Incidental Puppy Call Letters

azomax syrup price Bethal A as in Almost human, but I’ll never be the same…
B as in Beware of Puppy
C as in Cookbook
D as in Dogs Playing Blackjack
E as in Eyebrow tears
F as in Fobody’s Nault
G as in Grue
H as in Human beans
I as in I would have liked to have smelled Montana…
J as in Weigh Station: Lightweight
K as in Knocking blocks off
L as in Lark’s vomit
M as in MUCH better than ‘Cats’
N as in Not kneeing you in the groin is a constant struggle
O as in A vicious cycle
P as in Plenty of lip-and-tongue action
Q as in Slightly malformed O
R as in Rejected
S as in Spiny Norman
T as in Tower Of Iron Will
U as in F
V as in Vulcans never bluff
W as in Wake Up And Smile
X as in X=Con
Y as in Your words have no meaning here
Z as in These are getting harder and harder to do