Pupdate – 3/31/17

Grimmsy Grimmling: On hiatus. Oh well, it’ll always be my ‘The Room’.

Semper Puppy Radio: Doing…ok.


Would you like your music featured on Semper Puppy Radio?

Of course you would.


BUT…if you REALLY do, and you want me to listen to it, here’s what you could do:

Comment here with info on how to listen. If you do, I’ll probably listen. That doesn’t mean I’ll PLAY it…but if you’re polite and all about it, the worst thing that’ll happen is nothing. I won’t trash it.

And who knows, I might like it.

P.S. – Don’t ask me to “mention” or “review” your music unless you want a genuine review. If you ask for it, you asked for it.