jumped off the deep end if they meticulously analyze this. And they do.

This is as much a joke on artsy-craftsy excess and dumb mass acceptance of it as ‘Rejected’ was on consumer whore-ism and selling out to it.

Inspirational Quote: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Grade: D-

Same-Day Edit: Ok, I’m going to give Don all the benefits of the doubts. I’m going to assume that this was painstakingly pieced together from a large collection of ideas. I’m going to assume that there’s a purpose behind the order, the series of messages, all the different images. I’m going to give him credit for intentionally making most of this as odd and fantastic as possible so that the future-woman’s choice of the one memory she wants most to comfort her in the time she has left is a touching statement of enduring humanity. All that, maybe more. I’m going to assume all of that. The fact is, the “story” is still far too jumbled and incoherent: it simply is a poorly crafted mini-movie. And while I suppose it’s possible EVERY SINGLE THING about it was in fact meticulously formed to generate EXACTLY the reaction it has in me, to make me consider this and ponder that, etc…and it’s a work of perfect genius, I don’t think so. I think Don had some nice ideas and a good message or two, and just threw everything together and hoped it’d stick. Far too chaotic and – as noted – poorly crafted, this is crying out for a story editor or two. And a script consultant. And a continuity expert. And to those rabid wombats that suggest that any of that would be “artificial”, that this is “pure” in some way…well, so are my movie reviews when they’re scribbled notes in incomplete sentences, thought fragments, etc. But when I edit them it’s called “working for coherence so it looks better and people have a better idea what the fck I’m talking about”, not “selling out” or “destroying the pure, initial thought structure”. I even edited this…more than once! Oh well, I’m just another corporate bastard. Grade: D+

Pupdate – Grimmsy Grimmling FAQ Number Four

Believe it or not, even MORE questions that people who ask me constantly about Grimmsy (which would be noone) are CONSTANTLY asking, if they were asking any questions at all, which they aren’t.

1) When will Grimmsy first appear on this website in real, actual “comic” form? You know, with pictures?

– Early September, 2016.

2) How often will the comic appear once it starts appearing?

– At present, the plan is to “publish” (on this website) one strip per month. A strip being a collection of frames that tells a mini-story.

3) How many frames will typically be in a strip?

– 16 or so. So a panel of 4 frames will be published about once a week. Times 4 weeks (about a month), equals 16 frames, equals one strip.

4) Do you have an artist yet that will actually draw these pictures to go along with your words and cr@ppy ideas?

– Well the contest on ends on the 20th (winners to be announced on the 27th) and barring disaster, atomic holocaust, or…well, that’s it, really…someone will be drawing the comic, yes.

5) Why should I read your stupid comic?

– Well, the pictures alone will be worth your time. But if you’re an a$$hole and demand a story and all, I’ll be providing those too. Me, myself, I’ll guarantee it, see!

6) So what sort of things will happen in your comic?

– Oh, wouldn’t you like to know! You’ll just have to wait and find out like everyone else. Except me, I already know.

7) Really? How far ahead have you planned?

– Well, I have a basic story arc for the foundation of the comic set up. You know, the main characters, common settings, that sort of thing. And then lots of little things to branch off of that.

8) Do you think any woman will ever actually want to touch you again?

– Hmmmmmm. Probably not, no. Especially now that my teeth are a TOTAL mess… *Bares an extremely unattractive set of gums n’ choppers*

9) Are you ever actually going to review anything else ever again, or just do these stupid updates, and eventually the comic, if that can be believed?

– Oh yes.

10) What do you think of the Olympics?

– I think that Olympic uniforms probably would cut off blood circulation if worn on a regular basis. Also, why are people treating “The Final Five” as if it’s one of the greatest and most innovative nicknames in the history of the world? I mean…there’s five of them. And they’re the last group of five, or something. So like…it sorta makes sense. Also, did anyone else want to see Usain Bolt fall flat on his face? Also, in all seriousness, I think Michael Phelps is aware that he actually has a “legacy” now, and he takes it seriously. And good. Also, is it just me or does Rio suck as an Olympic venue? Also, is it just me or is Women’s Beach Volleyball a wonderful thing? Also, does anyone else think back to the days when you could enter your OWN olympics, in that game where you just hit the buttons really fast for the 100 yard dash? And then there was the hurdles, I think…and then the long jump, and then you had to do some weird sh1t to throw that thing. Also, April Ross is really cute. Also, does it feel at times – when they’re showing the not QUITE so popular events – like maybe they’ll start talking about Shirling?

11/11/16: Hey, this was pretty good. Yay me. But, the point of this edit is to state (even though the first one shows this already) that when I publish a Grimmsy comic – still hopefully/planning on – once a month, I will publish the entire comic at once. And, since I’ll post frame one FIRST and frame (last frame) LAST, you PROBABLY shouldn’t click on the entry that says “Frame X” where X isn’t 1, and it also might say (END) after the “Frame X”. Unless you wanna read it backwards.

Supporting/Reviewing Indie Comics

I’ve reviewed very few indie musicians/movies/artists.

