Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 175)

The ultimate paradise – the only in any way “controlled” form of existence, in terms of individuality/emotions – is, in my opinion, the world of the ST:ToS episode ‘This Side Of Paradise’.

As many things will attest (“In Wildness Is The Preservation Of The World”, my ‘San Junipero’ review, my ‘The Return Of The Archons’ review, etc) I’m totally on the side of individuality – and, unfortunately, all the problems it brings – over conformism, control. Even in ‘Return’, where most of the people are, in a sense, content…it’s “vacant contentment”, as Mr. Spock put it: “…a soulless society…all is indeed peace and tranquility; the peace of the factory, the tranquility of the machine…”

But in ‘Paradise’, the only “control” is happiness.

There’s no hive mentality, there’s no enforced behavior or thought or emotion, it’s REAL, people retain their PERSONALITIES: they’re the same as they were, only happy. Perhaps for some that’s not enough, but for everyone to live as individuals, benevolently by *nature*, happy in who they are, co-existing with each other and accepting their differences…it’s impossible, but in that ONE instance (which would never happen, but IF it could) that would seem to be the ideal society.

As Spock quite honestly and accurately put it, while in and while out of that society:

“It’s a true Eden, Jim. There’s belonging, and love.”

“I have little to say about it, Captain. Except that – for the first time in my life – I was happy.”