Grumpy Old Puppy (Part 2)

propranolol no prescription And now with a commentary, here is a grumpy old puppy. I’m old, and I’m not happy. People today and their ‘Harry Potter’ wizards… In my day, ‘Harry Potter’ was called ‘DragonLance’. And it wasn’t NEARLY as popular. And they didn’t make movies out of it because noone would watch them. And the only movie… Continue reading Grumpy Old Puppy (Part 2)

There They Go, Satisfied Customers By The Thousands! (Part Three)

buy furosemide As an unwanted and rather annoying follow-up: Recently received SECOND notice from a collection company. If you’ll check Part Two, you’ll see that the company in question is – according to some – not very reputable. So, to AND as a document of my ongoing saga: You can send me as many “bills” as… Continue reading There They Go, Satisfied Customers By The Thousands! (Part Three)

GoDaddy Customer Service – Pupdate

I am an unprofessional critic, after all… So I must report that my latest GoDaddy customer service experience was excellent. Very friendly, very helpful. See? I *can* be positive…and, let this stand in contrast to my next post…

What We Become (2016)

There’s absolutely no reason to watch this movie. The acting is decent, the writing is decent, the filming is decent. The fx/makeup are mediocre at times; but even if they weren’t it wouldn’t change a thing. The reason is because it’s totally redundant – there isn’t a thing here you haven’t seen before, as good… Continue reading What We Become (2016)

Another Example Of Pythonian Influence

An obvious example of being heavily influenced by the “No Time To Lose” sketch: ‘Tombstone’, when Wyatt Earp confronts BB Thornton’s character, and he says: “Go ahead, skin it! Skin that smokewagon and see what happens!” Suggested original script to follow: *BB Thornton* “What?” *Wyatt Earp* “Skin that smokewagon.” *BB Thornton* “‘Skin’ what???” *Wyatt Earp*… Continue reading Another Example Of Pythonian Influence

Possible Massive Degeneration Into Terrified/Non-Functional State

So…REQUESTED prescriptions refills (for medications I’ve already been prescribed, no changes) and agreed to an APPOINTMENT ASAP if necessary to make this possible. So, let’s hope this works. If not… Here’s my plan: I’ll hope my situation gets resolved reasonably, and if it doesn’t, I’ll post here about the state of my decline as I… Continue reading Possible Massive Degeneration Into Terrified/Non-Functional State

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 170)

Humankind’s ability to destroy increases in direct relation to humankind’s ability to create/improve/advance. That is why all science/invention/advancement must be taken with a grain of salt; all possible uses for anything new should be examined, evaluated, and prepared for with the best interests of humankind at heart and as the first priority. Exhibit A: Atomic… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 170)

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 169)

Does someone actually get paid to sit around and think up different clever (and not-so-clever) titles for zombie movies? You know, a freelancer; they have a roster of hundreds – NAY thousands! – of titles and for a small fee you get a mildly appropriate one for your screenplay?

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 168)

Feeling: …After you’ve seen something, sort of a “My God…” realization – because in that moment you’re not debating theism or reason – “…my life could be so much worse.” It’s sort of like time freezes; everything that went too slow before is fine, everything that went too fast is fine, everything outside of you… Continue reading Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 168)

Dead Set – A Derogatorial

Almost-award-winning my a$$. See ‘Dead Set – Episode 1’ for the only info (and episode) that really matters. I read that Simon Pegg “disapproves” of the fact that these living dead run, not shamble like good old Romero zombies. And my response is: What are you, a moron? ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ came out… Continue reading Dead Set – A Derogatorial

Dead Set – Episode 5

Things get intense…and more interesting. But it’s the END, and that’s the main reason for both. Faint alliances form/are played briefly out. An example of Chaos Theory: Even the smallest action – a word, for example – can have an eventual massive reaction. Absurdly grotesque death scene…I don’t know if it was satire (?), ‘Dead… Continue reading Dead Set – Episode 5

Dead Set – Episode 4

An interesting tidbit: I don’t think I’ve ever seen an evacuation/rescue coerced in such a way before. It’s a nice touch. But otherwise: the characters don’t have enough depth to make this interesting, the novelty is long gone along with the satire, the mini-stories go nowhere fast, and I’m looking forward to it ending.

Dead Set – Episode 2

Test: The novelty’s gone, the first-creation (GRIMMSY!) inspiration is gone. Will it stay any good? Don’t know. This is a neutral bridge episode, at best. Meaning if the rest is any good, you might want to watch. If the rest sucks, episode one stands as a good infected “short-film”. I’ll keep you posted.

Pupdate – 10/17/16

Housekeeping of website is complete. For now. My GOD was that tedious. I noticed something while going through and tidying things up, too… Lots of my posts suck. I mean, some are like really repetitive and some are just mediocre. FORTUNATELY, I noticed some good ones as well. So, I’m both disappointed and heartened. AND,… Continue reading Pupdate – 10/17/16

Thoughts While Watching The Patriots – 10/16/16

Suggested Follow-Up To Charles Schwab Obsolescence Ad: (Man) “So, do you think I can run to Mercury?” (Man2) *chuckle* “No…” (Man) “Why are you laughing?” (Man2) “That’s not how the world works.” (Man) “Well, the world is changing.” *jump* *plummet, scream* NO! Your choice of imagined clips to follow: Michael Palin jumping out of the… Continue reading Thoughts While Watching The Patriots – 10/16/16