This is not because I don’t want to.

Nor is it because I don’t think they’re worth it.

The main reason I have not reviewed many indie artists (music, movies, etc) is that indie artists are inherently harder to find.

The co-main reason is that VERY few indie artists – given the opportunity – have expressed ANY interest in me reviewing their work.

And in terms of “supporting” new/indie artists…how the fck can I support something when I haven’t even seen it?

It’s just as possible that the person behind an indie is a greedy sonofab1tch as a mainstream. It’s just as possible they’re just in it for the money (TRYING to get the money, that is…churning out stuff they know is sh1t but they ALSO know is generally popular): hoping to make money off a name, get signed by a mainstream, pander to a market, etc…

Being indie doesn’t make you noble. Just like being “mainstream” doesn’t make you ignoble. One thing has nothing to do with the other.

So, after babbling a bit, I AM TOTALLY WILLING to review movies/music/comics/any other form of art I find interesting, REGARDLESS of who it’s from/how popular it is/if it’s indie or mainstream/etc, etc etc…


I don’t support something just BECAUSE it’s indie.
I’m not going to say “Hey, check out X!” just BECAUSE they’re indie and ask me for a plug. I’m not, sorry.

If someone ASKS me to review something/support them, I’ll do what I think ANY critic (and I am, albeit an unprofessional one) SHOULD do:

I’ll look briefly at the subject. If I know I’m gonna hate it, I’ll decline…because I DON’T GIVE FREE PUBLICITY. I *PAY* for this site. I make NOTHING from it. I never have, I never will.

Only the most blithering of idiots couldn’t see why saying “Sure, I’ll pay money to view/listen to something I know I’ll hate so I can give you free publicity” is RIGHT OUT.


If I think I MIGHT like it, I will almost certainly agree to watch/listen to it, and review it. I’m not gonna PAY to do this, of course. Just like I don’t get paid TO DO it.

And my review will come after watching/listening to THE WHOLE THING. Critical integrity, you know.

And my review will have nothing to do with how nice you are…you have to separate the artist and the art.
Critical integrity, you know.

So, basically, I am a means of gaining free publicity. Even a bad review is a review.

The problem is…while *I* am quite willing to do this, VERY FEW people are willing to agree to this. They want a free plug, or a guarantee that I’ll review it positively, etc…and I don’t do that.

Why? Same reason you (hopefully) don’t sell out the first chance you get: artistic integrity.

My reviews are art. Perhaps not very GOOD art, but art, in my opinion. Putting aside the fact that if I gave EVERYTHING a positive review, NOONE would care about my reviews, EVER…I just personally, myself, don’t want to. I want to be – as every artist should – genuine.

SO…if you want YOUR art reviewed – be it a short film, a comic, an article, a poem, WHATEVER…all you have to do is ask. And the worst I will do is say no.

And to close, of course, two quotes:

“…The only thing that matters is what actually winds up on the big screen, not how you got it there. You could make a cartoon in crayons about a red square that falls in unrequited love with a blue circle, and there wouldn’t be a dry eye in the house if you know how to tell a story…”

“…You never want to lie to your audience… you can trick them, you can disturb them, you can annoy them, but you can never lie to them. To me commercials are nothing but lies.”

I consider honesty one of my virtues.

Rotting Point

“Anti-theist Central”

Just saw their ad on Facebook.

Wow…Chris Hitch looked…really happy, huh?

I think he proves (well, proved) that the following is correct:

“…For is it not possible that science as we know it today, or a “search for the truth” in the style of traditional philosophy, will create a monster? Is it not possible that an objective approach that frowns upon personal connections between the entities examined will harm people, turn them into miserable, unfriendly, self-righteous mechanisms without charm or humour? “Is it not possible,” asks Kierkegaard, “that my activity as an objective [or critico-rational] observer of nature will weaken my strength as a human being?” I suspect the answer to many of these questions is affirmative…”

Thank you,


OK, so I’ve taken some slack for defending freedom of religion and putting down fervent CA/A’s…but here, something I just saw that is at least as ridiculous as anything a CA/A has ever said (I know!):

On Facebook, a “Suggested Group” for me (???) with a picture of Obama with a moustache made to look like Hitler (????) and the name “Atheism – A Pathway To Extreme Ideology” (?????)

I think this is the only proper reaction to that, besides the far too obvious ‘Billy Madison’ quote:


FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A great reaction to something utterly absurd.

Oh btw, if any CA/A thinks this is my suck-up attempt cuz you’re bangin’ away at my site: Go fck yourself. Thank you.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 155)

Ah, praise Jesus for the “Reason Rally”:

Dick Dawk advocates intellectual assault, Penn Jillette talks at length about truth as climate change DOES NOT OCCUR!!!


