I know about recency bias, Mr. Hunter.

maneki casino 20 free spins Khairāgarh When did it become a major accomplishment that someone can dunk the ball? I mean, am I missing something? Or is it just totally absurd? Any guy from any pickup game in the world can dunk it It’s worth 2 points. Just the same as a layup or a floater. It looks POWERFUL, but it’s… Continue reading I know about recency bias, Mr. Hunter.

Lady Fingers

http://allthingsmusicgroup.com/21937-order-stromectol-online-68602/ If any professional sports M.B.N. says any of the following: “treasure chest”, “momentum”, “fate”, “destiny”, “drop mic”, “PERIOD”, “end of discussion”, “guarantee(d)”, know-and-still-used random sh1t logical fallacies, using-because-I-learned-it-yesterday-and-want-to-show-off logical fallacies or anything like them, or if I’m just in a bad mood, I will tear one of your arms off and beat you to death… Continue reading Lady Fingers