No Opinion On Lentil Puppy Call Letters

A as in at the same token
B as in ‘The Black Eagle’, the second-best movie ever made…by humans.
C as in “A dreamer of pictures, I run in the night; you see us together, chasing the moonlight…”
D as in “…doorway that I run through in the night.”
E as in Eye SEE
F as in Forklift
G as in Good-Time Charlie
H as in Hamm’s Delicatessen
I as in “I’ve got blisters on my fingers!”
J as in Japo-Scandinavian eal.
K as in 19
L as in Lion-taming hat
M as in Morbid desire to face the end of the world.
N as in “Not The Carpenters too…”
O as in “Our official response will be arriving shortly via the North Pole.”
P as in “Private Joker’s silly and he’s ignorant but he’s got guts, and guts is enough.”
Q as in T
R as in R’lyeh
S as in Snausages
T as in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
U as in DOS basics.
V as in Vicious gangs of “Keep Left” signs
W as in “Watch out for snakes.”
X as in Scape
Y as in “You swim like lions through the crest and bathe yourself in zebra flesh.”
Z as in Grade