Anger Is An Energy

You just have to have the knowledge and discipline to know when to use it, and when not to.

And, your anger must be real. When it truly burns, directing it at an opponent can be quite useful.

If you’ll notice, Vader vs. Luke was not easy to predict early on. Neither one was CLEARLY so superior to the other that it was a foregone conclusion.

UNTIL…Vader threatened Luke’s sister.

Wanna know what “Righteous Fury” is?

Watch. (Start at 2:38)

Real men have been using it for CENTURIES. And believe me, it can work for guys like you too.

Anger is a dish best served at room temperature.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Interesting battle scene, interesting conflict. Also, I’m not advocating attacking people with lightsabers. It’s the philosophy that interests me.