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Science Fiction And Science Fax

To clarify, I do *not* oppose science.

I do not oppose science facts; and I wholeheartedly denounce “alternative” facts.

The point I have tried to make, via much more intelligent sources such as Paul Feyerabend and George Orwell, is that you should always think for yourself.

That doesn’t mean make up your own facts.

It means do careful research, gather input from all sources, analyze all the data available, and make a realistic, informed decision; taking into account facts and opinions, and ignoring outright lies and propaganda.

The ultimate enemy is propaganda, in ANY form. You can’t use propaganda to defeat propaganda; that’s called hypocrisy.

With an open mind and an open heart, always seek out the truth in your self and in the world. This is how to respond to “alternative facts”.

And, when you know something is propagandic BS, the very worst thing you can do is to ignore/accept it.

If you can’t oppose it, you can at the very least mock it.

You know…ridicule it. In public, yet.

Well whaddya know, Dick Dawk’s advice finally proves useful. For SOMETHING.


Suggested Reading: ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’. Yes, I read it…I even *reviewed* it!

Good Quote, Great Cover

“My daughter’s just discovering Nirvana…and…she…she’s realizing the energy; that energy that she feels when she listens to it…it’s not something that she’s heard from her generation. She hasn’t heard that. She told me; because I said ‘Ok, so nothing you’ve heard reminds you- “Uh, there’s nothing like that. Nothing is exactly like that.”‘ – Tori Amos

The Inauguration

To open: I think Trump is a scumbag and I in no way support him. HOWEVER…

“Protesters who assembled in the area — some throwing rocks and bricks at the police — had smashed car windows…Earlier in the day, protesters destroyed the glass front of a Bank of America and a Starbucks in the area; images captured some people holding hammers…”

So, to protest the election of a hateful candidate, you engage in violent, hateful, destructive activities? Yeah, that makes sense.

Also, you are aware – I hope – that being a police officer does not make you inherently a Trump supporter (amazing I’d have to say that, but see below), and that police officers preventing people from smashing windows has nothing to do with Trump. It’s called “their job”. You know…keeping the peace? Something you (I would assume) supposedly support?

Point of note: Just because you think Trump wants to set up a fascist “police-state” does not mean that ALL police officers are – on election day – SUDDENLY fascist opponents of freedom and ardent Trump supporters.

I mean, what are you, ignorant? Read a fcken book or something.

““Police officers,” a woman in the crowd grumbled, “are Trump supporters.””

What are you, a moron? Your actions and your rhetoric are just as ignorant and hateful as the rhetoric you’re SUPPOSEDLY protesting.

It’s called a PEACEFUL TRANSFER OF POWER. Respect it, you dumb fcks.

You wanna protest? Fine, protest. But do it peacefully. You know, like civilized, not-hateful, non-ignorant people. Like the people you supposedly are, not like the people you supposedly oppose.

“They chanted — “We are a peaceful protest!” — but by late morning, several shop windows in downtown Washington had been shattered…”


By the way, you wanna know why Trump won? I mean, besides racism, sexism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, etc…

But seriously, ONE small part of why he won is this: A lot of people that are NOT racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic a$$holes were just tired of the upward-trending snarky elitism from certain groups…

So way to go, antitheists. You’ve helped elect Donald Trump.

I think Dick Dawk’s “Mock them. Ridicule them in public.” method didn’t work QUITE as well as he’d (and they’d) hoped.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 183)

“…kind of a slob…and really just a boy, who’s never grown up. You know…I think sometimes when you uh…uh, have disturbing things as a child you kinda never wanna get out of your childhood because you want to keep it going and make it good, some day, you know?”

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 180)

Make what you want of any of it, I know what it all means.

I am the God I AM THE GOD!

“Kirk: It’s been my experience that the prejudices people feel about each other disappear when they get to know each other.

Elaan: It’s not in my experience.”

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – Pretty good clip from a great movie. The beginnings of a friendship.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 175)

The ultimate paradise – the only in any way “controlled” form of existence, in terms of individuality/emotions – is, in my opinion, the world of the ST:ToS episode ‘This Side Of Paradise’.

