Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 229)

Don’t play it down, play it up. Better to be too careful.

I really don’t give a fck about watching Florida, New York, and Seabiscuit trying to win.

Put everything of little or no importance on hold…keeping the necessary of course, but nothing beyond that.

Put all available resources into the problem, solve the problem (however long it takes, will be LESS than how long it would take NOW), and then slowly ease back into pre-pandemic policies. Make the necessary adjustments/repairs.

“Never Give In” (or something very similar): Worked great in WWII, worked great in ‘Galaxy Quest’, and so on.

If you can’t do anything to help (and that’s not a failing at all, given circumstances) then at least remain Neutral.

It’s kind of disgusting to have to say, but unless you’re starving please don’t go around stealing others’ food.

Don’t go around doing petty sh1t under the cover of “social distancing” or (as I JOKINGLY put it a WHILE ago) to take advantage of the chaos, the fear, all the other emotions and circumstances that abound, in order to steal a pack of Twinkies. Show a little basic fcken morality.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Good scene from a pretty poor movie. I used to like it, but oh well, at least it was quote-worthy.

Superior Re-View, Aged To Perfection

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Brilliant how Kubrick can make one slightly-off, portentously creepy piano keystroke (not here) have the same scare value as one of the least-recommended elevators (here). Brilliant how I can come up with a blend of sources and make an incredibly minor influenced work.

I think I genuinely don’t know sometimes now, when my posts/comments are clever or just dumb and difficult to comprehend.

But, all right…I’ll give you some blood.