I Am Puppy Hear Me Yip

“Being split in half is no ‘theory’ to me, doctor. I have a human half, you see, as well as an alien half…submerged, constantly at war with each other.

Personal experience, doctor: I survive it because my intelligence wins out over both; makes them live together.” – Spock

Willfully And Persistently A Foreigner

You can use this phrase BEFORE being arrested:

“I am exercising my right to remain silent.” *golden…*

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Not normally a fan of very-post Python bits by former Pythons, but this is a decent little clip even if it seems a bit punny.

Not Gillcup.

“Dispensing with confrontation because testimony is obviously reliable is akin to dispensing with jury trial because the defendant is obviously guilty.” – US Supreme Court

Natural Selection

You’ll forgive me for having slightly altered this post from its original conception and written form.

“TCE? Did I say “TCE”? I didn’t say “TCE”…I said “Trichloroethlene”. You said “TCE”…as it is commonly known, to those who know it.”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – The video clip is an interesting analysis that points out the potential very great power of a seemingly very small thing.