As many things will attest (“In Wildness Is The Preservation Of The World”, my ‘San Junipero’ review, my ‘The Return Of The Archons’ review, etc) I’m totally on the side of individuality – and, unfortunately, all the problems it brings – over conformism, control. Even in ‘Return’, where most of the people are, in a sense, content…it’s “vacant contentment”, as Mr. Spock put it: “…a soulless society…all is indeed peace and tranquility; the peace of the factory, the tranquility of the machine…”

But in ‘Paradise’, the only “control” is happiness.

There’s no hive mentality, there’s no enforced behavior or thought or emotion, it’s REAL, people retain their PERSONALITIES: they’re the same as they were, only happy. Perhaps for some that’s not enough, but for everyone to live as individuals, benevolently by *nature*, happy in who they are, co-existing with each other and accepting their differences…it’s impossible, but in that ONE instance (which would never happen, but IF it could) that would seem to be the ideal society.

As Spock quite honestly and accurately put it, while in and while out of that society:

“It’s a true Eden, Jim. There’s belonging, and love.”

“I have little to say about it, Captain. Except that – for the first time in my life – I was happy.”

This Is The Truth

Crusading atheists/antitheists…just, stop it. Please.

“People are killed in the name of religion” is a popular refrain from them.

Well, I think insane people kill people because they’re insane. You know, like in ‘Seven’. John Doe, if you’ll notice, is insane. He also *identifies* as Christian. But he’s not, obviously. He’s a lunatic. People aren’t killed by John Doe because he is or is not Christian. People are killed by John Doe because he’s a lunatic. The fact that he identifies himself (falsely) as a Christian is completely unrelated.

If he were a devout atheist, and killed people for *believing*…would that mean that atheism is dangerous? I mean, by the logic of “if anyone of X does something, it applies to all” that you like to (try to) use, it goes both ways. Assuming character was atheist and killed people for not believing, according to the CA/A argument that “religion is harmful” because a miniscule minority of people that identify as religious do harmful things, therefore (according to your own argument) atheism would be proven dangerous. So therefore it must be campaigned against.

Which is utterly absurd. And illogical. And ridiculous.

I mean, don’t quote the fcken Crusades as “an example”…a lot of things happened CENTURIES ago. Gimme a fcken break. Read Paul Feyerabend’s reponse to that piece of BS.

The reason people do harm (where applicable) is this alone: people choose to do harm (where applicable).

You can assign any “reasoning” you want to it, but (to use the ‘Seven’ example) John Doe’s behavior is not because (and therefore the following groups are DANGEROUS!…*SATIRE…SATIRE…SATIRE*) he is:

– Male
– Over age 30
– Under age 90
– Thin
– Soft-spoken
– Owns a glowing cross night light
– Urinates when necessary
– Defecates when necessary
– Eats
– Walks
– Talks
– Breathes
– Exists
– Identifies himself (incorrectly) as Christian

He’s a lunatic. The above groups should not be maligned because of that.

Here’s a question for CA/A’s: Do/did you ever watch ‘The Daily Show’? Or ‘The Colbert Report’? MST3K? ‘Cheers’?

And did you not do so (in part, at least) because it was comforting in a way? You were “part of the crowd”, “one of the guys”, etc? It was company, in a way? Friendly company when you wanted it?

How would you feel if someone went out of their way to invade your personal space to tell you “It’s not real! You’re not really part of that!”?

Assuming (and I am not saying this is TRUE, or that I BELIEVE it, but CA/A’s do) that religion is false, “unreal” (like the above)…so what?

Assuming that people take comfort in their religion, that it helps them in times of trouble, that it makes their lives happier, that they enjoy the sense of community…

Just leave ’em alone, man. I mean…get over it.

There is no causation between religion and ANYTHING harmful. So please, again…(I think M. Palin said it best):

(3:49 – 4:20)

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – The above is a good clip from a Monty Python sketch, and also is a great example of someone going ON, and ON, and ON…

Black Mirror – Evaluation And Suggestion

The main thing that I like about ‘Black Mirror’ creator Charlie Brooker – besides the fact that he can write and direct well, making his episodes worth watching in the first place – is that his style is generally similar to Rod Serling’s, host of another show that Brooker’s has been compared to.

