Dead Set – Episode 1

A fast-moving dead people scenario unfolds along with an episode of ‘Big Brother (UK)’, until the two begin to collide more and more obviously and directly.

They’re not zombies: I classify them as “living dead”, rather en”rage”d.

In fact they act very much like ’28 Days Later”s infected, and are filmed in much the same way (by the real cameras).

The setup is about as “fresh” as you’re gonna get for this sort of thing (by now).

Not a comedy: a dark satire, in parts, perhaps. But mainly (so far) a horror show.

Acting is solid or better, effects are very good; it’s quite convincing, actually.

I like the female lead especially: because she’s cute, but also because her character is convincing and at least slightly noble.

There are five of these. Basically, if they’re all at least as good as this, you’ve got a really long new (if you haven’t watched it yet) decent zombie/infected movie to watch.

I’m actually quite glad and very surprised; it’s been a while.

10/18/16: After watching all of them, I can say that this episode should be regarded as a good “short subject”. Only hardcore zombie/infected/etc fans need go any further. Maybe the second half of episode five, if you must. I’d apologize but it’s not my d@mn fault and I’m probably as disappointed as any of you are.