Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 234)

Tsushima gay matchmaking service whitefish bay wi “…these dreamsongs are nightmares of a world in flames, the kind you remember in all their scary inconsistency because you woke up sweating in the middle.” – Robert Christgau With R.C., sometimes the review is more enjoyable and more fun to OCD to than the actual song/track/record/cassette/cd/mp3/beyond-my-comprehension.

jeffersonville best gay hookup apps In this case, I think “screaming” would be more appropriate, more image-inducing, more interesting. But he’s the best. Was, at least.

sagely gold mine pokies I am more and more uncomfortable with my failing relevance to things after “In my day…”

securely ivermectin paste for horses tractor supply So out of touch that there’s really no point in trying to get current…impossibility takes a lot of pressure off.

splitting aces in blackjack So, next generation, you go out there and kick some a$$, metaphorically speaking.