“The withdrawal of philosophy into a “professional” shell of its own has had disastrous consequences. The younger generation of physicists…may be very bright; they may be more intelligent than their predecessors, than Bohr, Einstein, Schrödinger, Boltzmann, Mach and so on. But they are uncivilized savages, they lack in philosophical depth – and this is the fault of the very same idea of professionalism which you are now defending.” – Paul Feyerabend

“Holes In the Foam
Yet, it seems to bother a goober like you enough to have to comment ad nauseum about it with absolutely ridiculous drivel. Funny how that is. Shut the fck up loser. :D” (edited for naughtiness)

Your “yet” has no basis, since in my extreme mockery of the pointless waste of time that is the Redundancy Rally I am quite clearly trying to show how incredibly stupid and pointless it is. “have” is used improperly, I LIKE pointing out horsesh1t. I know you have no actual basis for saying “absolutely ridiculous drivel”, so I’ll NOT ask “what do you mean by…”
etc, cuz who gives a fck anyways, who the Hell are you you attention whore. Ummm…to finish, no, it’s not funny in a funny sense or in an ironic sense. But to finish, my two favorites before I post this and your best twaddle on my website (TOP OF THE WORLD!!!): 1) You using the phrase “ad nauseum” of course INSTANTLY makes your opinion, whatever it may be, correct, and anyone else’s incorrect. 2) Well yeah, I’m a loser, baby, so why don’t you kill me? *Dundun DIN dunDIN…*… and so on, and so on…

Jesus H. Christ!

It’s so great that, like…there are so many weaknesses you probe for…
so many you’re accustomed to, so many you have so many pre-programmed scripts for, etc…but I have ABSOLUTELY NONE OF THEM. I mean…you’ve got nothing. I…think I just might orgasm. Maybe that’s because of Hitchens though. No, wait…there is ABSOLUTELY no necrophilia in the British Navy. Absolutely none. And when I say none, I mean there is a certain amount.

And I close, of course, with a quote from The Three Stooges:
“You too, rain-in-the-face” – Moe Howard

Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls – Pupdate – 8/11/16

Here’s the latest:

The “A Little Contest” Grimmsy drawing contest will end on 8/20.

I will announce the winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place) on 8/27.

The Grimmsy Grimmling, Escort Of Souls ™ – A Product of Puppy Comics (A Subsidiary Of ConHugeCo) comic will first appear, on this site, in the beginning of September.

Throughout the month there will be frames added. The exact “schedule” is undetermined ATM, but there will definitely be AT LEAST one full strip per month…probably two.

If YOU would like to appear in the comic, well…too bad, probably. Unless you give me a really EXCITING idea that gets you in.

If you would like to mock the comic, feel free. Dumb mocks will be mocked, clever mocks might be lauded.

I’m kinda thirsty, think I’ll get something to drink.

I’m sitting down, and facing forward.

– Puppy >.< Yip!

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 154)

I truly believe that the reason he doesn’t write more commercial music is that he simply doesn’t want to; he’s creating, he’s expressing.

He’s not selling.

And he’s a brilliant lyricist, at least at times.

“A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night…
you see us together, chasing the moonlight…”
– Neil Young, “Cinnamon Girl”

The Quasi-Intellectual And Conversational Latin – An Unhealthy Symbiosis

Regarding a previous post regarding those that insert random Latin and/or random “scientific” into their conversations (written or spoken), I believe the obvious parallel (and reaction) come courtesy of Diane Chambers and momma Crane.

(First, a bonus! From the same episode, some pseudo-intellectual analysis!)

“The primary symptom of postprandial trauma is the blurring of the metatarsals…”

(Frasier’s Mom) “…I wanted to save you from ruining what could be a brilliant career. I just can’t stand the picture of you being married to a pseudo-intellectual barmaid. No offense intended.

(Diane) None taken. C ne fit rien…”

And, of course, one eventually comes to terms with it, albeit grudgingly:

“I never understood your spider collection either, but I grew to accept that.”

Or does one?

(Frasier’s Mom) “I understand you used to date that woman. I want to know how much you’d charge to start things up again.”
(Sam) “You don’t have enough money.”
(FM) “How would you know?”
(Sam) “There isn’t enough money.”
(FM) “I know what you mean.”
(Sam) “I don’t think you do.”
(FM) “I think I do.”
(Sam) “Oh, no…”
(FM) “Oh, yes…”
(Sam) “OH, no…”

Un Scene De Diane Chambers


My apologies to the fictional character of Diane Chambers for lumping her in with this grouping, but it’s for a good cause. I actually LIKE the character of Diane Chambers because – while she may be somewhat pretentious – she is, at heart, a truly caring person. Very noble indeed.

And, bonus…Diane and Woody talk about an antitheist’s manifesto and a normal person’s reaction to it, Diane having praised the manifesto: (JOKE)

“No, he tossed it in the thresher.”

Thank you Cheers, episode ‘Diane Meets Mom’.

Puppy’s All-Time Blog Hit Total

I wasn’t gonna, but the DDOS attacks just make it seem so impressive.

Before switching to current blog: 1,005,084

Total Hits (All-Time): 1,430,988

Last Updated: 9/21/16

9/22/16: This has become tiresome.

I’ll leave the last total as…the last total. From now on, if you want to see how many hits I’m getting, a good way to get a general idea is to look at ‘My Website Ranking’…conveniently updated on this site!