And it’s this: He doesn’t tell you what to think, he *makes* you think.

He writes (at least some) very powerful scenes, in episodes that CLEARLY *could* make a definite statement, that could say “This is right, that is wrong, and here’s why…”

Instead he makes them as “real” as possible, as impressive as possible, as emotional as possible, as POWERFUL as possible…and then, when he could take all of that and very cleanly and tidily (and simply, easily, commonly) put his opinion on it with an end that says “THIS is the point”…he doesn’t. He just lets it go, as it was, and you watch and wait for the comforting, easy-to-understand and easy-to-agree-with ending, and it never comes. It just…ends.

Because of this, you *have to* think; you have to wonder about the different points, the different emotions, the different viewpoints, the different meanings.

Is yours, eventually, what his is? Or what he thinks it should be? Or what he wants it to be?

Maybe, maybe not. But because he doesn’t TRY to force an opinion on you, you are forced to come up with one. And that provokes thought. And sometimes, that provokes some serious thinking and emotion, and opinion. But that’s the point: it’s YOUR opinion. It’s your emotional/intellectual analysis of what has happened and how you view it, from your perspective.

And thinking is a good thing. Thinking, feeling, considering. All of these are good, and often one or more are missing in many shows/movies…because it’s easier (and more commercial) to write something with a definite and obvious opinion behind it; to make it clear *THIS* is the right and *THAT* is the wrong, and here’s why.

By not clearly defining an opinion, by leaving that fairly ambiguous, it provokes YOUR opinion. It makes you think. And that is a very good thing, I think.

Message to Brooker: PLEASE, PLEASE write a movie.

I want to add something to my A List. I want to be blown away, inspired. You certainly are *capable* of doing it, as you’ve proven three times already.

Do me, and the the world, a favor: MAKE A MOVIE.

Spend a little more time, flesh out what would make a great episode, and make a great movie.

Inspired To Be Inspired

“We are asleep. Our Life is a dream. But we wake up sometimes, just enough to know that we are dreaming.”

“Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present.”

“There are, indeed, things that cannot be put into words. They make themselves manifest. They are what is mystical.”

Black Mirror – Episode 11 (San Junipero)

Wow. Very impressive.

Hard to believe I would start off with that, the way this started…but I was wrong. You fooled me, I admit. Good job, and thank you.

My first notes seem irrelevant after watching the whole thing, but here’s a bit of it:

Low-key and convincing from the start. I buy the lead; the wilder cohort is decent. The former stays good, the latter…in a manner of speaking, gets better – just give her some time.

There’s a scene where – based on my perception of the story – I felt it TOTALLY lost it: completely out of character, focus lost, destined for mediocrity at best. Fortunately I was wrong…give it a chance.

It “recovers” (even before I accepted the gaffe as…acceptable?) and stays on course for a while. Parts are low-key, calm, sedate…tranquil, in a comforting way. The music, the backgrounds, the acting, the silences; seem to, for parts at least, slide into this state, this feeling.

The futuristic twist comes with about a third left, and is interesting…and quite a changeup. The state, the feeling…they seem to make sense now, totally, as at times before.

I said in a previous ‘Black Mirror’ episode review that “I wouldn’t ruin it for you”. In THIS episode, I mean it. Don’t read the summary before you watch it, just watch it. It will produce a real experience, I think.

Magic Card for this episode (in multiple aspects): “Tranquility”.

Near the end, there’s a fairly powerful speech, and a choice is made.

In keeping with recent posts, here is a movie clip.

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A great clip from a good movie.

The choice made in the episode is FAR more difficult, but is has some relation.

Powerful ending. And perfect song. Watch the credits, too.

Truly touching, truly emotional. Truly…that is to say, REAL.

Like a deep puppy once said: these moments always come. They may be rare, they may be separated by huge gulfs of darkness and despair. But they are there, waiting for you if you wait for them. And that is worth living for.

Lots of deep thoughts here, potentially. And I can’t imagine making the decision made at the end, by the cohort. It’s made in the dark, and…somehow, as was wondered, TO ME…it cheapens reality.

