Black Mirror – Episode 9 (Playtest)

*shrug* it’s…ok.

The first half – consisting of mediocre character development and totally un-gripping Basil Exposition – is worthless, except as setup.

I believe Tom Cruise sums my feelings up, to this point of the episode:

“What’s the point?? What’s the FCKEN point…”

Things start getting a little creepy in the second half (“the game”), but I mean…it seems uninspired, generic, completely devoid of impact. Like they scraped together bits here and there and patched together the-episode-after-the-really-good-one.

I would say “I won’t spoil it for you”, but there’s nothing really to spoil.

I mean, it’s kinda creepy, it’s competent, it’s obligatorily “dark”.

But there’s nothing here.

I thought this show was supposed to make you think? And feel? And care?

Inspirational Quote (from a Star Trek episode): “Where the laws do not operate, there is no reality. All of this, is unreal.”