Black Mirror – Episode 10 (Shut Up And Dance)


Better than 9, though nowhere near 8. Or 2.

Starts off harmlessly and normally enough.

The story seems more interesting; maybe that’s because it’s not expected to be anything as…”thrilling”? – no Ultimate Virtual Reality – and it keeps your interest, mildly, as it goes along. Mild but constant…and growing slowly, at least for a while.

Also, it seems quite plausible: it could happen. Today. (See “NSA”)

About halfway through it stops growing and starts fading. It tries to get more and more scary, like an action movie that just blows MORE and MORE sh1t up to try to stay “THRILLING!”…and it doesn’t, it just gets more implausible.

When it gets past that (when the hard part seems over), it gets back to being more human, more about human interactions and feelings and characters. And the ending is worth watching, I think.

Message: Never trust blackmailers.

Message Two: Noone is perfect…everyone is flawed. So “take great care” in what you judge, and who you judge, and how you judge yourself.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – One of the best scenes from a very flawed but quite intriguing movie. Maybe I should re-visit it, in fact…

Inspirational Quote: “There’s no cure for the internet, it’ll never go away.”