World Of Tomorrow (2015)

I have a lot of admiration for Don Hertzfeldt.

This was, of course, met with universal acclaim.

But it’s no more meaningful – to me – than any other random generation of nonsense. Mixed with some sense.

How much of each? What PRECISELY for each? What music should play? What has to happen EXACTLY when to make it a five-star film?

Maybe Don Hertzfeldt knows the answers to these questions. But it’s a d@mn sure bet noone else does, and Don has already opined about the future before. Coherently.

I see no value in this; if you see the positive reinforcement near the end as visionary you need to get out more.

Upped a notch because I’ll assume Don isn’t just throwing random sh1t on the screen. But his rabid fans have jumped off the deep end if they meticulously analyze this. And they do.

This is as much a joke on artsy-craftsy excess and dumb mass acceptance of it as ‘Rejected’ was on consumer whore-ism and selling out to it.

Inspirational Quote: “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Grade: D-

Same-Day Edit: Ok, I’m going to give Don all the benefits of the doubts. I’m going to assume that this was painstakingly pieced together from a large collection of ideas. I’m going to assume that there’s a purpose behind the order, the series of messages, all the different images. I’m going to give him credit for intentionally making most of this as odd and fantastic as possible so that the future-woman’s choice of the one memory she wants most to comfort her in the time she has left is a touching statement of enduring humanity. All that, maybe more. I’m going to assume all of that. The fact is, the “story” is still far too jumbled and incoherent: it simply is a poorly crafted mini-movie. And while I suppose it’s possible EVERY SINGLE THING about it was in fact meticulously formed to generate EXACTLY the reaction it has in me, to make me consider this and ponder that, etc…and it’s a work of perfect genius, I don’t think so. I think Don had some nice ideas and a good message or two, and just threw everything together and hoped it’d stick. Far too chaotic and – as noted – poorly crafted, this is crying out for a story editor or two. And a script consultant. And a continuity expert. And to those rabid wombats that suggest that any of that would be “artificial”, that this is “pure” in some way…well, so are my movie reviews when they’re scribbled notes in incomplete sentences, thought fragments, etc. But when I edit them it’s called “working for coherence so it looks better and people have a better idea what the fck I’m talking about”, not “selling out” or “destroying the pure, initial thought structure”. I even edited this…more than once! Oh well, I’m just another corporate bastard. Grade: D+