The Rezort (2016)

A mildly interesting opening take on the old (zombie) idea.

Unfortunately, all the slick direction and loud noises can’t mask the fact that the acting is either over- or mediocre.

The characters are mostly undefined, and the movie seems to say “oh, fck it” after a brief attempt at inspiration, content to devolve into the usual.

It picks up a little near the end, with a couple of interesting moments; but it’s still strictly for the zombie-movie-obsessed, and only if you must.

Grade: D-

Science Fiction And Science Fax

To clarify, I do *not* oppose science.

I do not oppose science facts; and I wholeheartedly denounce “alternative” facts.

The point I have tried to make, via much more intelligent sources such as Paul Feyerabend and George Orwell, is that you should always think for yourself.

That doesn’t mean make up your own facts.

It means do careful research, gather input from all sources, analyze all the data available, and make a realistic, informed decision; taking into account facts and opinions, and ignoring outright lies and propaganda.

The ultimate enemy is propaganda, in ANY form. You can’t use propaganda to defeat propaganda; that’s called hypocrisy.

With an open mind and an open heart, always seek out the truth in your self and in the world. This is how to respond to “alternative facts”.

And, when you know something is propagandic BS, the very worst thing you can do is to ignore/accept it.

If you can’t oppose it, you can at the very least mock it.

You know…ridicule it. In public, yet.

Well whaddya know, Dick Dawk’s advice finally proves useful. For SOMETHING.


Suggested Reading: ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. Yes, I read it…I even *reviewed* it!

Good Quote, Great Cover

“My daughter’s just discovering Nirvana…and…she…she’s realizing the energy; that energy that she feels when she listens to it…it’s not something that she’s heard from her generation. She hasn’t heard that. She told me; because I said ‘Ok, so nothing you’ve heard reminds you- “Uh, there’s nothing like that. Nothing is exactly like that.”‘ – Tori Amos

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The Inauguration

To open: I think Trump is a scumbag and I in no way support him. HOWEVER…

“Protesters who assembled in the area — some throwing rocks and bricks at the police — had smashed car windows…Earlier in the day, protesters destroyed the glass front of a Bank of America and a Starbucks in the area; images captured some people holding hammers…”

So, to protest the election of a hateful candidate, you engage in violent, hateful, destructive activities? Yeah, that makes sense.

Also, you are aware – I hope – that being a police officer does not make you inherently a Trump supporter (amazing I’d have to say that, but see below), and that police officers preventing people from smashing windows has nothing to do with Trump. It’s called “their job”. You know…keeping the peace? Something you (I would assume) supposedly support?

Point of note: Just because you think Trump wants to set up a fascist “police-state” does not mean that ALL police officers are – on election day – SUDDENLY fascist opponents of freedom and ardent Trump supporters.

I mean, what are you, ignorant? Read a fcken book or something.

““Police officers,” a woman in the crowd grumbled, “are Trump supporters.””

What are you, a moron? Your actions and your rhetoric are just as ignorant and hateful as the rhetoric you’re SUPPOSEDLY protesting.

It’s called a PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER. Respect it, you dumb fcks.

You wanna protest? Fine, protest. But do it peacefully. You know, like civilized, not-hateful, non-ignorant people. Like the people you supposedly are, not like the people you supposedly oppose.

“They chanted — “We are a peaceful protest!” — but by late morning, several shop windows in downtown Washington had been shattered…”


By the way, you wanna know why Trump won? I mean, besides racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, etc…

But seriously, ONE small part of why he won is this: A lot of people that are NOT racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic a$$holes were just tired of the upward-trending snarky elitism from certain groups…

So way to go, antitheists. You’ve helped elect Donald Trump.

I think Dick Dawk’s “Mock them. Ridicule them in public.” method didn’t work QUITE as well as he’d (and they’d) hoped.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 183)

“…kind of a slob…and really just a boy, who’s never grown up. You know…I think sometimes when you uh…uh, have disturbing things as a child you kinda never wanna get out of your childhood because you want to keep it going and make it good, some day, you know?”

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 181)

So, now football AND basketball fans are all incredibly stupid?

Chevy Silverado ad:

“blah blah”

“Oh, did I say there was *one* Silverado? There’s *five*”

*Silverados appear…people murmur, sort of like…”ok…”*

And that’s it.

Nothing about the Silverado.

Oh, did I say there was *one* piece of lint in my pocket? There’s *five*.

So fcken what you d@mn moron???

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 180)

Make what you want of any of it, I know what it all means.

I am the God I AM THE GOD!

“Kirk: It’s been my experience that the prejudices people feel about each other disappear when they get to know each other.

Elaan: It’s not in my experience.”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Pretty good clip from a great movie. The beginnings of a friendship.

Cabin Fever (2016)

After ‘Shaquille O’Neal: Comedy’, you might want something to make you laugh.

So there’s this. It’s a zombie/undead/infected/etc movie (remake).

It’s so over-the-top you might laugh at it. But more likely you’ll just stop watching it.

Or, if you keep watching it, more likely you’ll just be testing your endurance of how shockingly, free-stylingly-because-some-of-it-could-NOT-have-been-writtenly bad it will get.

Grade: F-