Dead Set – Episode 5

Things get intense…and more interesting. But it’s the END, and that’s the main reason for both.

Faint alliances form/are played briefly out.

An example of Chaos Theory: Even the smallest action – a word, for example – can have an eventual massive reaction.

Absurdly grotesque death scene…I don’t know if it was satire (?), ‘Dead Alive’ “humor”, or they just wanted to go out with some major blood and guts now that the necessity for a plot has ended.

Don’t care much for the ending. Generic. Yeah, I get the reference back to episode one. But the only thing THAT makes me think of is “episode one was pretty good, gave me some hope…oh well, generic “zombie” sh1t”.

If anyone tells you about the “overriding” message of the whole series, tell them it took WAY too long to tell it.

I can’t say it’s “bad”…not with the feeling it left me with. But I can say there is nothing after episode one that lives up to the promise.

For hardcore zombie/infected fans only.