Pupdate – 12/26/16

Here’s a status update on some of those things I know you’ve been wondering about.

Grimmsy Grimmling strip number two: Still expected by the end of December, hopefully.

Semper Puppy online radio: Still there, playing grunge and various other thingies.

This website: Noticeably less interesting lately.

My creative inspiration: Lacking, though you never can tell. I mean, look how clever this bit is.

The Patriots: In the playoffs. Couldn’t other teams in the AFC East try just a *little* harder? It’s like Trelaine (sp?) hunting Kirk.

My dating life: Non-existent.

My evaluation of whether any woman will ever want to touch me again: Unchanged.

My preferred method for dying: Someone tearing one of my arms off and beating me to death with it.

Suggested time frame for this happening: Well not NOW. I mean, QUITE a while. I’m too young to die, after all. Too young, and too handsome. *peek in reflective surface* AH! … Well, too young.

How long this series of stupid updates will go on: I sense an imminent ending.

Future ideas for Grimmsy: LOTS! Really…can you stand it???

Current position: Sitting down and facing forward.

Random MST3K Recommendation: ‘The Creeping Terror’

Random Pun: What do you call making fun of someone using wordplay? A pun jab, of course.

Will there be more “Grumpy Old Puppy” entries?: Oh yes!