Dead Set – A Derogatorial

Almost-award-winning my a$$.

See ‘Dead Set – Episode 1’ for the only info (and episode) that really matters.

I read that Simon Pegg “disapproves” of the fact that these living dead run, not shamble like good old Romero zombies.

And my response is: What are you, a moron?

‘Night Of The Living Dead’ came out fifty flippin’ years ago. How long do you want people to re-create the same thing OVER and OVER again?

And since when was George Romero (f@ck the A) the “authority” on living dead? I mean, if a director/writer/idea-er’s first concern is “Is this Canon to Romero films?”, they’re either overly infatuated with Romero (a common failing…I’m split), or they are bereft of inspiration.

Which means that their “creation” will be either a redundant ‘Night’ imitation (because Lord knows we need more of those) or a sh1tty consumer-whoring tangent.