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Screen Rant Channel – Pitch Meeting Series

How could something like this – mockery of movies/actors/cliches via the same guy interviewing and interview-eed – get boring REALLY fast?

Super-easy actually, barely an inconvenience.

To make 47 entries that (mostly) don’t suck is sort of an achievement, though. But that’s done, and now it’s just sad.

Made-Up Inspirational Quote: “Overworking a tired premise is TIGHT!”


“…The moment that he completed telling me the story, while my body convulsed in laughter and my eyes swelled with tears, I felt that I really knew all that there was to know about Al. Would you like to hear the story? *pause, applause* Well I’m not going to tell it. And this is why: just when I thought that I could see into Al’s heart, talent, and mind as though his soul were encased in glass, I was reminded the depth of truth holds more mystery and magic than any cover or deceit could feign.” – A friend’s quote on a class act.