Pupdate – 12/26/16

Here’s a status update on some of those things I know you’ve been wondering about.

Grimmsy Grimmling strip number two: Still expected by the end of December, hopefully.

Semper Puppy online radio: Still there, playing grunge and various other thingies.

This website: Noticeably less interesting lately.

My creative inspiration: Lacking, though you never can tell. I mean, look how clever this bit is.

The Patriots: In the playoffs. Couldn’t other teams in the AFC East try just a *little* harder? It’s like Trelaine (sp?) hunting Kirk.

My dating life: Non-existent.

My evaluation of whether any woman will ever want to touch me again: Unchanged.

My preferred method for dying: Someone tearing one of my arms off and beating me to death with it.

Suggested time frame for this happening: Well not NOW. I mean, QUITE a while. I’m too young to die, after all. Too young, and too handsome. *peek in reflective surface* AH! … Well, too young.

How long this series of stupid updates will go on: I sense an imminent ending.

Future ideas for Grimmsy: LOTS! Really…can you stand it???

Current position: Sitting down and facing forward.

Random MST3K Recommendation: ‘The Creeping Terror’

Random Pun: What do you call making fun of someone using wordplay? A pun jab, of course.

Will there be more “Grumpy Old Puppy” entries?: Oh yes!

Site Review – Google (Little Date-Related Animated Thingies)

Pretty cool.

Most of them are cute in theory and they have a cutesy sort of charm about them.

And some of them are actually informative, kind of.

A few exceptions to this, of course, including:

– “Weird Al” Yankovic Day
– Too much lean towards Science-Worship in choices (Where’s P. Feyerabend?)
– WTF is with the Christmas one? I mean…the daddy Google wearing a new tie and drinking coffee, fine. The mommy Google sewing something and one of the little baby Googles happy watching, fine. But the three other little-kid Googles: HAPPY about getting SOCKS??? Is that supposed to be ironically funny or is Google getting a generous grant from the ConHugeCo sock corporation?

Kids aren’t HAPPY about getting socks; they should be crying their little animated eyeballs out. Or hastily tossing them aside and moving hopefully on towards the next gift.

“SOCKS??? For the love of all that is Good and Sacred, WHY???!!!”

How To Get Ahead In Advertising (1989)

Saw this a LONG time ago; remembered it as creepy, funny, and really weird. Now, was this my relative youth, or is this a little gem of a movie? Let’s see…

Great little intro speech by the lead; really shows both how little he gives a fck and how good he is AT not giving a fck and being as coldly ruthless as seems possible.

He’s pretty clever and he KNOWS he’s pretty clever, methodically and without hesitation wielding that cleverness without a single (not second, not FIRST) thought about anything besides efficiency, exploitation, and profit.

He plays his role well, with decent supporting casters, as the movie quickly moves toward/into more and more absurd territory.

Clearly a comedy, as the man’s hatred of and aversion to boils and boil-on-the-botty talk is really over the top, and the music plays along well with fake “tension” amidst this horrible problem (yeah right).

The attempts at humor are rather tasteless and occasionally amusing, as the sometimes-sh1tty/sometimes-stupid “plot” and dialogue provide a few chuckles (or at least mild smiles). Played straight at all times, which is the key to it being worth anything at all (See ‘Dead Alive’).

Eventually the lead has a revelation/breakdown in which he realizes how evil all advertising is and tries to rid himself of all ties to it. At this time he also acquires a boil, which seems to grow and mutate rather as quickly as his personality changes.

He’s non-stop over-the-top and a ball of energy the entire movie: both as a cold, vicious weirdo and a concerned, reborn weirdo.

Unfortunately the whole thing runs out of steam about 2/3 of the way through. I mean, the setup moves along, the plot point, the boil’s formative years, etc…

But then, when what should be the conclusion (in some way) happens, it doesn’t end. It has a bit longer to go to make it movie-length, and so in true pre-revelation ad-man form the film is padded to go all the way, even as it gets less and less interesting and more and more stupid-boring, as opposed to ridiculous-amusing.

Worth a watch, though…at least for the first two-thirds, and to say you’ve watched it. It’s a fairly unique oddity, after all.

Inspirational Quote: “I’m an expert on t1ts. T1ts and peanut butter.”

Grade: C

7/14/18: The Great Grade Update. Grade: C+

Pupdate – 12/8/16

Next Grimmsy Grimmling: Hopefully/Probably by the end of December.

Semper Puppy Radio: Ummm…I made a note to advertise it as “Streamlined line Trim-Jeans”, but that’s not very good.

The point is, I’ve gone through and weeded out some stuff, and it’s better than it was. The core stuff isn’t going anywhere (PJ, Nirvana, Soundgarden, AIC, Temple of the Dog, etc…) but some of the periphery is subject to possible change/rotation.

Semper Puppy Radio – All The Info I Want To Keep Updated

Peak Listeners, Last 30 Days: 10 (Record: 13 on 2/21/17)

Unique Listeners, Last 30 Days: 431 (Record: 444 on 3/26/17)

Unique Countries, Last 30 Days: 47 (Record: 50 on 3/13/17)

Top Ten Listeners, Last 30 Days (By Country)

1) The United Kingdom
2) Germany
3) The United States
4) Canada
5) Portugal
6) Croatia
7) Bosnia And Herzegovina
8) Hungary
9) Australia
10) Brazil

Last Updated: 3/31/17

12/25/16: If you want to qualify for the Top Ten (and who doesn’t?) you have to log in from a verifiable source.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 175)

The ultimate paradise – the only in any way “controlled” form of existence, in terms of individuality/emotions – is, in my opinion, the world of the ST:ToS episode ‘This Side Of Paradise’.

As many things will attest (“In Wildness Is The Preservation Of The World”, my ‘San Junipero’ review, my ‘The Return Of The Archons’ review, etc) I’m totally on the side of individuality – and, unfortunately, all the problems it brings – over conformism, control. Even in ‘Return’, where most of the people are, in a sense, content…it’s “vacant contentment”, as Mr. Spock put it: “…a soulless society…all is indeed peace and tranquility; the peace of the factory, the tranquility of the machine…”

But in ‘Paradise’, the only “control” is happiness.

There’s no hive mentality, there’s no enforced behavior or thought or emotion, it’s REAL, people retain their PERSONALITIES: they’re the same as they were, only happy. Perhaps for some that’s not enough, but for everyone to live as individuals, benevolently by *nature*, happy in who they are, co-existing with each other and accepting their differences…it’s impossible, but in that ONE instance (which would never happen, but IF it could) that would seem to be the ideal society.

As Spock quite honestly and accurately put it, while in and while out of that society:

“It’s a true Eden, Jim. There’s belonging, and love.”

“I have little to say about it, Captain. Except that – for the first time in my life – I was happy.”