If it MIGHT be as the cohort imagined…even MIGHT…I’d like to say I would decline. Fantasy or reality; how much can you live in the first, without making things in the second – things filled with pain, joy, sadness, love, hate…LIFE – meaningless?

Incredibly difficult, but…I would never cheapen the true emotions of my reality. No matter how tempting. And even if…well, it means a different, and total, end. The emotions and memories I have, that I cherish, are too powerful for that. Too real.

Inspirational Quote (from a book): “Our bodies are given life from the midst of nothingness. Existing where there is nothing is the meaning of the phrase, ‘form is emptiness.’ That all things are provided for by nothingness is the meaning of the phrase, ‘Emptiness is form.’ One should not think that these are two separate things.”

Possible Massive Degeneration Into Terrified/Non-Functional State

So…REQUESTED prescriptions refills (for medications I’ve already been prescribed, no changes) and agreed to an APPOINTMENT ASAP if necessary to make this possible. So, let’s hope this works. If not…

Here’s my plan: I’ll hope my situation gets resolved reasonably, and if it doesn’t, I’ll post here about the state of my decline as I run out of necessary, prescribed medications and/or head to the emergency room. Oh, and I’ll provide the names of some “doctors” people may want to avoid, maybe.

“I do not threaten. I merely state facts.” – Spock

“Hmm…hmmm…Hippocratic Oath…it’s not in there, jolly good. Very useful. Next!” – MPFC

Here’s a lovely clip:

FAIR USE: CRITICISM – A nice little clip about a horrific doctor.

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 170)

Humankind’s ability to destroy increases in direct relation to humankind’s ability to create/improve/advance.

That is why all science/invention/advancement must be taken with a grain of salt; all possible uses for anything new should be examined, evaluated, and prepared for with the best interests of humankind at heart and as the first priority.

Exhibit A: Atomic power.
Exhibit B: Advanced technology.
Exhibit C: Make up one of your own, you know you want to.

This is probably stating the obvious for most people, but…just sayin’.

Adopt Don’t Shop

I’ve seen some posts about how this is a “deceptive” slogan and “misleading”.


Of COURSE dog breeders are gonna say that. I mean, COME ON.

FACT ONE: Purebred dogs are wanted by a LOT of people. Very few, if any, will ever be put to sleep.

FACT TWO: LOTS and LOTS of dogs and cats in shelters around the U.S. WILL be put to sleep if they aren’t adopted.

FACT THREE: EVEN IF a particular dog or cat is not put to sleep, think about this: since purebreds are pretty much guaranteed a home, if people didn’t adopt these non-purebreds, exactly how would they find a home? They wouldn’t. They would live in a cage without a pet owner to love and take care of them.

So…to anyone who hates “Adopt Don’t Shop”…I think D. Vinyard said it best: “…get your head out of your a$$”.

10/19/16: It’s sad when the best propaganda that anti “Adopt Don’t Shop” people can come up with is that it’s all an “agenda” by “extreme animal rights activists” to eventually have all dogs “freed”, to roam the streets.

Fck, I mean Trump can come up with better BS propaganda than that.

Look up the word “outlier”.

Are there people out there that want all breeders outlawed, all animals freed, cows no longer viciously milked, mice free to explore career opportunities, mosquitoes saved from horrible hunters that kill them for their wings (which can fetch up to .8 of a penny)?

Sure. There are outliers to EVERY cause, EVERY movement, EVERY position. EVERYTHING in the WORLD that can possibly be subjective in ANY WAY has outliers. That’s what they are: outliers.

The VAST majority of people who urge people to adopt (including me) do NOT believe it is assault to milk a cow, do NOT believe cats and dogs can be converted to vegetarianism, etc…

In the same way, the VAST majority of people who buy purebred dogs do NOT believe there is a “conspiracy” against purebreds, do NOT think that we must defend breeders rights NOW or they will soon be gone!!!

I mean, come on. As is almost ALWAYS the case, the TRUTH lies somewhere in the middle of two extremes.

Are there some good, reputable breeders who love their dogs – and dogs in general – and aren’t evil monsters just in it for the money? OF COURSE.

Are there some good, reputable shelters who love their rescues – and rescues in general – and who exist to help give abandoned animals a second chance? OF COURSE.

I mean, what moron actually believes that puppies are NEVER bought because they’re “cute and little”, and then dropped off at a shelter when they grow into adult dogs? And that these dogs are somehow “defective” because of that? And that these dogs don’t deserve a home as much as ANY OTHER dog?

Oh, and to the people that say dogs are simply “property” (yes, I’ve read at least one rant about that) that’s just not true. NOT TRUE. Period.

See…this pillow I sleep with is property. If I want to, I can punch it, kick it, not give it food or water, dropkick it around the house, eat it, shove it up my a$$…WHATEVER. It’s a FCKEN PILLOW.

Dogs and cats are NOT property in anywhere NEAR the same sense. They are not merely “things”. If you think they are, then by that belief you show you don’t really care about them.

There are LAWS against animal cruelty. FACT. Dogs cannot be forced to fight and kill each other. FACT.

There are no laws against pillow cruelty. Noone will be appalled if I tell them I was really frustrated and so I hit my pillow. Noone will try to stage a pillow intervention to remove it from its abusive environment. Noone will campaign for pillow rights. Noone is insane enough to do this, or believe it will happen.

In conclusion, here’s the middle ground between the two extremes (The “milking cows is the same as raping a human woman” ones and the “all animals are property and anything can be done with them that anyone wants including sadists and Jeffery Dahmer-wannabes):

Not all breeders are bad. Not all shelters are bad.

Research where you’re thinking about getting a pet from. Make sure they treat their pets humanely. Make sure you can care for the pet properly. Make sure you are willing to keep the pet for its lifetime. Make sure that the pet has no behavioral issues that would cause you to return the pet. Make sure you LOVE THE PET.

Any objections?

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 168)


…After you’ve seen something, sort of a “My God…” realization – because in that moment you’re not debating theism or reason – “…my life could be so much worse.” It’s sort of like time freezes; everything that went too slow before is fine, everything that went too fast is fine, everything outside of you and that feeling, basking in it, feeling it slowly drain away with an odd sort of sadness with the relief. And you think about everything that means something; nothing else seems to matter.

It seems so simple.

…what the Hell was that? Hmmm. Oh well, back to life…

“…This is hard rock as the term was understood before metal moved in–the kind of loud, slovenly, tuneful music you think no one will ever work a change on again until the next time it happens, whereupon you wonder why there isn’t loads more. It seems so simple.”

– Robert Christgau on Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’

Deep Puppy Thoughts (Part 165)

It’s the feeling you get over and over; very very rarely, but consistently. You feel it wash over you, you’re awed by it. You wonder how it could possibly be so amazing and achingly beautiful. You wonder how you couldn’t see it before. You know you didn’t; there was a time the feeling was gone, it didn’t exist, but now it was evoked. Sometimes you don’t know why, but it doesn’t seem to matter. Whether you write the most beautiful poem or just sit and marvel at what it is to feel, and think, or say, “wow”…it is what matters in that moment, and that moment is pure beauty. And you wish so strongly that it didn’t have to fade, because you know it will. And you wish so strongly it would go away, because you’re too weak and awed to handle both its power and its loss. And then, slowly, it’s gone. And you go about your life; sometimes wistful, sometimes forgetting altogether, for months, years…but it always comes back. And that is worth living for.

I wonder how I’ll feel about this tomorrow?

I’m so glad I got to type this, that it came to me and I was able to let it out, using the best words I knew to capture the feelings.

If you’re ever lost, think about this.

Apology, Explanation, And Onward

I apologize for the delay in Grimmsy Grimmling, it was due to me being a selfish, insensitive, self-centered a$$hole.

I’m trying not to be any of those things now, or in the future, especially for people who absolutely don’t deserve it, and MOST ESPECIALLY for Dave and Jet – the two best friends I’ve ever had or could ever have.

I love you both, and I echo the sentiment of the following clip from the character of Carlito (towards two people INFINITELY more worthy of it than his target).


You’re the family I choose (gender irrelevant in the following quote):

“Hey! Kleinfeld is my brother. Look at me! He’s my brother.”